Thursday, June 22, 2017


Before the special election to fill the House seat vacated by President Trump's HHS secretary, Tom Price, the establishment's media, which is the voice of the Democratic Party, claimed the election would be a referendum on President Trump. After the election, these same people claimed Handel won because District 6 is a deep red district.

Three counties comprise District 6 — DeKalb, Cobb and Fulton though only north of Fulton and northeast of Cobb. District 6 falls within metro Atlanta.

So how "deep red" is District 6 of Georgia anyway?  In 2012, Obama took Fulton decisively, 64.2% to 34.6% over lame candidate Mitt Romney. As well, Obama trounced Romney in DeKalb, 77.9% to 21.1%. Romney managed to score a solid win in Cobb, 55.5% vs 42.9%.

Likewise, in 2008, Obama scored slightly better results against even lamer John "Songbird" McCain. Obama took Fulton, 67.2% vs 33.2%. Obama trounced McCain in DeKalb, 79.0% vs 20.4%, Like Romney, McCain scored a win in Cobb, 54.2% vs 44.8%.

As well, in 2004, Kerry took both Fulton and DeKalb while George W. Bush took Cobb.

Yesterday, I shared with you the results of the 2016 election in THE ESTABLISHMENT'S MEDIA CALLED THE 2017 GEORGIA DISTRICT 6 REPLACEMENT ELECTION A REFERENDUM ON PRESIDENT TRUMP. REPUBLICAN HANDEL WON. WHY DOES ANYONE STILL TAKE SLANTED #FAKENEWS FROM CNN? In the 2016 presidential election, all three counties went for Hillary Clinton. Clinton won Cobb, 47.9% to 45.8%. In DeKalb and Fulton, Clinton destroyed President Trump. Clinton won Fulton, 67.7% vs 26.8%. Clinton won DeKalb by a lopsided 79.1% vs 16.2%.

It is laughable that anyone could call District 6 of Georgia, "deep red."

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It turns out that Elon Musk's batteries in his battery-electric Tesla cars generate as much CO2 as driving a gasoline-powered car for eight years. This disaster has been revealed by a study funded by the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Energy Agency. Anthony Watts reported this on June 20 (see: Tesla Car Battery Production Releases as Much CO2 as 8 Years of Gasoline Driving).

Elon Musk seems to be little more than a phony businessman. Peter Thiel made Musk rich. Successive congresses have made Musk far, far richer by subsidizing his Tesla and SpaceX businesses.

Musk never engineered anything himself. Musk seems to be a promoter, a con man, merely. Yet, Musk gives celebrity cache to the electric car and his Tesla brand. That seems to be fueling unwarranted interest in electric cars.

The electric car is late 1800s folly. The fuel cell car is a 21st century advance.


Battery-electric cars are old, failed technology. The vastly superior, mass-produced internal-combustion-engine put the electric car out of business by the end of the 19th century.

An inferior battery-electric car needs a massive battery to store electricity. Electricity powers a motor.

Battery-electric cars suffer from crippling range limits. You can drive only so far a battery charge. Batteries are too heavy. As well, charging takes a long time.

Musk's supercharger for the Tesla Model S requires 30 minutes to give you only 170 miles in range.

Cold-weather cripples battery-electric cars. Musk and his battery-electric car friends keep this truth from you.

Batteries perform best around 100 °F. However, when temperatures fall below zero, batteries begin to fail. The charge amount drops along with the rate at which batteries can supply that charge to a motor.  Battery-electric cars can take twice as long to charge in cold weather.

And if you turn on the heat while driving in winter, the heating system will decrease the range of your battery-electric car.


The superior fuel cell car gets free oxygen taken from the free air and combines that with safe hydrogen onboard to generate electricity in real-time. Electricity powers a motor.

In a fuel cell car, hydrogen is an energy store. Hydrogen is not an energy source.

Oxygen and hydrogen produce only water and heat. Fuel cell cars are zero-emissions.

Hydrogen can come from a variety of fuels. Even methane from sewage can get turned into hydrogen.

The most common hydrogen source is natural gas. Americans are the number one producers of natural gas. Our neighbors to the north, the Canadians, are the number three producers (see: Natural Gas by Country).

Fuel cell cars lack range limits since fuel cell cars work alike to internal combustion engine cars. Simply, you add more hydrogen fuel as needed. You can drive over 300 miles and refuel in about three minutes with a fuel cell car.

