Thursday, January 19, 2017


Today, Breitbart published Blue State Blues: Barack Obama, the God That Failed, a work by Joel B. Pollak, in which Pollack describes Obama as the god of the Democrats who "had a mandate to “fundamentally transform” America, and they believed once that transformation had happened, it would be institutionally irreversible, as well as wildly popular, and guaranteed by demographic changes that immigration reformers were doing their best to hurry along."

Obama failed at everything. Obama is the first flunky president of the United States. Obama managed to preside over an eight-year economic depression, which he exacerbated at every chance.

And yes, it is true, Obama is a many-faced false god. 

✘ To feminists, Obama is Moloch to whom feminists have been sacrificing their babies in abortion.

✘ To Mohammadans, Obama is Allah to whom Mohammadans have engaged in jihad in Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando.

✘ To blacks, Obama is Mandella to whom blacks have gotten uppity with with their Black Lives Matter while the colored ghetto streets of Chicago resemble Johannesburg, South Africa.

✘ To queers, Obama is Hadrian to whom homos have engaged in their bacchanal meth-fueled queered orgies.

✘ To the anti-capitalists, Obama is Lenin to whom socialists, commies and other layabouts praised for their food stamps and Obamacare.

To browns, Obama is Huitzilopochtli to whom browns have engaged in their illegal alien invasion war against Americans.

But most of all, Obama is his own Narcissus. For eight years, Obama worshiped his own reflection. Obama fell in love with the magic negro Obama myth.

Unable to break free of his reflection, Obama stared at his reflection until everything crumbled around himself.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


So it appears the executive editor of the National Geographic has decided to join the silly side of the propaganda wars in favor of the superstitious rather than on the right side of science.

I have seen the story pushed through enough vehicles that I decided the side of science must be told.

The laws of biology cannot be bent no matter how bent someone is. The only spectrum that exists is the Spectrum of Stupidity.

There are two sexes, male (XY) and female (XX). Anything else is asexual deformity — SRY gene on XX (Chapelle syndrome), XXY, XYY. Asexual deformity can not reproduce and thus are not a sex.

That is authentic biology whether or not Ivy league dummies or anyone else teaches that anymore.

No one can change biological reality. No one can alter the laws of the universe.

Legal decree and genital mutilation can not change physical reality, ever. Anyone who goes along with the delusion is as mentally ill as the dopes who believe they are the opposite sex from what their DNA says.

The only transitioning ongoing from one sex to another is making others transition to accept daylight cross-dressers and not merely those in trendy gay clubs in the dark on weekends.

Psychologists had it right awhile back when they called it transsexualism. Everyone else had it right when they called it cross-dressing homosexuality. Today, along with the phenomena of Fake News, Americans have Fake Science.

Many Americans have lost their minds supporting the delusions of those who have lost their minds.
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Monday, December 12, 2016


Fake News Meme and The Russian Hacked Us Meme are part of a two-prong propaganda attack by Establishment Media to try to crush mostly Internet-based, pro-USA Freedom Media.

The dopey execs behind the rather lefty biased Establishment Media have been bleeding ad dollars for years. They are losing control of the "narratives" as they like to call their public opinion manipulation campaigns.

So, such execs in collusion with Democratic Party operatives have taken to airwaves and to print. They are trying to leverage forces of public opinion to sanction Americans who voted for Trump.

In so many words, they are trying to convince Trump voters that having voted for Trump, they have voted into office an illegitimate president. Thus, such voters now should oppose everything Congress does at the behest of Trump to support Trump's vision for a future USA. Regulating the behavior of enough Americans through public opinion manipulation is cheap.

So dopey lefty biased Establishment Media execs hope to slay two opponents with one battle. They hope to destroy the pro-USA new media, media whose execs operate at much lower capital investment and get much greater return for investors. As well, they hope to destroy Trump, his presidency and the Republican Party.

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Friday, November 25, 2016


At the Vision Europe Summit held this week, incoming United Nations boss, António Guterres, said  “We must convince [Europeans] that migration is inevitable and that it is the multiethnic societies which are multicultural and multireligious who are building wealth.”

1) It has been scientifically proven that greater diversity among mankind living in proximity brings on greater distrust and thus destroys society — voluntary association.

2) The history of Europe has a rich record of wars fought because of competing religions — "multi-religious" people can not coexist (cf. the Middle East, especially Israel).

3) Culture is the nutrient medium of interaction. It arises from codified law and accepted codes of conduct. If multiculturalism were valid, American blacks living by blackism would be well-to-do instead of living in self-created ghettos filled with violence and black-market economies.

Either António Guterres is another evil politician or António Guterres is a quite hubris-filled stupid man.

