Today, Intellectual Takeout published a work by Daniel Lattier, titled
This is What Happens When Education Loses Its Purpose. In the work, Lattier assailed the foolish administrators of Evergreen State for their indulgence of Social Justice Warrior kiddies. Dan Lattier had been doing all right until he attacked individualism.

"The West has substituted its metaphysical foundations for relativism, individualism, and pragmatism." ~ Dan Lattier

Dan, likely who is Catholic, fails to realize that it is from post-Luther, post-Calvin, North Sea Germanic (Englishmen, Dutchmen, Plattdeutsch) Protestant individualism alone that Modern Civilization arose, or what Dan mistakenly calls "The West".  Modern Civilization organized upon a system of international exchange made possible by currency, credit and capitalism (property put to production in hopes of profit) and a freed man.

Without post-Luther, post-Calvin Protestant individualism we would still be living in Medieval Civilization as defined by the Roman Catholic Church. Medieval Civilization, also called Church Civilization was an all-encompassing totalitarianism.

In Medieval Civilization , all polity was focused upon the construction and maintenance of the rulers. Medieval Civilization organized economic life around household and slave production. Anyone had to accept living with his station in life. That is what the Roman Catholics gave to the people of Western Europe from about 450 AD to about 1550 AD.

Post-Luther, post-Calvin Protestantism put into anyone a sense of individual responsibility. That impelled him to assert his right to liberty. After all, a man needed liberty in his personal duty to God. The right of ownership in himself provided the means that gave rise to modern progress.

It is from post-Luther, post-Calvin Protestant individualism that made men challenge all power over their consciences and wills held by Medieval Civilization institutions. Moreover Protestant individualism made its adherents resist ecclesiastical authority over their minds and bodies.

Post-Luther, post-Calvin Protestant individualism gave men the means to overthrow kingdoms and dethrone monarchs. This doctrine resulted from the doctrine of Jesus — that men should not render what belongs to God to other men.

All other ethical systems have proven to be inferior to Protestant individualism and not merely inferior but vastly inferior. Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and especially Judaism, Mohammadism, Confucianism, atheism and communism all have been proven to be vastly inferior to post-Luther, post-Calvin North Sea Germanic Protestant individualism.

It has been the relentless attack on post-Luther, post-Calvin Protestant individualism by the descendants of the great unwashed Catholics from Ireland, Italy, Poland and Germany along with Russian / Ukrainian Slav Jews that has brought the USA and "The West" to its pitiful decline.

It is not merely relativism as Dan has written, but moral relativism,  which is at the heart of the matter. Moral relativists claim that all ethical systems (rules of behavior for a good life) are equal in standing and thus equally valid. To the moral relativists, there are no absolutes, no invariant rights and wrongs. They adhere to situational ethics.

The SJW students not only of Evergreen State but also of every institution of higher education in the USA today are advocates of socialism and not individualism. They perceive their enemy to be the great white male, their Moby Dick.

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