It is the lack of fueling infrastructure and vehicle production that holds back fuel cell cars from mass adoption.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


When Tom Price vacated his seat in the House of Representatives from Georgia District 6 to become the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services in the cabinet of President Trump, the State of Georgia held a special election in that District to seat his replacement.  The Establishment's media, that is, the anti-Trump, left-leaning voice of the Democratic Party, reported incessantly that this election should be viewed as a referendum on President Trump himself.

After the victory by Republican Karen Handel in the special election for Georgia District 6, CNN anchor Don Lemon said, "What’s interesting is that, breaking news, a Republican wins in Georgia, it shouldn’t be breaking news. This is the way it should happen."

Three counties comprise District 6 in Georgia, Cobb, DeKalb and Fulton. Republican Handel destroyed Ossoff 61% to 39% in Cobb while also winning handily in Fulton, 53% to 47%. In DeKalb, Ossoff beat Handel soundly 58% to 42%.

In the 2016 presidential election, all three counties went for Hillary Clinton. Clinton won Cobb, 47.9% to 45.8%. In DeKalb and Fulton, Clinton destroyed President Trump. Clinton won Fulton, 67.7% vs 26.8%. Clinton won DeKalb by a lopsided 79.1% vs 16.2%.

So it is a rather big deal that Handel won this special election considering the demographics make-up and voting pattern in this district.

From 2000 to 2013, 78 counties in 19 states, from California to Kansas to North Carolina, flipped from majority white to counties where no single racial or ethnic group is a majority, according to a new Pew Research Center. Of these counties, those in Georgia stand out for having four of the five biggest percentage-point swings in their white-population share.
For example, in Henry County (pop. 211,000 in 2013), 35 miles south of Atlanta, the population’s white share fell from 80.1% in 2000 to 49.8% in 2013. In Gwinnett County (pop. 859,000 in 2013), also near Atlanta, the population dropped from 67.0% white to 41.6% over the same time period.
This trend stems from a flat or declining number of whites in each of these four Georgia counties (Douglas and Rockdale are the other two), combined with a large and growing black population and a smaller Hispanic population that is also increasing in number. (In recent years, many blacks have moved to the Atlanta area from Northern states as part of a return migration to the South.) 

According to facts presented in a Washington Post article from 2014

  • Nonwhites are more Democratic than whites. 
  • The Georgia electorate is becoming more nonwhite. 
  • The share of registered voters in Georgia that is white declined from 72 to 59 percent over the past decade.  
  • Nearly 3 of 4 active registered voters older than 65 are white while less than half of those under 30 are white. 

According to AOL News, May 2016,  eighty-one percent of Georgia's population growth in the past decade came from minorities.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Today, Intellectual Takeout published a work by Daniel Lattier, titled
This is What Happens When Education Loses Its Purpose. In the work, Lattier assailed the foolish administrators of Evergreen State for their indulgence of Social Justice Warrior kiddies. Dan Lattier had been doing all right until he attacked individualism.

"The West has substituted its metaphysical foundations for relativism, individualism, and pragmatism." ~ Dan Lattier

Dan, likely who is Catholic, fails to realize that it is from post-Luther, post-Calvin, North Sea Germanic (Englishmen, Dutchmen, Plattdeutsch) Protestant individualism alone that Modern Civilization arose, or what Dan mistakenly calls "The West".  Modern Civilization organized upon a system of international exchange made possible by currency, credit and capitalism (property put to production in hopes of profit) and a freed man.

Without post-Luther, post-Calvin Protestant individualism we would still be living in Medieval Civilization as defined by the Roman Catholic Church. Medieval Civilization, also called Church Civilization was an all-encompassing totalitarianism.

In Medieval Civilization , all polity was focused upon the construction and maintenance of the rulers. Medieval Civilization organized economic life around household and slave production. Anyone had to accept living with his station in life. That is what the Roman Catholics gave to the people of Western Europe from about 450 AD to about 1550 AD.

Post-Luther, post-Calvin Protestantism put into anyone a sense of individual responsibility. That impelled him to assert his right to liberty. After all, a man needed liberty in his personal duty to God. The right of ownership in himself provided the means that gave rise to modern progress.

It is from post-Luther, post-Calvin Protestant individualism that made men challenge all power over their consciences and wills held by Medieval Civilization institutions. Moreover Protestant individualism made its adherents resist ecclesiastical authority over their minds and bodies.