Europeans continue to cede ground in retreat. The rout will come soon enough and with it, mass rape and pillaging.

Amazingly, Mohammadans are winning the War for Europe almost without firing any shots. Their secret weapon are self-loathing, mindless lefty socialist politicians who infest European parliaments.

European countries will be run Mohammadans before long unless Europeans rise up against their own politicians and then deport all Mohammadans. If not, the worst case scenario will be a Mohammadan superstate in Europe with the EU as a Mohammadan government.

So Europeans better consider shipping all of their great artworks to the USA before it is too late.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


In YOU NAZI! YOU ARE ANOTHER HITLER! COME OUT AND SAY WHAT YOU TRYING TO DO — CONVINCE OTHERS THAT SOMEONE IS A JEW-HATER, I revealed to you why public opinion forming propagandists label others as white nationalists, Hitler or Nazis. They are trying to cleave apart Americans into those who fear being labeled a Jew-hater from supporting anyone who might upset the status quo of power.

Recently, Jonathan Greenblatt, a pro-Jew racist Jew, and leader of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) vehemently attacked president-elect Trump's selection of his chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon. Jonathan Greenblatt literally works to promote the Jewish race at the expense of all other individuals other races.

The ADL is a racist, über pro-Jew group. It has been from its inception in 1913. Unlike the silly ones in the neutered, feckless KKK, the ADL is a politically powerful racist struggle group.

The public opinion puppeteers of the Lefty Bias Media (LBM) came out to enforce Greenblatt's unfounded and moronic claims against Stephen K. Bannon.

For decades, public opinion forming talk has been "He an anti-Semite,"  or "He is anti-Semitic," or "He is a racist against blacks." Yet, never, have you heard or read anyone say "That Jew is a pro-Jew racist. He is jealous of Protestants," or "That black hates whites because he feels inferior that his slave ancestors weren't smart enough not to be enslaved by whites."

Here is a news flash for those not versed in the Arts of Persuasion:

  • The NAACP = racist, pro-black group. It is right in their name.
  • The ADL = racist, pro-Jew group. Jews are sneakier and hide it from their name.
  • La Raza = racist, pro-Mestizo group. It is right in their name.
As well, there are these pseudo-tribe racists:

  • NOW = "racist", pro-feminist group.  It is right in their name.
  • Act Up! = "racist", pro-homo group. Like the ADL Jews, Homos are sneakier and hide it from their name.

Most fail to notice, but Americans live by the doctrine of corporatism. Back in 2013, in WALK LEFT SIDE, SAFE. WALK RIGHT SIDE, SAFE. WALK MIDDLE, SOONER OR LATER GET SQUISH JUST LIKE GRAPE, I shared with all of my loyal readers what corporatism means. 

In the USA, the backbone of the political spectrum is corporatism, which means living by organizing into groups on the basis of allied interests and seeking codified (legalized) status and privilege for being a member of that group. Most often organization arises around these: academic, agricultural, industrial, ethnic, race, labor and military.

Under corporatism, you, the individual do not count. You get forced to join a group. Otherwise, you don't get any privileges such as welfare or subsidies.

Many are prejudice. Being prejudice is natural.

However, to be racist means something else entirely.

To be racist, it would need to be a means to stop "blacks" or Mexicans or Poles or any race but your own from obtaining work or entering into contracts. That is the only way to talk of racism. All other ways to talk of racism is done the racists themselves to mask their own agendas.

Right-minded:  I prefer other music to Rap. Rap seems soulless.
Prejudice:  That damn thumping of those jiggaboos I hate rap.
Racist:  I've signed this bill into law to restrict the sale of  Rap music to only in neighborhoods that have a majority of blacks.

A racist act would be organized blacks pushing to get an easing of SAT scores to gain admission into law school. A racist act would be forcing persons to pay taxes and earmarking those taxes to subsidize the hiring of women after an organized group of women have lobbied successfully for such legislation.

Racism requires the use of law to inhibit or advance any group that organizes itself along biological lines. Racism means living by preventing another from trading property for property through law or through collusion because of another's race — being one of people of common descent.

Contemporary racism has moved beyond people of common descent to people with common bonds. Today's true racism is the doctrine of those who organize into a group based on an arbitrary characteristic such as skin color (blacks), other-than English language spoken (Hispanics/Latinos), sexual preferences (gays) or sex (feminists) and then seek superior rights. Racists have groups like the NAACP, La Raza, Act Up! and NOW.

The biggest racists in America today are those organized groups such as the NAACP, NOW, Act Up!, and La Raza, each pushing for privileged spoils from income taxation, privileges like quotas and subsidies.

The biggest promoters of racism are politicians. Racism is a political-legal doctrine of control.

Prejudice is an anthropological phenomenon. Everyone has their preferences and prejudices.

