What is this thing about calling others as Nazi?" Why does anyone say it?

Through much of the 2016 Presidential campaign, those who work work in the Lefty Biased Media (LBM) compared Trump to Hitler and his supporters as Neo-Nazis. Of late, low-grade intellect TV talking head Wolf Blitzer of CNN  repeatedly has called Stephen Bannon, Trump's chief strategist, a white nationalist. White nationalist is code-speak for neo-Nazi. Even political dummies like Howard Dean have come out to call Bannon a neo-Nazi.

So why does Blitzer and the rest of those working for the LBM do it? "Nazi" is code-speak for "You're a Jew hater"  or "You would gas the Jews."

By implication, if you could like anyone who has been called a Nazi, you must be a Jew-hater as well. Such is the wickedness of those who engage in public opinion manufacturing to push political objectives of those with power such as billionaires and racist struggle groups.

Labeling anyone a "Nazi" in effect makes the one doing the labeling a Nazi. Name-calling was a prominent technique used by the Nazi Germany propaganda minister, Goebbels.

Calling someone a Nazi is done in effort to de-humanize the one attacked in the minds of those one seeks support. This is what the Nazis of Germany under Hilter did themselves against the Jews in effort to de-humanize them so as to convince Germans to care little about the plight of Jews.

People who claim to be adults need to mature and move beyond name-calling. The U.S.-based, The Institute for Propaganda Analysis (IPA), which operated from 1937 to 1942, included name-calling as one of the key tactics of persuasion in propaganda.

Rightly, rather than call someone a Nazi, one would need to be called an NSDAP. However, that would lead most scratching their heads as they would not know that NSDAP means Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. That first word is German for national socialist, which was the German way of saying fascist.

Like their socialist brethren, fascists believe in totalitarianism. However, fascists believe in a cozy relationship with the biggest firms working on behalf of government objectives. Fascists believe those firms should have private owners. In the USA, Obama and his Obamacare is a good example of fascism expressed.

Dopey socialists on the other hand believe the biggest firms should be owned by the law givers themselves. Post-World War Two United Kingdom and France were an fine examples of socialist regimes. The thoroughly stupid communists believe that no business should be in private hands, even the smallest ones. Further, dummy communists believe that no one should have property (right of ownership) in anything, even a toothbrush.

Incidentally, the rather Jewish German Karl Marx was the father of the rather totalitarian doctrines of socialism and communism.