Post-Luther, post-Calvin Protestant individualism gave men the means to overthrow kingdoms and dethrone monarchs. This doctrine resulted from the doctrine of Jesus — that men should not render what belongs to God to other men.

All other ethical systems have proven to be inferior to Protestant individualism and not merely inferior but vastly inferior. Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and especially Judaism, Mohammadism, Confucianism, atheism and communism all have been proven to be vastly inferior to post-Luther, post-Calvin North Sea Germanic Protestant individualism.

It has been the relentless attack on post-Luther, post-Calvin Protestant individualism by the descendants of the great unwashed Catholics from Ireland, Italy, Poland and Germany along with Russian / Ukrainian Slav Jews that has brought the USA and "The West" to its pitiful decline.

It is not merely relativism as Dan has written, but moral relativism,  which is at the heart of the matter. Moral relativists claim that all ethical systems (rules of behavior for a good life) are equal in standing and thus equally valid. To the moral relativists, there are no absolutes, no invariant rights and wrongs. They adhere to situational ethics.

The SJW students not only of Evergreen State but also of every institution of higher education in the USA today are advocates of socialism and not individualism. They perceive their enemy to be the great white male, their Moby Dick.

For a timeline on the decline of the USA, see my work: HOW DID WE GET HERE? IS THE USA OVER? THE BEATS OF AMERICAN HISTORY.

For clarity of the meaning of Modern Civilization vs "The West," check out my work: MORE CONFUSION ABOUT THE WEST AND WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

And for more on the importance of individualism, see my work: MANY OF THE ALT-RIGHT ARE AS DOPEY AS SOCIALISTS.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017


Last Friday, the Jeff Bezos led announced a $14 billion purchase of Whole Foods Market, Inc. That deal reveals the intention of Bezos to grab a big chunk of the $700 billion a year grocery bill Americans pay.

Right now, Wal-Mart takes about 22% of that bill. Wal-Mart's take accounts for 56% of its gross revenue.

With the Whole Foods deal, Amazon acquires 460 stores. Right now, Wal-Mart has over ten times as many stores (4,700) yielding a footprint that brings groceries with 10 miles of 90% of all Americans.

Bezos' move looks shrewd. However, with the likes of Uber, Lyft and forth-coming self-driving cars, what looks a smart move will seem to be a price-y investment that likely will yield low returns.

In a few years, all of the major players will be delivering groceries door-to-door. That said, such innovation (changing behavior) still requires people to change.

While it seemed relatively easy to train Americans to order from online laptops, a books, pairs of cross-trainers, and even airline tickets, it is another thing to get Americans to order fresh groceries. When it comes to fresh kill food, people like to look first.

Also, Whole Food stores typically are standalone box stores of a certain footprint, which even if cleared and used for warehouses, would be quite small compared to the typical Costco store.

Supermarket chains already are served by regional distribution centers. They have expertise in this area, especially in produce and meats.

It is cheaper to increase the density of those while shuttering comparatively smaller supermarket stores than it is to try to force supermarket stores into the roll of distribution center.

As it is, Wal-Mart offers curbside pickup of groceries ordered online at 1.5 times stores (700) as Whole Foods has locations. Wal-Mart expects to add 300 more stores by 2018.

On the upside, Amazon gained over $14 billion on its market capitalization after announcing the $13.6 billion deal. Some will claim that Amazon acquired the deal for free. However, that market cap can disappear as quickly as it materialized.

Many believe this deal is a game changer.

"The Whole Foods purchase changes the landscape dramatically." ~ Will Oremus, Slate
"Amazon agreed to buy the upscale grocery chain Whole Foods for $13.4 billion, in a deal that will instantly transform the company that pioneered online shopping into a merchant with physical outposts in hundreds of neighborhoods across the country." ~ Nick Wingfield and Michael J. de la Merced, New York Times
"For anyone in the business of selling, supplying or hauling groceries: Things just got real.'s $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods instantly makes it a major player in the U.S. grocery industry and that leaves a lot for shoppers, retailers and other companies involved in the industry to chew on." ~ Zlati Meyer, USA Today
Combined, Amazon and Whole Foods might account for about 3.5% grocery spending in the United States, making the combined firm the country’s fifth-largest grocery retailer.

The long run on this Amazon-Whole Foods deal looks pedestrian.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


GDP reports lag. So when looking at GDP data, you can only know what has happened. However, what you would like to know is what will happen. How else can you invest or speculate with confidence?