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What is this thing about calling others as Nazi?" Why does anyone say it?

Through much of the 2016 Presidential campaign, those who work work in the Lefty Biased Media (LBM) compared Trump to Hitler and his supporters as Neo-Nazis. Of late, low-grade intellect TV talking head Wolf Blitzer of CNN  repeatedly has called Stephen Bannon, Trump's chief strategist, a white nationalist. White nationalist is code-speak for neo-Nazi. Even political dummies like Howard Dean have come out to call Bannon a neo-Nazi.

So why does Blitzer and the rest of those working for the LBM do it? "Nazi" is code-speak for "You're a Jew hater"  or "You would gas the Jews."

By implication, if you could like anyone who has been called a Nazi, you must be a Jew-hater as well. Such is the wickedness of those who engage in public opinion manufacturing to push political objectives of those with power such as billionaires and racist struggle groups.

Labeling anyone a "Nazi" in effect makes the one doing the labeling a Nazi. Name-calling was a prominent technique used by the Nazi Germany propaganda minister, Goebbels.

Calling someone a Nazi is done in effort to de-humanize the one attacked in the minds of those one seeks support. This is what the Nazis of Germany under Hilter did themselves against the Jews in effort to de-humanize them so as to convince Germans to care little about the plight of Jews.

People who claim to be adults need to mature and move beyond name-calling. The U.S.-based, The Institute for Propaganda Analysis (IPA), which operated from 1937 to 1942, included name-calling as one of the key tactics of persuasion in propaganda.

Rightly, rather than call someone a Nazi, one would need to be called an NSDAP. However, that would lead most scratching their heads as they would not know that NSDAP means Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. That first word is German for national socialist, which was the German way of saying fascist.

Like their socialist brethren, fascists believe in totalitarianism. However, fascists believe in a cozy relationship with the biggest firms working on behalf of government objectives. Fascists believe those firms should have private owners. In the USA, Obama and his Obamacare is a good example of fascism expressed.

Dopey socialists on the other hand believe the biggest firms should be owned by the law givers themselves. Post-World War Two United Kingdom and France were an fine examples of socialist regimes. The thoroughly stupid communists believe that no business should be in private hands, even the smallest ones. Further, dummy communists believe that no one should have property (right of ownership) in anything, even a toothbrush.

Incidentally, the rather Jewish German Karl Marx was the father of the rather totalitarian doctrines of socialism and communism.

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Saturday, November 19, 2016


The Lefty Biased Media (LBM) such as NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, New York Times, New York Daily News, have been on a tear of late. As entertainment media built around the distortion of facts to entertain, over the last few days, most of have parroted a faked news story about fake news.

In an effort to attack competitors, likely the future go-to news source for the Trump presidency, Breitbart News, the LBM have reported that soon-to-be ex-president and likely the worst president in US history, Barry Obama has blamed Hillary Clinton's loss in part to so-called "fake news." During a presser with the betrayer of Germans, Angela Merkel, Obama took time to attack Facebook and social media.

Obama and the crud like him are mad because Hillary Clinton lost the election and with her loss his hoped-for legacy will be wiped out within the first 100 days of Trump's presidency.

Most news produced by LBM is inherently fake. Television is edited for entertainment purposes. Editing distorts facts and thus creates fake news by design. All newspaper content gets edited to fit around advertising.

Worse though, over the years, many LBM have been caught thoroughly faking the news.


On Novemeber, 17, 1992, NBC aired "Waiting to Explode" for its Dateline program in which producers, who are executives of NBC, had GM trucks secretly rigged to blow up on impact. Then producers had show hosts claim that GM trucks were factory-defective and could kill Americans.

On September 8, 2004, CBS aired a report for its 60 Minutes program, in which Dan Rather claimed CBS to be in possession of documents that revealed then president George W. Bush had shirked his duties while in service with the Texas Air National. Guard.

Because of a reader of an alternative news site, The Free Republic, that reader realized Rather's documents to be forgeries produced by PC technology rather than an IBM Selectric Typewriter, which would have been the device used during the days that Bush served in the National Guard.

On April 28, 2003, New York Times reporter Jayson Blair forced New York Times executives to throw Jayson under the bus after it had been revealed Jayson Blair engaged in fabrication of stories along with plagiarism. Blair's boss, Jonathan Landman, blamed the affair on affirmative action, saying "I think race was the decisive factor in his promotion. I thought then and I think now that it was the wrong decision."

It should be noted that his dimwitted editors either went along with the fabrications or were too stupid not catch the fabrications. Either way, the highly discredited New York Times revealed itself to be a major source of fake news.

