Wednesday, October 18, 2017


In spite of the spin by NFL executives, liberal apologists of the establishment's media and others, NFL ratings are down. There can be no denying this truth.

The above chart comes from data gathered from various sources. Estimates were made for the years 1990 through 1998 based on Monday Night Football viewership and the ratio of MNF viewership to other broadcasts for various seasons.

The first observation to notice is how viewership tracks the state of the economy. In bad times, viewership rises (1990 to 1993; 2007 to 2012). This should be no surprise. Adult Americans have less discretionary income in bad times. They stay home more. TV viewing is cheap.

The red line represents average viewership for all years. That figure comes to 17.1 million viewers.

The above chart comes from an average of viewership over prime time games and featured games during Sunday daytime. Viewership is down -11.9% since Week 1. Week 6 viewership is down -10.6% from the long run average viewership of 17.1 million viewers.

As you can see, there had been a viewership spike between weeks three and five. This makes sense as more Americans tuned their TV sets to see what NFL protesting players would do in response to President Trump's commentary during a campaign stop in Alabama during the senatorial special election for that state.


As you can see in the above chart, NFL attendance peaked around the time of Peak GDP as measured in True Dollars™ and plunged during the Greenspan-Bernanke Great Depression.

Since 2010, NFL attendance has been on the rise. True enough, NFL execs play fast and loose with NFL attendance figures. Yet, likely, in terms of buying power, NFL ticket prices have fallen in True Dollars.

As well, in the NFL viewership chart as stated already, NFL viewership seems to track the state of the economy.  Combined, the two views, NFL attendance and NFL viewership, might make for confirmation measures of the economy.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


The ex-NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, the guy who started the #TakeAKnee racist pro-black protests during the playing of the national anthem before the start of NFL games, has sued the NFL. In his suit, Kaepernick claims that NFL owners colluded to keep him from playing in the NFL. Meanwhile, Kaepernick quit after the 2016 season.

Right now, there are 37 other free agent quarterbacks not hired by NFL teams this season. As well, there are 1,111 other free agent players not hired by NFL teams this season. Kaepernick's attorney will have a tough job proving that Kaepernick has been isolated by owners.

There is a false story being circulated by his supporters that Kaepernick is a great NFL quarterback and thus NFL owners must be conspiring to keep out Kaepernick from the NFL. Yet, what does his actual performance record say?

The 2011 season was his first. Kaepernick played in only three games, which he did not start. He attempted five passes and completed three for a scant 35 yards.

In the 2012 season, the 49ers went to the Super Bowl as a team and lost. The regular season record of the 49ers was 11-4-1.

Quarterback Alex Smith was the starter for the 49ers for the first nine games of the 2012 season. The team went an impressive 6-2-1 under Smith. Then Coach Harbaugh switched to Kaepernick because of locker room turmoil. Enough black players in the 49ers' locker room practically demanded that Kaepernick become the starter.

After anointing Kaepernick as the starter, the 49ers and thus Kaepernick went 5-2.

During that season, Smith had a higher winning percentage, .750 versus Kaepernick, .714. Without those 6 wins under Smith, it is all too likely the 49ers would not have sniffed the playoffs.

Alex Smith was the Better than Kaepernick in the 2012 Season

  • Alex Smith had a 70.2% completion percentage while Colin Kaepernick had a 62.4% completion percentage.
  • Alex Smith threw 13 TDs on 218 attempts while Colin Kaepernick threw 10 TDs on 218 attempts.
  • Alex Smith had a 104.1 QB rating while Colin Kaepernick had a 98.3 QB rating.

NFL football is a team sport. In the 2012 season, the 49ers had a superior defense, which helped their offense in field position and possessions. The 49ers had productive receivers.

In the following season, the 2013 season, Alex Smith became the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs went 12-4 that season and made the playoffs as a wild card. The 49ers also went 12-4 that season and also made the playoffs as a wild card.

Alex Smith Has Played Better than Kaepernick Had Since the 2013 Season.

After the 2013 season, the team lost Harbaugh as the head coach and key defense players quit the NFL. In the seasons after the 2013 season, Kaepernick  went 8-8-0, 2-6-0 and 1-10-0 as a starter.

