OK, everyone can understand perhaps the mistake of having one child with a one-night stand man or even a man who flakes after a few months and splits.

But at what point was having the second kid a good idea? The third? The fourth? The fifth? The sixth?

Would having a seventh be the wake up call that maybe doing so isn't a good idea?

If Agent Smiths of government can interfere to give them food stamps, why can't Agent Smiths mandate pregnancy control? 

After all, farmers decide what happens to the cattle they feed.

And if they can't mandate pregnancy control through biochemical or biomechanical means, why can't they attempt to do so through psychological means? Why can't Agent Smiths hold mandatory, daily indoctrination camps?

Why is it that in a society of property, for that is the only way to define the society of Americans, that many are to be punished for the acts of a few? Why should persons be forced to pay taxes or face imprisonment, merely for exercising what is an inherent individual right, the right to put oneself to work in purchase and sale of one's labor for wages?

Why should anyone need to pay a toll for the right to work only for a share of one's profits (wages - living expenses) to be given to women who can't stop having babies?