On May 2, 2011, “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams lied claiming that he flew with SEAL Team 6 saying, "I happen to have the great honor of flying into Baghdad with them at the start of the war." In January 2015 during a live broadcast of "Nightly News," Williams lied into the cameras saying "the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an RPG."

LBM were at it again in 2016. In November 2016, ABC execs had field producers correspondent Linsey Davis stand in a field in front of yellow police tape at a non-existent crime scene for a segment broadcast for ABC's "Good Morning America."

The number of faked stories on man-made "global warming" complete with faked imagery produced and disseminated by LBM are so numerous, I would need several lifetimes to hunt down and expose all.

Over in Australia, Australians get their share of fake news. On November 15, 2016, for a story about fake news, Lexi Metherell wrote, "So-called "fake news" ... has been under increasing scrutiny this presidential election, including from comedian John Oliver." Truly, it doesn't get much stupider than that.

TV shows such as The Daily Show formerly with Jon "Stewart" Liebowitz and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver are inherently fake. The tagline for Liebowitz' parody news show was "the most trusted name in fake news." John Oliver show is a fake news show.

The LBM relies upon fake news as a matter of practice. It is not the exception, but the rule of the LBM. Their own even confessed to such back in March 2005 when execs of the New York Times revealed federal agencies of the United States such as the Pentagon and the State Department routinely disseminate through the mainstream media fake and prepackaged news to promote the interests of these agencies. This practice has been ongoing since at least the Bill Clinton Administration. As a matter of routine, local TV news broadcasters broadcast these reports without any acknowledgement of the government’s role in their production.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


OK, so it has been a week since Trump put the beat down, New Yorker style, on Hillary Clinton. A week ago, I decided to let every dummy spew silliness on TV and on the Internet as to why Hillary lost (the leftist rabble and traitor to the party biased view) or why Trump won (the moderate and independent view).

"Sorry to keep you waiting...complicated business."

On election night and since, dummies like Van Jones, Rachel Madow and others blamed Clinton for the loss. YouTube has countless videos mocking those morons.

Invariably, the Hillary lost camp dummies either confuse effects for causes or merely make superstitious excuses driven by their mediocre intellects. Here are examples:

  • Mid-westerners are stupid. 
  • Hillary Clinton was unable to get the minority vote to turn out for her. 
  • Hillary was a terrible candidate. 
  • White women who voted for Trump betrayed all women. 
  • Trump was able to pull in former Obama voters.  
  • The FBI re-opening its investigation into Hillary's emails helped Trump. 
  • The public no longer has any faith in the media. 
  • He won because of Facebook and its inability or unwillingness to crack down on fake news. 
  • He won because of because of low voter turnout. 
  • He won because the Democratic Party establishment didn't push Bernie Sanders. 

The equally mindless from the those on the right as well as libertarians have spewed gems like these:
  • He won because the left and coastal elites shamed Trump supporters.
  • Trump promised to destroy political correctness.
  • The more Clinton Inc. talked about the Latino vote, the black vote, the gay vote, the woman vote, the more Americans tired of the same old identity politics pandering.
  • What really gave Trump his victory is one person: Barack Obama.  This election was nothing less than a complete and total repudiation of his presidency, his policies, his fundamental transformation of America that he promised and delivered.
Early on, I revealed the secret sauce of Trump. On Friday, October 9, 2015, I published a work titled A BRILLIANT LADY AND WHY DONALD TRUMP IS MOST POPULAR WITH AMERICANS. In the work I revealed Trump's appeal through a video of Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher talked about conviction vs consensus. That is what Trump has.

Importantly, Monday, November 30, 2015, I wrote this work, NO ORDINARY WHITE GUY COULD EVER HOPE TO WIN THE U.S. PRESIDENCY IN 2016 AND MAYBE NEVER AGAIN. THE GOP WILL BE OVER SOON ENOUGH. In the work, I revealed how Trump alone was the guy who could beat Hillary precisely by turning out the no college degree white vote. In that work, I wrote:

That candidate needs to get whites without college degrees to show up and vote. They don't usually.
If the GOP candidate can get 10% more turn out of whites without college to show up and if that GOP candidate can get 10% more of them to vote GOP, that GOP candidate will be the next president. And this holds true even if 10% more Hispanics vote, 10% more blacks vote and 10% more Asians vote.
No ordinary white guy can could do that. Trump can. Trump is likely the only candidate who appeals to whites without college. Thus, likely Trump is the only shot a male registered Republican has at winning the presidency.
Exit polling suggests that Trump won non-college-educated whites by 39 points. Trump even won college-educated whites though by a smaller margin than Romney won four years ago.