Meanwhile, Alex Smith went to more successes. Smith managed to be a winning quarterback in each of the seasons a starter with the Chiefs between the 2012 through 2016: 11-4-0, 8-7-0, 11-5-0, 11-4-0. The Chiefs have been to the playoffs in three of four of those seasons with Smith as the starting QB.

Smith's record as a starter this season is 5-1-0. His Chiefs are atop the AFC West and will be going to the playoffs against this season in all likelihood.

From 2013 onward, Kaepernick revealed himself to be a pedestrian quarterback who had stepped into a winning season as a running back taking snaps. Kaepernick never could replicate the success he had with the 2012 49ers though he had a decent 2013 season along with the rest of the team.

Kaepernick played like a mediocre QB after the 2013 season precisely because he is. Kaepernick completed only 59.4% of his passes, which is not good enough for NFL starter play. As well, he threw for TDs 4.2% of the time. His average quarterback rating for his time after 2013 was 86.8.

Meanwhile, Alex Smith has been quite a success. Smith has complted 65.3% of his passes, throwing TDs 4.1% of the time. His average QB rating is 97.7.

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Friday, October 13, 2017


Early today, I published NFL #TAKEAKNEE #FIST PROTESTS: A LESSON IN FAILING AT PERSUASION, in which I revealed how NFL protesting players have violated decorum and thus have insulted NFL fans by protesting during the playing of the national anthem.

Today, the Gallup Organization has released highlights of a public opinion poll, which reveals the NFL is losing fans (Pro Football Losing Fans; Other Sports Holding Steady).

While of Jeffrey M. Jones Gallup cites the protests during the anthem as one cause, Jones also suggests that domestic violence cases involving players and concussion-related violence have contributed to the decline.

Interestingly, those who identify as Republicans as well as those who identify as Independents have left the NFL behind in double-digits.

As well, it is mostly middle-aged, highly-educated white males have who have dropped the NFL. This fails to surprise as the NFL protesting players essentially are protesting against American whites.

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What is persuasion? Persuasion is the art of motivating another to do a desired action of yours. Persuasion is about getting what you desire by leading a persuadee to do something that will better her or his living. To persuade someone is get someone to follow through and do what you would like them to do.

Before deciding to protest, NFL protesting players needed to ask themselves key questions:

  • What is our goal? 
  • What do we desire those watching games to do? 
  • What must NFL fans change us to achieve our goal?

Sure, NFL protesting players have stimulated the emotions of NFL fans, but not in the direction that players have desired. NFL protesting players have failed to sway NFL fans to their side because they have attacked the decorum expected by NFL fans.

This has caused fans to dig in against players. This is why they have failed to get NFL fans inspired to act.

In no way will NFL protesting players get fans to act in the way players would like. To NFL fans, NFL protesting players have proven themselves as untrustworthy, as outsiders who do not share American ethics.


Standing for the anthem is called decorum. Americans stand for the anthem as a show of unity with all Americans over what it means to be an American. Protesting NFL players have shown their lack of decorum in honoring the ideals of Americans and our USA.

Since NFL protesting players have violated decorum from the start, NFL fans see that NFL protesting players do not share American ethics. Trashing decorum has made NFL fans believe that NFL protesting players are biased and lack knowing the right thing to do.

By protesting during the playing of the national anthem, NFL players are protesting against the majority of their fellow Americans.


Before starting their protests, NFL protesting players faced choices. They could have talked of the past and thus blamed Americans. They could have talked of the present and thus dealt with what should be the ethics of Americans or they could have talked of the future and what should be the action of Americans going forward.

Stupidly, NFL protesting players chose to blame Americans. NFL protesting players decided that Americans who believe in the USA, especially white Americans and those who side with white Americans should be punished.  Their wrongheaded argument is this:

All whites are racist. All racists oppress blacks. Therefore, all whites oppress blacks.

The subtext of their protests is this:

The USA is fundamentally flawed. It needs to be overthrown. It is flawed because Protestant Christian white males invented it and their white male descendants still exist. In order for us to be free and live the life all should, we must rid ourselves of white males, their laws, their religion, their family institutions and the system they have made.