Right now, GDP in True Dollars™, which is the only way that removes the effects of inflation accurately, is running 16.7% below the long run historical average taken from Q1 1959 through to True Peak GDP at the end of Q4 2007.

As of reported GDP data, the Greenspan-Bernanke Greatest Depression has yet to end.  However, there are signs the economy might begin to grow or at least stop the decline.

In the key sectors of the economy that lead an advance, wages have seen growth. Wages have been up three months straight in construction.

Wages have been up two months straight in durable goods manufacturing.

As well, wages have been up two months straight in transportation and warehousing.

There can be rises in wages only when the return to capital rises since the return to capital is the source of wages.

With an upward turn in durable goods wages and construction wages, and should this hold, likely soon, sustained activity in business will lift interest rates above levels that prevailed during the Greenspan-Bernanke Greatest Depression.

When wages as measured in True Dollars begin to rise, workers gain discretionary income. This lets them buy what they have desired for awhile but which they could not buy when their incomes lagged.

In spite of the relentless propaganda, an economic recovery never happened under Obama. During the Obama years, which covered the Greenspan-Bernanke Greatest Depression, we observed low prices, low wages, tight money for commoners in spite of low interest rates, many firm failures, people who became thrifty, prevailing pessimism, and bankers accumulating reserves.

And you can be sure that Americans are not living under good times and prosperity. During good times, you will see what always happens — high prices, high wages, everyone is optimistic, people spend with ease, the riskiest stocks sell at the highest prices, there are many new stock issues, interest rates rise higher, bond prices fall.  Further, credit gets abused whereby many take on liabilities that they will fail to meet as expected forthcoming profits will fail to materialize.

As well, you can be sure that Americans are not living near peak prosperity. When nearing the peak, happening near the next crisis, typically, politicians award big municipal boondoggles. These boondoggles tend to happen at increasing rate.

Stock markets never make booms. Economic booms and good times always only get made in the country's factory floors, workshops, forests, mines and soon-to-be improved parcels.

The massive attempt at artificially stimulating the economy through quantitative easing undertaken by Bernanke and Yellen failed every year since 2008.  There were quite short-lived attempts at take-off in a quarter here or there. Yet, nothing sustained because artificial stimulation never is sound. Prudent businessmen simply do not partake in underwriting future prosperity during periods of artificial stimulation.

We are beginning to see the early stages of an advance, which will lead to a boom, only now.

Over the last few weeks, I have shown you by other measures that reveal the economy could be growing at long last.

The Russell 1000 still trades below the long run average calculated from Q4 1992 to Peak GDP Q4 2007.

And while the Russell 2000 is slightly above 20% over its long-run average, it is still 28.4% below what it traded at during True Peak GDP during Q4 2007.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017


Americans have reached a bad state when it comes to wages. The trend in wages as priced in has been downward for decades in spite of upward movements during true advances in the economy.

Back on Friday, May 23, 2014, I published a work titled: MINIMUM WAGE IS AT AN ALL-TIME MINIMUM. IT SHOULD BE $20.12 AN HOUR, IF ...

In that work, I wrote about the sorry state of the federal minimum. Priced in True Dollars™, which is the only way you can account for the effects of inflation, the federal minimum wage is down to 48 cents.

Minimum wage priced in True Dollars has fallen -53% from it's all-time high.

To get same buying power as someone earning minimum wage in 1968, today's minimum wage would need to be $26.72. To match the 1981 minimum wage, today's minimum wage would need to be $25.53.

And here is the picture for wages paid to private sector workers as priced in True Dollars™.

Here, you can see, true wages and true capital spending flow in lockstep. True wages have been falling for years in lockstep with true capital spending per prime age worker, those between 25 and 54.

The above likely is most important chart ever that you shall see in the history of economics. It's the chart that socialists and politicians never would like for you to see and the chart that reveals how clueless contemporary academic economists are about all things economics and the economy.

True wages have fallen -48% since peak GDP during Q4 2007. True wages fell every year during the Obama presidency, a presidency during which the man himself claimed economic recovery. In truth, the economy collapsed during the Obama years, shrinking -38% (see: TRUE GDP UNDER THE PRESIDENTS)

Contrary to what many believe, wages rise when capital rises. Wages are a consequence of producing wealth under efficiency. The more wealth produced and gained by each worker, the higher wages would rise.

And so, it is for this, I like to remind all of my dictum:

Labor makes property. Capital makes property efficiently.

