For years, the GOP were the Gutless Opposition Party. Now that Republicans have power, they are gutless still.

Winning American voters did not vote the GOPhers into office so they would seek consensus with the Democrats. Winning voting Americans expect the longtime Gutless Opposition Party to rule by by conviction.

Under the Speaker of the House and Uniparty leader, Paul Ryan, the gutless Republicans have put forth RyanCare (American Health Care Act) as the so-called replacement of ObamaCare. RyanCare changes little for Americans.


ObamaCare is a mixed expression of fascism and Marxism. The fascism part of ObamaCare has big firms doing the bidding of government while maintaining capital (property put to production) and property in profits. The Marxism part of ObamaCare — from each according to his ability to each according to their needs — forces everyone into the same payment pool though everyone does not have the same risks. As well, ObamaCare forces  many to pay the full freight twice — in higher premiums and taxes to Congress to fund subsidies.

The Democrats and Big Med Insurers premised ObamaCare on this:

Americans with OK priced medical bills paying insurance administered by their employers would see a substantial rise in premiums and deductibles to pay for

  1. the insurance for those whose low-skill jobs don't pay benefits 
  2. females recreational sex pregnancy control products (pills, diaphrams)
  3. ongoing medical bills incurred because many have made themselves obese 
  4. ongoing medical bills incurred for those already diagnosed with a chronic disease

To get Americans to suck it up, the Dems tricked Americans into the benefit of adding one's child to one's policy up to age 26, which means a windful of added premium collected since most ages 21 to 26 never need expensive medicine.

RyanCare changes none of ObamaCare in principle. What RyanCare does is remove taxes to be levied on medical device makers and others needed to expand borrowing to cover expansion of Medicaid.

The concept of insurance is not restored with RyanCare because risk pools based on age, sex, race and the presence of birth defects and chronic disease are not restored. This is the worst crime of RyanCare.

Paul Ryan and the gutless Republicans would like us to accept their changes in three steps.

  1. Step One removes the mandate to pay a fine to Congress, wrongly ruled a tax by Chief Justice Roberts, with a penalty paid to insurers.
  2. Step Two has HHS Secretary muck with regulations.
  3. Step Three has a promise of getting future changes passed in a future bill.
Winning voting Americans only can rely upon results. Winning voting Americans can not rely upon promises that Tom Price will regulate to force competition in Step Two. Even if Price regulates in Step Two, should Trump or Pence lose in 2020, Dems could regulate back into existence everything Price changed.  As well, winning voting Americans can not rely on Congress passing other things in Step Three. Any bill in the Senate still faces a filibuster. So Step Three is pipe-dreaming.


This is not a repeal of Obamacare. This is merely AltObamaCare.

RyanCare is merely a protectionist bill for Big Med Insurers.  People at the top hate competition. They fear it.

Yes, it is true. Through Obamacare, most of the smaller firms have been run out of the competition already. However, the Big Medical Bills Insurers remaining are using politics to keep a law, which lets them keep unearned profits. RyanCare is anti-competitive, anti-free enterprise, anti-free markets. 


Congress spends $6.50 of every $10 spent on medicine and medical practices in the USA. Congress alone sets the price for all medical procedures for which it pays. Congress outbids all would-be customers of medicine.

Medical bills insurers are forced to match the prices Congress decrees. So too are out-of-pocket payers.

Congress is the sole reason why prices have gone up.

To reduce the prices that Congress pays requires greater efficiency in medical products production. That can be achieved only when the various medical oligopoly markets get broken up and protectionism for firms and individuals involved in medicine get removed.


Insurance exists to cover losses when it is expected a loss will happen to someone in a group but no one in the group knows which one. True insurance creates risk pools. True insurance works like this:

  1. There will be losses incurred by some in a group of many.
  2. No one knows which ones will befallen by loss.
  3. All form a group to pay into a pot from which those few of the many who have losses get covered.
  4. High-risk go into high-risk pools and pay more — the chronic fat, needle druggies, etc.
  5. Low-risk go into low-risk pools and pay less — the fit.
Actuarial risks for Americans at every age and sex for every disease are well known. Based on weight, height and blood pressure alone, doctors can predict the longevity of any individual and the prevalence of specific diseases. Actuaries already know the disease incidence for the population by age in any calendar year within a tolerance range of plus or minus so much percent.