Instead, NFL protesting players could have argued these:

  1. Should we be tougher on those who oppress blacks? 
  2. Should Americans equalize the incomes of blacks and whites to achieve the promises of establishing justice, insuring domestic tranquility, promoting general welfare as written in the preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America.

NFL protesting players failed to present mutual goals for all Americans to achieve, goals that would lead to boon for all.  Nor did NFL protesting players present a chance for Americans to bond under the same ethics.

NFL protesting players failed to start with NFL fans, what NFL fans believe and where NFL fans stand. NFL protesting players needed to make NFL fans believe that accepting the goal of NFL protesting players was only a small step away from where NFL fans stand now.

Preamble of the Constitution for the United States of America
Had only NFL protesting players suggested that it is thoroughly American and fits with the preamble of the Constitution to live in a colorblind society, free from police brutality and prejudice against any American, then NFL protesting players could have swayed NFL fans to being in the same group with the same goal — a colorblind, prosperous society as implied by the preamble to the Constitution.

NFL protesting players lost control of their argument straight away from the first moment, because they failed to secure the widest possible audience and they failed express in the future tense, a specific goal.


Persuasion begins with having confidence in the personal character of the persuader. The leader of the NFL protests, Colin Kaepernick revealed his character, which few could like, when he wore a t-shirt favoring a known communist terrorist (Fidel Castro) and racist pro-black radical (Malcolm X).

Colin Kaepernick needed to establish himself as being alike to NFL fans who uphold strong patriotic beliefs about the USA. Instead, Kaepernick chose to agitate NFL fans by siding with those who have stood against the USA.


The original leader of the NFL protesting players, Colin Kaepernick, simply failed to understand NFL fans as patriotic Americans first. Rather than appeal to ethical beliefs of NFL fans, Kaepernick attacked those NFL fans by attacking their beliefs.

Kaepernick and the NFL protesting players implied that NFL fans are as bad as anyone ever who has oppressed blacks. Perhaps this is their worst mistake.

The NFL has 1,686 full-time roster players. More than 75% are black. Yet, most NFL fans are white.

It simply defies reason that white fans who shell out hundreds to thousands of dollars a year for tickets, the NFL Sunday Ticket and merchandise, as well as watch up to 15 hours a week of games, which pay for wages of black players, could possibly desire to oppress blacks or be equal to Americans of the centuries-ago past who owned slaves between the late 1600s and 1865.

NFL protesting players simply failed to capture the patriotic nature of NFL fans as Americans. NFL protesting players did not present themselves as fair-minded Americans who are focused upon the truth while presenting a better future for NFL fans and thus all Americans like NFL fans.

NFL protesting players could have spoken in language unique NFL fans, e.g., "score a touchdown for all Americans," "be an MVP and win the Super Bowl for all Americans." Instead, NFL protesting players merely agitated fans with postures and willful disrespect of decorum.


Since the 2016-17 season and continuing into this season, the 2017-2018 season, perhaps as much as 10% of NFL players have protested during the playing of the national anthem before the start of regular season football games.

Rather than sway Americans to their side, NFL protesting players seem to be socially uncooperative, possessing a black-first mentality rather than an American first one. In effect, NFL protesting players have positioned themselves as both racist pro-blacks and separatists from other Americans.

By blaming their fans, the #TakeAKnee #Fist protest movement seems to be nothing more than the airing of grievances by those stoked with anti-white racism disguised under rhetoric of claims of police brutality and something they call"racial inequality". To most Americans, NFL protesting players have peeled off their masks to show the faces of pro-black racists in America.

To be clear, it is black players who have followed the original protester Kaepernick who said,

"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way."

NFL protesting players mistakenly have used games as their forum to air grievances. They claim oppression exists and they claim to be among those who are oppressed.

Yet, it is hard to get sympathy from NFL fans when fans know the minimum pay for any NFL player $465,000 a season and the minimum pay for a player with nine seasons is $900,000.

They are not oppressed.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017


Today, President Trump legalized Association Health Plans (AHP). In short, President Trump's action has legalized better and cheaper insurance that former President Obama had made illegal with his onerous Obamacare.