Socialists and other pro-labor agitators hate for you to know this because it reveals that more capitalism is the fountainhead of true progress rather than less capitalism.

There is one reason alone for the downward trend in wages: the true return to capital has fallen as a consequence of unchecked immigration, both legal and illegal, that has swelled the ranks of the prime working age population.

Ultimately, the living standards for Americans will fail to rise in the long run under the current policies of Congress. The is a fix for all of this, of course.

Two acts should happen. First, Congress should restrict immigration and not for months but for years. Congress should use these rules:

  1. The foreign-born population never should exceed 5% of the total population.
  2. No one with an IQ under 118, the IQ needed legitimately to graduate from an authentic academic at a unversity, should be allowed ever to immigrate into the USA.
  3. Freeze all immigration for five years, perhaps ten.

If Congress would evict the 20 million or so illegal aliens residing in the USA, a significant chunk of the pool of low wage bidders would be erased. That would go far to pressure wages upward for no-skill workers. And yes, it is far easier to evict 20 million illegals than you might suppose (MARCO RUBIO CLAIMS THAT AMERICANS ARE STUCK WITH ILLEGAL ALIENS. THE ROOKIE U.S. SENATOR RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT CLAIMS CONGRESS IS POWERLESS TO DEPORT ILLEGALS).

Second, Congress should move to end all welfare, and raise the minimum wage, during the meantime with the goal of eliminating the minimum wage and all welfare.

Contrary to what almost all believe, the combination of minimum wage and welfare amounts to a subsidy to employers whose capital structure gets predicated on using minimum wage workers on the whole. The net result of this is inefficiency in capital spending.

As no one would work at a loss (wages - living expenses), would-be workers would reject all wage offers at less than break even. On higher wages, capitalists would be forced into questing for efficiency. That would lead to new capital spending, innovation and whole new industries to take up hiring Americans.

So the right move is to end minimum wage laws and all political interference in trade.

True progress comes from the rise of the individual and his property, which is his right of ownership and not he owns. Since the advent of Modern Civilization as created by individualist-minded Protestant Christians from the North Sea, the living standard of mankind has only ever increased under increasing returns to capital. There is no other way to erase poverty.

To get a greater understanding of the linkage of the return to capital and wages, check out SOPHIE'S CHOICE OF CAPITAL OR LABOR. A FREE-MARKETS LIBERTARIAN BECOMES AN ANTI-CAPITALIST AND PERPETUATES AN ECONOMICS MYTH.

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Monday, June 5, 2017


Many jokers have claimed the U.S. economy entered a period of recovery in 2009. For years, I have proven in the pages of the True Dollar Journal that such claims have been lies.

There has been no bigger liar over such matters than former president of the United States Barack Obama. It is so disheartening that politicians lie. And somehow it seems far worse when the supposed leader of the free world does it as Obama did, repeatedly.

Yet, it should surprise few as Obama, though popular likely because of the color of his skin, was among the most inept presidents, perhaps ever.

The word recovery entered English in the mid-1300s from the Anglo-French meaning return to health.  And while it appears as if Americans have gained their footing, we are far from a robust economy. We're even farther from from the peak prosperity of 2006-2007.

That said, I can say an advance has begun. It is likely the Greenspan-Bernanke Greatest Depression which began in 2008 ended in 2016.

When sleuthing the economy, I look at what others never see, and when I look, I look through the lenses of context and True Dollars™. These are some of the better indicators:

  • Employed to Unemployed Ratio
  • Worker Demand Ratio
  • Prime Age To New Residential Units Sold
  • Prime Age To New Cars and Light Trucks Units Sold
  • Copper Price in True Dollars
  • Nickel Price in True Dollars
  • Commercial Clearings of the Federal Reserve ACH in True Dollars
  • Loans and Leases of Commercial Banks in True Dollars
  • Pipeline Petroleum Movement Ratio
  • Rail Freight Ton Miles Of Carloads
  • Refinery Shipment Sales
  • Wholesale Inventory To Sales Ratios
  • Electricity Net Generation Ratio

And now the True Dollar Journal presents another good indicator — Gasoline Retail Sales by Refineries in relation to the prime working age population, you know, the Americans who get paychecks and pay for gasoline.

As you can see, sales have grown last month to now, from two months ago to now and from three months ago to now.

After hitting a bottom at the end of November, 2013, the number has advanced though it stalled between 2014 and 2016.

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