I encourage you to read all of my works on Trump. You shall see how I was far ahead of others in this race (see: Trump on True Dollar Journal).  You might find of much interest my work of Thursday, February 11, 2016, where I revealed why all of the national polls would be wrong (see: WHY EVERY PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION POLL FOR 2016 YOU SHALL SEE OR HEAR WILL BE WRONG). And of course, I was ahead everyone by having developed a data model that revealed Trump was winning the electoral college (see: CLINTON VS TRUMP. WHO IS WINNING THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE?)

And now I am going to reveal to the world how and why Trump won. 

Getting a vote is like making a sale. Like buying, voting is a voluntary act.

What decides a voter between yes and no? His own self-interests, either as he sees those or as the seller plays up those in this talk.

Self-interest is the strongest interest. A salesman must get the customer's viewpoint and strive to force upon the buyer the belief that his own interest is best served by buying what the salesman offers.

As cold argument seldom sells goods, so too does cold argument seldom get votes. In genius selling, the goal is agreement and not argument.

Any sale mostly gets made in the preparation. Trump began preparing for the campaign three years before announcing his candidacy. Few know this.

Trump secured all of the information he could regarding would-be voters and the conditions surrounding them. That let Trump make an intelligent approach.

Trump never lost sight that he was aiming at sales. Trump sized up the typical would-be voter. Trump hit upon the strongest emotion to leverage. 

Trump sold on quality. Hillary sold on price. 

Hillary was the cheap product that everyone knew he or she could buy. Most everyone expected Hillary to win. Hillary said, "We're already great." Foolishly, Hillary tried convince with reason. 

Trump sold enough voters on the idea of building up to a standard, the standard of greatness. In effect, Trump, took an objection, switching to vote for him rather than the safe, expected vote for Hillary, and used that switch as a proof of quality.

Trump appealed through imagination.  

Consistently, in the minds of listeners, Trump called up in pictures of corruption, crookedness and cold indifference to the plight of the working-class.  Thanks to the power of association, Trump called up these mental images repeatedly.

Trump amplified doubt in the minds of would-be voters by saying "Crooked Hillary." Trump went further and identified Hillary's accomplices, the "Crooked Media."

The most potent appeal to imagination is one in which the seller makes the hearer see himself in certain situations or doing certain actions.  Time and again, Trump put would-be voters into the future with their imaginations doing things — "Lock her up" and "Drain the swamp."

Trump gave would-be voters both enthusiasm and ambition. Trump let would-be voters see themselves as vanquishing champions by voting for him as that would let them be the ones to drain the swamp and lock her up.

"Lock her up" was especially powerful. One can almost imagine the clanging of heavy steel doors slamming together with Hillary looking at us from behind bars.

Trump gave mental medicine to would-be voters. Trump gave them the medicine of hope.

Trump instilled confidence.

The power of a salesman comes from his skill to create in his would-be buyer, a confidence in the himself through the truth of his statements and the merits of his offer. Confidence is the catalyst that fuses together the elements of the sale. The crux of selling is establishing thorough confidence in the mind of the would-be buyer and keeping that confidence. Confidence is the foundation of all dealing. Gain someone's confidence and if that one has need for your goods, you will get the sale if he can pay for it.

Trump came into the game with points of monopoly, points to which Clinton could not lay claim and Trump hammered on those: "I have tremendously successful businesses. I have built a great company." By saying this repeatedly, Trump relied upon suggestion that his business successes should transfer to presidential successes.

Trump relied upon suggestion.

Trump repeatedly told everyone that with him they were going to win, win big and win often. Perhaps this was among Trump's greatest feats of suggestion. Leveraging the force of association, Trump programmed listeners to connect their winning by voting for him.

Suggestion is the art of getting someone to tell himself. Trump revealed himself to be a master of this art.

Trump kept the mainstream media on the defensive.

Starting with the primaries, Trump attacked the representatives of mainstream media, the debate questioners. In doing so, Trump personified all of the mainstream media. Trump gave millions of Americans enemies to loathe, faces to hate.

Trump kept mainstream media on the defensive the entire campaign. By doing so, Trump neutralized a foe and disarmed Hillary Clinton of an ally and a weapon.

Trump talked in future tense. Hillary talked in the now.

There are but three ways to frame anything with respect to time. One can talk of the past. One can talk of the now. One can talk of the future.

Past talk is forensic, judicial talk. It is the talk of blame. Now talk is demonstrative. It is the talk of morals. Thus it is the talk of bonding and cleaving. Future talk is deliberative. It is the talk of choice and payoff.

Stupidly, Hillary talked in the now. Everything about her campaign was in the now. Her updated slogan screamed of being in the now — I'm with her. Hillary cleaved millions of voters away from her by calling them deplorable for considering Trump. Hillary's clumsy rhetoric accused many of not having the right morality, her morality.