As well, the President's order expands the term of short-term insurance policies, from the Obama limiting three months to nearly a year; and the order lets employers use tax-free funds to to help workers pay for any medical expenses other than for health policies.

AHPs let individuals by medical bills insurance through these plans. In a true free-market fix of Obamacare, President Trump's executive action well let millions of Americans buy inexpensive insurance in the coming months. Through President Trump's AHP legalization, Americans now can escape Obama's ill-conceived individual market subsidy scheme.

It will be legal for AHP members to buy insurance across state lines. This shall enforce competition as insurers will feel the pressure to better their offerings.  Many Obamacare regulations will be waived for those in these groups, including costly mandates on what the plans must cover.

A key provision of the President's action will be a movement toward restoration of risk pools. Healthy Americans who pose lower risks of filing claims likely will buy insurance plans with lower rates. This is the same way as all other insurance works, for example lower rates for better car drivers and higher rates for those who speed and crash cars.

Expect trade groups, local chambers of commerce to offer AHPs.

President Trump's positive action will let organizations like the National Retail Federation compete against large firms for better workers as larger firms have held an advantage by offering better medical bills insurance perquisites.

Unlike coercive Obamacare, President Trump's removal of abusive government regulation  is not a government mandate. Nor is it a fine disguised as a tax.

A major flaw of Obamacare has everyone of the same age group pay the same insurance rates regardless of their health status. Thus, for those with chronic diseases, Obamacare merely becomes an open-ended credit card with everyone paying the bills. Those who are healthy merely end up paying taxes disguised as monthly insurance premiums.

Of course, a litany of the corrupted have stepped forth to complain — state insurance commissioners, big insurance firm execs who are getting rich through restricted competition Obamacare, and other assorted leftists, socialists, communists.

Expect lawsuits by those with a vested interest in Obamacare to sue President Trump and his administration.

For more on Obamacare from the True Dollar Journal, click here.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Earlier today, I published, NAFTA? CANADIANS SHOULD PAY A 15.5% TARIFF FOR EXPORTS INTO THE USA. THE WORLD SHOULD PAY MUCH MORE, in which I showed how unfettered free trade leads to the capitalism death whorl. Unfettered immigration also leads to the capitalism death whorl precisely because the net effect is the same.

In short, here is the process. It is much alike to trade with high population, low capital spending per capita countries precisely because of the effects on the return to capital under an increasing working-age population. Like free trade, rapid immigration increases the working-age population. A rapidly increasing working-age population quickly leads to a lower true return on capital.

  1. Wages come from the return to capital.
  2. Wages set all other prices.
  3. Increasing the working-age population faster than the return to capital rate makes true wages fall (not current dollar wages).
  4. When real wages fall, true prices fall (not current dollar prices).
  5. When real prices fall, the true returns to capital fall.
  6. When the true returns to capital fall, future capital investment falls.
  7. When future capital investment falls, future returns will be lower and thus future wages will be lower.
  8. In order to maintain profits by maintaining productivity, firms must increase the working-age population.
  9. And with that, we return to Step 3.

This is where the USA has been for awhile now. This is why true wages continue to fall. Congress exacerbates the capitalism death whorl by importing over a million low-skill/no-skill immigrants a year and doing nothing about the millions of illegal alien low-skill/no-skill immigrants already in the USA.

Since the Hart-Celler Act, Congress has let in way too many. Had the population remained stable wages would be high because the economy would be reliant on capital. The USA economy would be the envy of the world.

Instead, excessive immigration, both legal and illegal, continues to suppress wages. Falling wages continue to fuel the capitalism death whorl. We have been experiencing it for awhile. 

Housing bubbles and Internet bubbles can only hide the death spiral for so long. Those bubbles burst.

Back on Saturday, June 7, 2014, I published SOPHIE'S CHOICE OF CAPITAL OR LABOR. A FREE-MARKETS LIBERTARIAN BECOMES AN ANTI-CAPITALIST AND PERPETUATES AN ECONOMICS MYTH. In that work, I published the chart that socialists and politicians do not desire for you to see.

True wages and true capital spending flow in lockstep. True wages have been falling for years in lockstep with true capital spending per prime age worker, those between 25 and 54. And capital spending has been falling because of the flood of immigrants swelling the working-age population.

