The pseudo-science of climate change as peddled by academicians is what I call Bolshevik science. It is pseudo-science of misanthropes who hate capitalism and who romance life of tribal savages.

The Bogus Concept of Climate Change

There is not one climate for the whole of the earth. There are about 30 kinds of climates, which correspond roughly to latitude zones. Even if the earth were covered overnight in a sheet of ice, there would still be 30 kinds of climate even though only one kind would be active. 

Climates simply do not change. 

So which region on earth has experienced "climate change" in say the last 500 years? Not one scientist alive can name one region that has gone from polar climate to continental climate or from continental climate to subtropical climate.

It would be accurate only to say the climate of region could change. Yet, where has that happened? Thus, the phrase "climate change" is discredited, thoroughly.

The Bogus Concept of CO2 as a Pollutant and Causal for Heat

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) blamers claim:

  1. CO2 is pollutant spewed by mankind
  2. CO2 is causal for heat.

Yet CO2 comprises 95.9% of the atmosphere of Mars and Mars is an ice ball.  If the AGW were right that CO2 is causal for heat, Mars should be a fireball.

The Bogus Concept of Global Temperature

There is no such thing as earthwide (wrongly aka "global") temperature. While temperatures of the past can be estimated using techniques, there isn't one thermometer for the whole of the earth, none for the past and none for today.

Also, averages are misleading. Averages are not measures. Averages are the result of calculation. 

To even remotely approach accuracy, a uniform grid would need to be overlaid over the whole of the earth with temperate readings recorded at the exact same time every day.  Such thermometers would need to placed every so many square meters apart for accuracy. True scientists would need trillions of thermometers.

Academicians simply do not do this. No one does.

I can walk from the top of my hill where I live to the bottom in about five minutes. Yet, often, the near surface air temperature of where I stand drops by two or three degrees!

At best, it would make sense only to average temperatures by climate zones. Again, academicians simply do not do this. No one does.

What Real Science Looks Like

"Scientists" first must do these before trying to prove mankind causes earthwide warming:

  1. What causes the earth to have any heat.
  2. What causes the earth to have its 30 or so climates.
  3. What should be the average temperatures in the various climate zones today in the absence of mankind on earth.
  4. What should be the peak date of heat from any start date of a glacial period minimum.
  5. What should be the average temperatures in the various climate zones on the exact date of an inter-glacial peak.

Since no "scientist" ever has produced such findings and since no other scientist has ever replicated the findings, which do not exist, there simply is no legitimate science of climates change or global warming.

Before one can introduce mankind into all of this, first anyone must know what the picture would look like in any future absent mankind. And if mankind did not exist, would an increase in animals cause average temperature increases in the various climate zones?

Reality: What is Happening.

It is colder today on 7.4 billion of mankind than it was in the last inter-glacial period with only about 70,000 of mankind. If mankind causes global warming, why are 105,714 times more of mankind today failing to do so?

The population of mankind has grown by 14.8 times since the year 1500, from ~500 million to ~ 7.4 billion. Yet, there is zero evidence of any region on earth that has undergone a permanent change of climate. Regions have not experienced "climate change" during the last 500 years, which is roughly the entire time of Modern Civilization.

The only time that climates of regions have changed has happened when the earth has gone from peak not-ice age to peak ice age and back.

Right now, the earth is moving toward a peak not-ice age. Who knows when that peak will hit and how high the average temperatures will be by climate zone, which is a far better way to measure than the rather unscientific "global temperature."

Going from peak ice age to peak not-ice age is a natural, solar system process that has nothing to do with mankind. It would happen if no one of mankind lived on the earth.

If you were to look up in the sky during a clear day, you would see exactly what causes all heat on the earth. That is real science.

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