Stupidly, Hillary attacked the morality of anyone who dared to think the USA needs to become better by getting off the track politicians like her had the country running over the last eight years.

Trump talked in the future. Everything about Trump's campaign was in the future. Trump's slogan told anyone he or she had a choice to make America great again. Trump gave everyone the choice of much winning with him or no winning with her.

Trump appealed to positive emotions while Hillary appealed to fear.

No one can make a quality sale without appealing to one or more important emotions — love of self, love of family, love of friends. Consistently, Trump talked of love for wounded veterans, for the parents whose children were killed by illegals, for friends losing good paying jobs to Mexico and China.

Hillary only could speak to fear. Her sole emotional appeal was fear of Donald Trump. Hillary told blacks, browns, feminists and queers to fear Trump. Yet, all Americans need a better economy and safer neighborhoods.

Hillary lacked any appeal to love of country. Hillary signaled her love for foreigners rather than Americans.

Trump canvassed where he needed to do so.

As Trump's buildings were planned by planning experts such as himself, so too, Trump had a sales campaign planned by himself and other experts in planning.

No great achievement can be done without a plan and this is so true of winning over an indifferent public.

Sales planning must consider what is being sold, who are the possible buyers and what are the general trade conditions. Two kinds of would-be buyers exist  — the dead-sures and the possibles.

The dead-sures will buy without being called upon. The possibles need attention and sales pitches. Trump went where the possibles were and pitched them with everything I wrote above.

Trump understood the general trade conditions. And from that, you will learn why Trump won.

But Why Did Trump Win?

Now that I have shown you how Trump won, which, by the way, no one else on earth has written this, I shall show you why Trump won.

To know why Trump won, you must have esoteric knowledge of deep psychology. Most lack this knowledge. You will not find this hidden knowledge in the hallowed halls of academia. However, I shall let you see these secrets.

You can view the state of anyone of mankind along a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum is self-preservation and at the other end is self-indulgence.

As you can see, this spectrum reveals much. It can be viewed as a way to gauge risk tolerance, effort or status.

Trump won because Trump understood that most Americans are closer to self-preservation that even self-promotion much less self-indulgence. Most Americans are quite far from even self-promotion. As I have shown with superior True Dollar™ analysis, Americans are now living in the ninth year of an economic depression (see: BARRY'S BOGUS ECONOMY. THE U.S. ECONOMY CONTINUES TO SHRINK IN 2016).

Trump put himself in the other man's shoes. Trump looked at life from the other man's viewpoint.  Trump stepped up to be the friend to help out Americans from their self-preservation troubles.

Trump offered common sense defense in support of self-preservation to every voting American regardless of race, sex or political party preference. Trump offered to keep out all who would endanger anyone's self-preservation  — illegal immigrants, ideological crazy Mohammadans, foreigners' exports.

By revealing the effects of Obama and Hillary's actions of protecting invading illegal aliens, importing crazed, heathen Mohammadans and foreign producers, Trump revealed to would-be voters their personal disadvantages arising from no fault of their own. Thus, Trump spoke to the self-preservation instinct of would-be voters.

Trump instilled confidence in would-be voters by leading them to see that buying him now would safeguard their own interests. Trump sold enough would-be voters that he would ensure that no longer would they be left behind because of reckless anti-American policies by done by Obama and offered again by Hillary.

Trump offered to help Americans get out of self-preservation and into self-promotion. In doing so, Trump offered to help Americans work their way into better status. Success from hard work is a deep-seated American belief.

Trump rekindled in enough would-be voters living in the right places the desire of having more than self-preservation — make America great again. Trump stimulated would-be voters to action to satisfy their desire.

Enough voters living in the right territories (electoral districts) bought what Trump was selling.

By contrast, Hillary only offered to progressive Americans pie-in-the-sky self-indulgence. Mrs. Clinton failed to see that most Americans are hunkered down in self-preservation mode nine years after the biggest credit bubble in the history of mankind, the Greenspan-Bernanke Great Inflation, burst.

Hillary talked up self-indulgent luxury after luxury that most anyone with common sense would reject. Hillary blathered about overpaying women under the guise of "equal pay" (see: THE GENDER GAP ISN'T BETWEEN THE LEGS, IT'S BETWEEN THE EARS. THE MYTH OF PAY INEQUALITY FOR WOMEN). Hillary sang the praises of globalization, which of course, is the thing that moved Americans from at least self-promotion and into self-preservation. Hillary pushed for everything that was not American — illegal immigrants, ideological crazy Mohammadans, foreigners' exports.

Enough voters refused to buy what Hillary was selling, a self-indulgent message that only a few could risk upon. Hillary was an order taker as only dead-sures in the wrong markets bought what Hillary had on offer.