So What Should President Trump and Congress Do for Authentic U.S. Citizen Americans?

  1. Kick out the illegals.
  2. Restrict immigration so that foreign-born population never, ever should exceed 5% of total population. 
  3. Never give a foreigner a resident visa unless that foreigner has an IQ of at least 115.

Neoliberalism / Globalization Kills

The neoliberals / globalizationists literally are destroying the USA and the livelihoods of Americans as well as future Americans by pursuing the folly of unfettered free trade with high-population, low per capita capital spending countries while simultaneously needlessly growing the USA working-age population.

The anti-competitive, political cronyism class would like to turn the USA into another India or China — high population of low-skill, no-skill workers. That is why they push relentless for massive immigration, DACA and the like.

It is one thing to have free trade with foreigners whose per capita capital spending is the same as your own country, but it is altogether something else to have a borderless country with unlimited welfare funded by taxes borne by those who can not escape paying taxes with offshore corporate headquarters in Ireland.

Why should you pay taxes to Congress if Congress is going to help foreigners who will become your job competitors and whose offspring will become your children's competitors?

If Americans do not stop this scam, working-class Americans will become as poor as Hindians or Chinamen. This scam is called globalization.

For more on how immigration contributes to the capitalism death whorl of the USA, see

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So why should Canadians pay a 15.5% tariff for the privilege of exporting to Americans? Well, read on. However, if you must, the tariff table is near the end of this work.

Back on Monday, January 25, 2016, I published, AMERICANS ARE COMMITTING (ECONOMIC) SUICIDE DAILY WITH IPHONES AND IPADS, in which I sketched out the capitalism death whorl that has been happening to Americans since the advent of globalization and unfettered free trade.

In that work, the key points I made are these:

  1. Reciprocal free trade only works with foreigners whose capital spending per citizen is about the same as ours. This is authentic free trade. 
  2. With Third World tariff-free imports, Americans living standards forever fall because capitalism falls in the USA but rises elsewhere.
Since President Trump took office, globalists and naive proponents of free trade have trembled. Right now, negotiations are ongoing to re-work the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, whom President Trump calls Justin from Canada, seems to be in a panic.

Free traders love to cite Adam Smith as their god of free trade. To his credit, Adam Smith proved that in commerce, both sides gain. In doing so, Smith fixed an error of the Physiocrats (Economists) who claimed that neither side gains or loses. However, Smith failed to account for differences in capital spending in trading nations and what would be the aftermath of those differences once trade would get underway.

In unfettered trade with China, for example, it is as if China becomes another state in the USA. Yet, it becomes a state with no environmental or worker safety regulation and with a population more than four times all the rest of the states. As well, the citizens of this new state gain all of the advantages of infrastructure and market access without paying taxes.

The result is seen even by a child — investors move all of the jobs to the new state of China to get instant gains in profits.

Peoples of two countries can have comparative-advantage free trade only when per capita capital spending in each country is the same, roughly. Some doubt this, however.

The Chinese lack comparative advantage. They do not produce more efficiently person-for-person precisely because their per capita capital spending is much lower than Americans. The Chinese simply throw manifold more bodies at every problem.

Worse, the Chinese are so inefficient, the Chinese likely are the world's worst polluters.

Even James Mill had this to say about comparative advantage:

If two countries can ... produce two commodities, corn ... and cloth, but not both commodities, with the same comparative facility, the two countries will find their advantage in confining themselves, each to one of the commodities, bartering for the other. If one of the countries can produce one of the commodities with peculiar advantages, and the other with peculiar advantages, the motive is immediately apparent which should induce each to confine itself to the commodity which it has peculiar advantages for producing. But the motive may no less exist, where one of the two countries has facilities superior to the other in producing both commodities.  
By superior facilities, I mean, the power of producing the same effect with less labour.
It should be clear that Mill meant capital is the power needed to produce "the same effect [output] with less labour." Yet, academician economists who champion free trade miss this key point — comparative advantage comes from superior capital and not from superior numbers of laborers.