Insurance isn't supposed to be a credit card with someone else picking up the monthly payment. Insurance exists to pay claims for losses when it is expected someone is going to incur a catastrophic loss but when no one knows who is going to be the actual loser. True Insurance requires a group of individuals each who face the same danger with something alike at risk.

As a fit adult male, why should I pay for risks that never will befall me — female reproductive organ diseases, childhood diseases, race-specific diseases of colored-races, congenital defect diseases, pregnancy, druggie-induced diseases, HIV/AIDS?

Why should I pay for those who have been diagnosed with the onset of a chronic disease? Why should I pay for those who are obese, chronically overweight and unfit? Why should I pay for abortion (birth control), pregnancy control (condoms, pills, diaphrams), cosmetic surgery, sex changes?


Some advocate for Health Savings Accounts (HSA), which would work as a tax free reserve for expenses.  But why go through all that rigmarole? True Insurance exists as the risk mechanism to cover losses of unexpected expenses.

Let people keep their property more of their profit (income after expenses). Just decree that no one should pay more than 12% of his income to Congress in any year.


Why 4 or 5 levels of plans? That is so mid-20th century thinking. In the Age of Computers and the Age of Human Genome, every policy should be individualized based on what the individual believes are his greatest potential dangers that could give rise to loss or death in untreated.


The fix is to be found on a heading 180 degrees from what they are proposing. That fix is hyper-competition and free enterprise. The fix begins with full repeal.

Repeal is done thus: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is hereby repealed.

Repeal can happen today, right now. Repeal does not depend upon replace. Repeal gives the Republicans leverage.

Replace can happen when greed (getting something for nothing) gets drained from the system. Repeal gives leverage to get the Dems to compromise on replace. An attempt at partial repeal and partial replace with a bunch of future hopes strips away all leverage.


  1. Repeal Obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) outright. 
  2. Restore the concept of True Insurance with risk pools for as many known actuarial realities any individual faces based on height, weight, age, blood pressure, VO2 maximum, race, the presence or absence of chronic disease.
  3. Congress could pay outright in full for medicine for crippleds.
  4. Congress could pay for disease-fighting medicine and injury-medicine for those on TANF.
  5. Force "pre-existing" to pay much higher premiums for related by as of yet to be diagnosed illnesses. If they are already in the throes of their chronic disease, their loss is not unexpected. 
  6. Force the high-risk ones to pay more, much more. No one has a right to his life at someone else's expense. 
  7. Ban mandates.
  8. Ban funding by Congress for welfare recipients to have abortion (birth control), pregnancy control (condoms, pills, diaphrams), cosmetic surgery, sex changes.
  9. If it is not life threatening (e.g., erectile dysfunction), it should not be funded.
  10. Let free enterprise and free markets settle everything else.


  1. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is hereby repealed.
  2. Medicaid and Medicare recipients should be forced to use VA Hospitals. Bar Medicaid and Medicare to pay for private sector medicine/medical services.
  3. Enforce competition in medical bills insurance — interstate markets, isolated risk pools for each insured risk.


If medical bills insurance isn't suddenly cheaper, Americans will blame Republicans for breaking ObamaCare with RyanCare.

Americans can not rely upon promises of the future. Obstructionists could and likely would block future phases.

Likely, President Trump will be a one-termer and regarded as a failure for anything short of a full repeal.

RyanCare is wrong for Americans. It fails to restore the concept of insurance. It forces many Americans to overpay for risks they will never face.

If medical insurance products were designed right, people would beat a path to the doors of insurers to buy such products.

RyanCare is a turd sandwich bring served by UniParty Republicans and Mike Pence.