Practically, confidence is the bedrock of all action. Daily, Americans buy advertised products while feeling assured that such products will have standards.

Trump made enough believe in him and his proposition — make America great again.  Trump won the confidence of enough voters in enough electoral districts.

While Hillary took the confidence of deep blue denziens, Hillary failed to gain confidence of others in the contested electoral districts. In spite of the excuses made on her behalf, Hillary failed to convince enough would-be voters that her proposition was worthwhile. During her campaigning, Hillary said something, which too many would-be voters did not believe.

It is simply counter-intuitive. Most talking heads would have claimed Trump to be the risky bet candidate while Hillary the safer bet candidate. Yet, in truth, Hillary with her self-indulgent offering was seen as the riskier candidate in enough markets (territories).

Risk tolerance is low among most Americans these days. To most Main Street Americans in enough states, the proven-success Trump seemed to be the safer play.

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Friday, November 11, 2016


Besides Hillary Clinton and her team, no one has revealed himself to be stupider than Mark Cuban. 

For those who still do not know who Mark Cuban is, Cuban is the phoniest billionaire ever.  During the 1996 to 2000 Dot Com Bubble, Yang and Filo, the founder dummies at Yahoo bought the domain name from Mark Cuban. In doing so, Filo and Yang made Mark Cuban a billionaire. Cuban literally became a billionaire for registering a domain name,

Cuban has not done anything with his dot com lottery winnings since expect own a basketball team and run his mouth. Even the people at Fortune Magazine agree with me (see: 5 Worst Internet Acquisitions of All Time). Others have exposed the phony Dot Com Internet lottery winner (see: Mark Cuban and The Multibillion Dollar Coup).

Among the many stupid things Mark Cuban said are these. These reveal the depth of Mark's intellectual abilities:

"I can say with 100% certainty that there is a really good chance we could see a huge, huge correction."
"I can go to Hillary's websites and there's spreadsheets, there's depth, there's analysis, there's details."
"[Trump is] Probably not as smart as he thinks he is."
"Trump's comment on the Fed is exactly why the market will tank if he is elected. Ask him if he understands how the Fed works."

You can be sure that Mark Cuban knows nothing about Commercial Banking and how a fiduciary monetary system based on an elastic currency works.

During the election campaign, dummy Mark Cuban went everywhere claiming that if Trump were to win the election, U.S. stock markets would crash. Have a look at the dummy running his mouth:


There are more clips of Cuban expressing his imbecility in public. Cuban suffers from hubris. Cuban  has a mediocre intellect. Few should listen to the guy especially when it comes to investing and speculating in pursuit of profits.

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The election of Donald Trump will transform the USA.  Believe it. The trends that began between 1988 and 1995 peaked in 2016 and are now crashing. Trump's election has triggered a crisis in 2016 for all those who rode those trends to fame and fortune.

The new era has begun. Believe it. Before long, you will see early signs of this in 2017 and by 2018, this will be the new norm.  It will be the Era of Proportion. Mark my words.

The Era of the Grotesque

The trend of the last 16 to 21 years has been what I call the Era of the Grotesque. The Era of the Grotesque began to be seen during the early days of the commercialization of the Internet. During the Era of the Grotesque, everything grew ever more distorted.

The era likely started with circa 1995 with over-sized Anna Nicole Smith and her over-sized big breasts. The Era of the Grotesque peaked with cross-dressing men coming out in daylight.

During the Era of the Grotesque, the immoral low-life criminal scumbag became the heroic symbol. Walt of Breaking Bad, the evil serial killer Dexter, and the criminal lesbians of Orange is the New Black all exemplified the degeneracy and distortion of the Era of the Grotesque.

All who have profited from the Era of the Grotesque are now in panic mode — fat celebs, self-outted celebs, and colored celebs. With the end of the Era of the Grotesque, all of these are out:

✘ Fat girls are out
✘ Super-sized boobs are out
✘ The man-acting empowered female is out
✘ Tattooed females are out
✘ Sex ambiguity is out
✘ Homosexuals as a special, protected-class are out
✘ Open borders and the Mexican soft invasion are out
✘ The secret invasion by heathen Mohammadans is out
✘ Welfare is out
✘ Progressivism and Communitarianism are out
✘ Blackism is out
✘ Social Justice is out
✘ Globalism is out
✘ Nepotism is out
✘ Man-made global warming is out / Pseudo-science is out
✘ The Social Media / Search Engine Internet-Age Economy is out
✘ The NFL and NBA are out
✘ Immorality is out
✘ Rap music is out
✘ Reality TV is out

So who are the big losers?  The Kardashians, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Mark Zuckerberg, Google Guys, Silicon Valley, Bruce Jenner, political homosexism, political trannies, illegal alien Mexicans and other illegal aliens from Central America, Democrats, Progressives, George Soros, The Clintons, The Bushes, Mainstream Media, Hollywood — all have lost.