Someone has a comparative advantage at producing something relative to another if he can produce more in the same time as another. For one to produce more than other requires the one to have more capital than the other. Most fail to realize that skills to be bundled in work are capital.

Americans can not have free trade with foreigners if the per capita capital spending by foreigners is less than it is for Americans. Under such a state, trading with foreigners who have superior numbers of laborers in all industries must lead to an equalization of wage rates. Americans simply get poorer while foreigners get richer.

Free Trade, A Closer Look

Americans in the various states have free trade with each other. For the most part, wages have equalized. Any living cost differences mostly reflect added costs imposed by various states' lawgivers, which have pushed higher break even wages.

Some wage differences reflect concentration of capital, for example, Silicon Valley. Where that happens, there is comparative advantage.

Under free trade, importing is akin to adding the foreign country as a state to your own country. So If there are twice as many foreigners as your own population, everything else being equal (same regulations, infrastructure, etc.), wages for those foreigners will be half as much.

As no prudent investor would accept a lower return knowing where a higher return exists without risk, that investor will shift his investment to where he gets the higher return at the same risk. Thus, all of the work shifts to the foreigners. In the end, foreigners who were poorer become richer. Once rich enough, foreigners will no longer need to export to those who import from them.

In turn, those who imported and let go of their jobs eventually run out of buying power because no long do they have anything to sell to foreigners in trade.

Heed my dictum:

Two countries can only have free trade if their per capita capital spending is the same.

What Happened with NAFTA and Mexico

Back on Saturday, October 8, 2016, I published PAULIE RYAN, SPEAKER FOR THE LOUSE, AN ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-CAPITALIST MORON. In that work, I revealed how adding Mexico to the US-Canadian Free Trade Agreement affected the American economy.
If the USA were isolated, and some states had weak regulations and poor residents, industry would move toward the poorer states precisely because firms could set up shop, pay lower wages and incur lower costs.
As long as the start-up costs for moving could be recouped during the depreciation of new factories, firms would move.
Well guess what? When the USA economy was isolated, firms did that exactly during the 1960s and 1970s. Major auto firms from Detroit moved to the South. The people in the South earned a little bit more and the people in Detroit and the north became much poorer. 
When long-time third world Mexico joined the USA in the NAFTA "free" trade deal, Mexico became a poor state of our South, in effect, but a state without the same regulation schemes whose residents are many times poorer than even the poorest Americans. 
And guess what again? Once NAFTA passed, manufacturers from the USA moved operations to Mexico because they could pay lower wages and operate under fewer regulations.

So before car making jobs shipped to Mexico, car making jobs shipped to Tennessee and elsewhere in the South. And look what happened to Detroit. It began its collapse long before NAFTA precisely because much of its manufacturing fled to other states.

How Capitalism Really Works

Far too many simply do not understand how capitalism works. They cling to silly academic falsehoods foisted upon them in Econ 101 classes.

Here is how capitalism works:

  1. The return to capital is the source of wages.

    Where there is no capital, there can be no wages (e.g., much of Africa). Where there is high capital per capita, there is high wages (e.g., US, Canada, Norway, etc.) and where there is low capital per capita, there is low wages (e.g., China, India, third world, etc).
  2. The source of more capital is increasing return to capital. 
  3. Only under increasing returns to capital, can there be increasing wages.
  4. When there is a labor shortage, capital spending leads to productive gains, literally amplifying the workers. This leads to increasing returns to capital and thus increasing wages.
  5. But where there is an abundance of labor, capital spending will be low as returns to capital will be low.


A capital-intensive country can not have free trade with a capital-poor country. The effect is akin to adding a new poor state or province. All of the work gets transferred to where wages are lower.

  1. When a high-wage people enter into trade with a low wage, high population people, the net effect is as if the high-wage people have increased their population by the amount of the low-wage people.
  2. This leads to lower returns to capital in the high-wage country for the same kinds of production. 
  3. As the return to capital falls, wages must fall. 
  4. With falling wages, prices must fall as wages are the ultimate source of prices.
  5. On falling prices, the returns to extant capital must fall across all production for all products.
  6. At this point, the economy goes into the capitalism death whorl.

