The election of Donald Trump will transform the USA.  Believe it. The trends that began between 1988 and 1995 peaked in 2016 and are now crashing. Trump's election has triggered a crisis in 2016 for all those who rode those trends to fame and fortune.

The new era has begun. Believe it. Before long, you will see early signs of this in 2017 and by 2018, this will be the new norm.  It will be the Era of Proportion. Mark my words.

The Era of the Grotesque

The trend of the last 16 to 21 years has been what I call the Era of the Grotesque. The Era of the Grotesque began to be seen during the early days of the commercialization of the Internet. During the Era of the Grotesque, everything grew ever more distorted.

The era likely started with circa 1995 with over-sized Anna Nicole Smith and her over-sized big breasts. The Era of the Grotesque peaked with cross-dressing men coming out in daylight.

During the Era of the Grotesque, the immoral low-life criminal scumbag became the heroic symbol. Walt of Breaking Bad, the evil serial killer Dexter, and the criminal lesbians of Orange is the New Black all exemplified the degeneracy and distortion of the Era of the Grotesque.

All who have profited from the Era of the Grotesque are now in panic mode — fat celebs, self-outted celebs, and colored celebs. With the end of the Era of the Grotesque, all of these are out:

✘ Fat girls are out
✘ Super-sized boobs are out
✘ The man-acting empowered female is out
✘ Tattooed females are out
✘ Sex ambiguity is out
✘ Homosexuals as a special, protected-class are out
✘ Open borders and the Mexican soft invasion are out
✘ The secret invasion by heathen Mohammadans is out
✘ Welfare is out
✘ Progressivism and Communitarianism are out
✘ Blackism is out
✘ Social Justice is out
✘ Globalism is out
✘ Nepotism is out
✘ Man-made global warming is out / Pseudo-science is out
✘ The Social Media / Search Engine Internet-Age Economy is out
✘ The NFL and NBA are out
✘ Immorality is out
✘ Rap music is out
✘ Reality TV is out

So who are the big losers?  The Kardashians, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Mark Zuckerberg, Google Guys, Silicon Valley, Bruce Jenner, political homosexism, political trannies, illegal alien Mexicans and other illegal aliens from Central America, Democrats, Progressives, George Soros, The Clintons, The Bushes, Mainstream Media, Hollywood — all have lost.

Some guys will go kicking and screaming. Sometime later, these guys will wonder how they ever liked fat chicks and grotesque-sized breasts, whether implants or big flabby naturals.

Anti-White Male

In, AHAB MOBY DICK RACISM. WHAT THE SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENT IS ALL ABOUT — HUNTING THE GREAT WHITE MALE, I showed you the template that Social Justice Warriors rely upon to attack white males, especially white males of Anglo-Saxon ancestry. Hunting the great white male will be over.

Blackism, the rotten subculture of blacks, is over. Glorifying the gangsta thug live is over. Speaking ebonics slang is over. Shunning education is over. The protesting for criminals Black Lives Matter is over.

Political Opportunists

Political Opportunists are over. The Clintons made their lives leeching off Americans by way of Congress and before that, the state legislature of Arkansas. Bill Clinton had not done an honest day's work in at least 40 years and perhaps longer. Hillary was little more than a housewife who hitched herself to a political man. And when her political man hit the big time, he worked backroom deals to get Hillary into politics. Bill arranged for Hillary to cut the line as he gifted her a senator's job and then the secretary of state job.

The Clintons influence peddling scam exemplified peak grotesque. Former president Bill would take graft from foreigners and engage in influence peddling when his wife was Secretary of State. The Clintons hoped to continue this scheme with her as president.

Bushism, Globalization, the Internet-Age Search Engine / Social Media / Welfare Economy

On the political side, 28 years of Kinder, Gentler stupidity is over. Globalization is over. Bushism is over. Americans have called on Trump to repeal Bushism.

As well, Americans have called on Trump to repeal Obama and not merely Obamacare.

Globalization — unlimited immigration and managed trade deals for pan-national corporations owned or controlled by the richest global families — is over. Globalization has been about equalizing wage rates globally. To equalize wage rates, jobs needed to be taken from working-class Americans and given to Third Worlders. For decades, globalization has transferred earning power from working-class Americans to Third World foreigners through the transfer of profitable capital in the form of factories to foreigners.

For decades, globalization has made many disloyal U.S. citizens mega-millionaires into billionaires. These lazy billionaires have sought to make a world of four to five billion brown-skinned consumers rather than compete among themselves for 300 to 400 million white-skinned middle class, independent in heart and mind consumers often who turn into competitors of these lazy billionaires.

Massive immigration only ever has been all about equalizing wage rates. To make Chinese, Hindians, Vietnamese and the like slightly richer, Americans needed to become much poorer. Illegal immigration and massive immigration under the Hart-Cellar Act beginning with George Herbert Walker Bush has pushed wages down.

With falling American wages, prices in True Dollars™ have fallen. With falling prices, the return to capital for investments in the USA have fallen. Thus, Americans have become poorer while billionaires transferring capital to foreign lands have become richer. As well, the new working-class of foreigners have become richer.

Working-class Americans now see that it is either their families and their next door neighbor's families or it is families in Chile, Honduras, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia and so on. They have called an end to their own destruction.

The Internet Age Economy

The Internet Age Economy has been an era of a small, well-paid, super-class of workers. Everyone else in America increasingly has relied upon credit cards and Congress to make up for a short-fall in buying power. To keep up the illusion, Congress has put itself on the hook for trillions to fund welfare as the means to keep consumption going. That is coming to an end.

The Return of Americanism

Americanism is coming back. The Bill of Rights, rugged individualism, Protestant work ethic, belief in property (right of ownership), buying and selling commerce — all of these are coming back.

Only in the big cities of the Left Coast and the Boston to DC corridor will you find millions of mostly brown-skinned immigrants and illegal aliens along with their descendants bitterly clinging to their socialism, their welfare and their hatred for the USA and white Americans.

Right Trade

Americans can have free trade with foreigners, but only with foreigners of other highly industrialized countries. That kind of trade helps to better allocate capital within the USA. Better capital allocation will increase wages. Capital growth and thus rising wages in True Dollars™ will happen faster and stronger with immigration highly controlled.

However, the era of managed free trade with the Third World is over.

The Era of Proportion

With Trump, a new cultural era begins. All of these are in:

✓ Hot women with smoking hot bodies are in
✓ C-cups or less are in
✓ Strong, tough males are in
✓ U.S. Borders are in
✓ The Working-Class are in
✓ Manly work is in
✓ The Real Economy of making and building stuff is in
✓ Rock and roll is in
✓ Americanism is in
✓ Gumption, pluck are in
✓ Meritocracy is in
✓ Morality is in
✓ Rugby is in
✓ The NHL is in