Some guys will go kicking and screaming. Sometime later, these guys will wonder how they ever liked fat chicks and grotesque-sized breasts, whether implants or big flabby naturals.

Anti-White Male

In, AHAB MOBY DICK RACISM. WHAT THE SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENT IS ALL ABOUT — HUNTING THE GREAT WHITE MALE, I showed you the template that Social Justice Warriors rely upon to attack white males, especially white males of Anglo-Saxon ancestry. Hunting the great white male will be over.

Blackism, the rotten subculture of blacks, is over. Glorifying the gangsta thug live is over. Speaking ebonics slang is over. Shunning education is over. The protesting for criminals Black Lives Matter is over.

Political Opportunists

Political Opportunists are over. The Clintons made their lives leeching off Americans by way of Congress and before that, the state legislature of Arkansas. Bill Clinton had not done an honest day's work in at least 40 years and perhaps longer. Hillary was little more than a housewife who hitched herself to a political man. And when her political man hit the big time, he worked backroom deals to get Hillary into politics. Bill arranged for Hillary to cut the line as he gifted her a senator's job and then the secretary of state job.

The Clintons influence peddling scam exemplified peak grotesque. Former president Bill would take graft from foreigners and engage in influence peddling when his wife was Secretary of State. The Clintons hoped to continue this scheme with her as president.

Bushism, Globalization, the Internet-Age Search Engine / Social Media / Welfare Economy

On the political side, 28 years of Kinder, Gentler stupidity is over. Globalization is over. Bushism is over. Americans have called on Trump to repeal Bushism.

As well, Americans have called on Trump to repeal Obama and not merely Obamacare.

Globalization — unlimited immigration and managed trade deals for pan-national corporations owned or controlled by the richest global families — is over. Globalization has been about equalizing wage rates globally. To equalize wage rates, jobs needed to be taken from working-class Americans and given to Third Worlders. For decades, globalization has transferred earning power from working-class Americans to Third World foreigners through the transfer of profitable capital in the form of factories to foreigners.

For decades, globalization has made many disloyal U.S. citizens mega-millionaires into billionaires. These lazy billionaires have sought to make a world of four to five billion brown-skinned consumers rather than compete among themselves for 300 to 400 million white-skinned middle class, independent in heart and mind consumers often who turn into competitors of these lazy billionaires.

Massive immigration only ever has been all about equalizing wage rates. To make Chinese, Hindians, Vietnamese and the like slightly richer, Americans needed to become much poorer. Illegal immigration and massive immigration under the Hart-Cellar Act beginning with George Herbert Walker Bush has pushed wages down.

With falling American wages, prices in True Dollars™ have fallen. With falling prices, the return to capital for investments in the USA have fallen. Thus, Americans have become poorer while billionaires transferring capital to foreign lands have become richer. As well, the new working-class of foreigners have become richer.

Working-class Americans now see that it is either their families and their next door neighbor's families or it is families in Chile, Honduras, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia and so on. They have called an end to their own destruction.

The Internet Age Economy

The Internet Age Economy has been an era of a small, well-paid, super-class of workers. Everyone else in America increasingly has relied upon credit cards and Congress to make up for a short-fall in buying power. To keep up the illusion, Congress has put itself on the hook for trillions to fund welfare as the means to keep consumption going. That is coming to an end.

The Return of Americanism

Americanism is coming back. The Bill of Rights, rugged individualism, Protestant work ethic, belief in property (right of ownership), buying and selling commerce — all of these are coming back.

Only in the big cities of the Left Coast and the Boston to DC corridor will you find millions of mostly brown-skinned immigrants and illegal aliens along with their descendants bitterly clinging to their socialism, their welfare and their hatred for the USA and white Americans.

Right Trade

Americans can have free trade with foreigners, but only with foreigners of other highly industrialized countries. That kind of trade helps to better allocate capital within the USA. Better capital allocation will increase wages. Capital growth and thus rising wages in True Dollars™ will happen faster and stronger with immigration highly controlled.

However, the era of managed free trade with the Third World is over.

The Era of Proportion

With Trump, a new cultural era begins. All of these are in:

✓ Hot women with smoking hot bodies are in
✓ C-cups or less are in
✓ Strong, tough males are in
✓ U.S. Borders are in
✓ The Working-Class are in
✓ Manly work is in
✓ The Real Economy of making and building stuff is in
✓ Rock and roll is in
✓ Americanism is in
✓ Gumption, pluck are in
✓ Meritocracy is in
✓ Morality is in
✓ Rugby is in
✓ The NHL is in

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