Since the return to capital is the source of wages, when a country that trades with the USA has more hands to put to work and less capital spend, because the USA has fewer hands, Americans simply get lower returns on capital. With lower returns, wages fall for Americans and fewer get put to work. That is contributing to the capitalism death whorl.

Balanced Trade Is Right Trade. It is Smart Free Trade.

The members of Congress should be accepting of balanced trade. To achieve balanced trade, foreigners should be forced compete against Americans through efficiency under capitalism as capitalism is the only way to get a high living standard.

That is why import taxes (tariffs) should exist.  Import taxes ought to be levied at the rate of the inverse of the ratio of foreign per capita capital spending to USA per capita capital spending.

As you can see from the table, Americans should levy a 15.5% tariff on Canadian-made goods and a blistering 83.3% tariff on Mexican-made goods. Likewise, Americans should levy a 68.5% tariff on Chinese-made goods.

As you can see in the table, some tariff rates are negative. That means Americans actually should pay tariffs to these countries at the indicated rates. So for example, the Australians should levy a 11.2% tariff on American-made goods.

sources: World Bank, OECD national accounts data; United Nations Population Division estimates

So What Should President Trump and Congress Do for Authentic U.S. Citizen Americans?

  1. Cancel all trade deals.
  2. Let any country sell into the USA.
  3. Tax imports at the rate that equalizes foreign per capita capital spending to US per capita capital spending.
  4. Ban all foreign imports from countries that levy tariffs on American-made goods when a tariff should be levied on foreign goods to equalize capital spending.

Nearly all foreigners can not compete with Americans on capital. They compete on wages by throwing more bodies at the problem.

Americans need smart free trade, which is balanced trade. Americans can have that only with with other highly industrialized countries and an import tax levied based on per capita capital spending differences. All should be for it under such circumstances.

Balanced free trade with other highly industrialized countries will lead to better specialization and will better allocate capital within the USA. That will go a long way to increase wages as long as immigration is highly controlled.

Agnostic tariffs need to be levied on all countries with the rates set based on the per capita capital spending in the ideal. Short of that, the reciprocal of per capita GDP would suffice.

Globalization and Unfettered Free Trade Kills

What is killing the USA, our economy and capitalism itself is importing goods taxes-free from third world countries whose means of competition is a mass of workers with little capital. 

We have been living under the capitalism death whorl during the last 28 years because successive congresses have embraced globalization. Under globalization, congresses have let foreigners flood the United States with goods made in lands were per capita capital spending is much lower. As well, congresses have swelled the working-age population needlessly with excessive immigration, both legal and illegal, which has set off round after round of falling wages (see: UNFETTERED IMMIGRATION IS KILLING AMERICAN CAPITALISM).

Free trade with third world countries is akin to adding those countries as states to the USA. Manufacturers then shift production there because lower wages in the short run mean higher profits.

As long as there is free trade with countries that spend less on capital per person, jobs will flee the USA for those countries. When jobs flee, wages fall for everyone else who is lucky enough to keep his or her job in the USA.

This is inescapable. It's all part of the natural laws of capitalism.

So-called free traders in the USA truly are pro-big business managed traders. They do not understand capitalism at all. They are anti-capitalist even though their rhetoric is capitalist.

Billionaires and mega millionaires have moved factories to China, India, Mexico and elsewhere while importing products back into the USA. They have lobbied Congress to borrow ever more to fund more welfare and subsidy so that Americans can afford to buy these imported products all the while true wages have been falling for Americans. That is not free trade.

If Americans do not stop this, working-class Americans will become as poor as Hindians or Chinamen.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


By now, everyone knows that because President Trump called out the NFL owners for letting their racist pro-black players protest against the United States and their fellow Americans, millions of once NFL fans have turned away from watching the TV broadcasts of the NFL. Yesterday, the President brought into question why Congress lets municipalities and states float tax exempt bonds to build NFL stadiums (see: PRESIDENT TRUMP VS BILLIONAIRE NFL OWNERS AND THEIR TAX-FREE BOND SCAM )

While these ex-NFL fans who can be found on Twitter using the hashtag #NFLBoycott could take up watching NCAA college football, there is a high-quality professional alternative to quench their football thirst, the Canadian Football League. So if you are among the millions boycotting the NFL, I encourage you to watch the CFL.

