In MANY OF THE ALT-RIGHT ARE AS DOPEY AS SOCIALISTS, I revealed a work by someone from the alt right who conflates the West and Western Civilization. And while conflating the West with Western Civilization seems prevalent among those the Alt Right, I find such confusion elsewhere.

Intellectual Takeout published a work by Joseph Pierce titled You Are Here
Is the West Worth Defending? In the work, Pierce wrote:

There are many people who will cite the West as something which is under threat and something for which we should be prepared to fight to defend. Depending on which defender of the West is pontificating, the threat comes from Russia, or from Islam, or from China, or from some enemy within the West itself. The question is, however, meaningless unless we have a clear understanding of what exactly is meant by the West.
Pearce claims the West is a two-headed beast. To Pearce, one head is Christendom, which he defines as scholasticism. The other head is liberalism as Pearce claims.

Though Joseph Pearce seems confused, quite confused about the meaning of the West. Pearce is right to see that leftists have striven to destroy Modern Civilization for awhile now.

The West is not a a shorthand for Western Civilization. The West does not mean Modern Civilization.

It has only been about 28 years since the Berlin Wall fell, the wall that symbolized the division between the West and the East. It has only been about 26 years since the former Soviet Union fell. Have people become this stupid already owing to the reverse Flynn effect?

The West was the moniker for post World War 2 NATO European alliance along with other countries against the former Soviet Union and its eastern bloc satellite countries, commie Red China, North Korea, North Vietnam, Cambodia, Angola and a few other commie countries. The West no longer exists precisely because the East no longer exists. Most of the former Soviet satellite countries are member states of the EU. Though the communist party still exist in China, so-called state capitalism is prevalent in China. China is even part of the WTO.

Christendom was the realm of the Roman Catholic Church during medieval times. Rightly, Christendom was Church Civilization. Church Civilization was Medieval Civilization.

Modern Civilization arose from individualist true Protestantism, the North Sea Protestantism that arose after Luther and after Calvin. Everything that people revere — individual property (right of ownership), free speech, free worship (Jesus, but not the pope), capitalism, risk mitigation — all comes from the individualist Protestant mind.  Modern (Western) Civilization arose solely from the North Sea Germanic individualist Protestant mind.

Catholics consistently fought against Modern Civilization. Catholics tried to preserve their weakening medieval Church Civilization in the face of Protestant freedom.

Today's Pope Francis and his Catholicism is a dhimmi genuflecting religion toward the Mohammadans and their Mohammadism. Catholic Christendom is against us. So are the contemporary liberal liturgical Protestant sects in the USA.

After the fall of worldwide communism, leftist subversives of The West set their sights on ushering in post-Modern times. They aligned themselves with corporate globalists to force globalization upon mankind in effort to impose a Sweden-style social democracy along with mercantile-protectionist system for those at the top.

Continental (French) Enlightenment ideals never were worth defending. Such ideals called for retrogression toward a new tribalism, a godless tribalism. Continental (French) Enlightenment ideals were the poisoned well-spring from which communism arose.

Individualism ushered in by the post-Luther, post-Calvin Protestants is worth defending. British Enlightenment ideals are worth defending.