There are four weeks remaining in the season. The playoffs will follow thereafter. Here is the U.S. broadcast schedule if you have ESPN2 or ESPN3.

With the advent of Internet streaming, I have watched the CFL as a fan since 2009. The CFL is a harder, faster, better game than the NFL. The CFL game requires fitter, swifter athletes.

Here is a quick run down of the codes between the two games:

CFL teams play an 18-game regular season. NFL teams only play 16.

A CFL field is longer (110 yards vs 100; 55-yard line at midfield vs 50). CFL end zones are deeper (20 yards vs 10). A CFL field is wider (65 yards vs 53 and 1/3 yards)

In the CFL, an offense gets three tries to advance the ball 10 yards. In the NFL, an offense gets four, one extra chance.

In the CFL, after the play is over, the offense has 20 seconds to snap the football after the referee whistles the next play to start. The NFL generously gives their offenses 40 seconds.

In the CFL, it is much harder to defend the run and the pass. Defensive linemen must line up 1-yard opposite the line of scrimmage prior to a play.

Before a snap, all offensive backs and receivers are allowed unlimited motion provided that they remain more than one yard behind the line of scrimmage.

In the NFL, it is much easier to defend the run and much easier to rush the quarter back. Defensive linemen may line up immediately opposite the line of scrimmage.

Before a snap, only back or receiver may move, but only in parallel with the line of scrimmage.

Each CFL team gets one timeout per half. Each NFL team generously gets three.

The CFL features a three-minute warning. After the three minute warning, the play clock runs only from the snap of the ball to when the referee whistles the play dead. The closing three minutes of a CFL game fosters miraculous comebacks by trailing teams.

In the NFL, the game clock runs constantly even after the two-minute warning. NFL teams rely up calling time outs and "spiking the ball," which contradicts the intentional grounding rule.

On punts, the CFL requires the punt returner to gain possession of the ball. There is no fair-catch rule. The punting team must give a 5 yard empty zone around the punt returner to let him attempt a catch.

In the NFL, lets a punt returner signal a fair catch. Upon a fair catch, the ball becomes dead. It can not be advanced nor can the punting team gain possession.

In the CFL, if the punt receiving team fails to secure possession, the punting team can gain possession. An unhandled ball from a punt may be legally recovered by the kicker. In the NFL, the receiving team can let the ball bounce into the field of play where the kicking team can down the ball. Possession remains with the punt-return team.

In the CFL, the team either attempting a field goal or punting can score a point called a rouge when a missed kick or punt ends in the end zone and the defending team fails to advance the ball out of the end zone because the kicking or punting team prevents the defending team, the player possessing the ball elects to drop to one knee while still in the end zone or elects to run with the ball from the end zone out of bounds rather than enter the field of play.

In the NFL, on a punt, if a player catches the ball in the end zone and elects to take a knee, the ball gets advanced automatically to the 20 yard line and the defending team gains possession. On a field goal attempt, the defending team can elect not to possess or advance the ball. The ball gets placed at the spot of the kick attempt and the defending team gains possession.

The CFL has 12 players a side. The NFL only has 11.

Because CFL only grants three downs to advance the ball ten yards, offense play is much more aggressive. There is much more passing and more attempts at getting bigger chucks of yards.

As well, going for it on third and short is much more common in the CFL than going for it on fourth and short in the NFL. Maintaining possession in attempt to score is key in games such as football and rugby. Thus, there is greater pressure on CFL teams to go for it on their third down.

With the rouge (one-point kicking score) and no fair catch, the CFL makes kicking to be an exciting parts of the game. Since the hash marks are further apart on the CFL field, field goal tries are much harder as the wider hash marks create tougher angles.

With the larger field, there simply is more space for offenses to get receivers open. Because the play clock is 20 seconds versus 40, there is more action in the CFL. 

So you should know, Canadians invented the game of football having derived it from rugby. They taught Americans how to play it. So give it a watch, eh.

Watch this crazy CFL game finish because of the rules. NFL rules never could create this kind of excitement.

And here is CFL legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon talk about his days in the CFL:

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