In YOU NAZI! YOU ARE ANOTHER HITLER! COME OUT AND SAY WHAT YOU TRYING TO DO — CONVINCE OTHERS THAT SOMEONE IS A JEW-HATER, I revealed to you why public opinion forming propagandists label others as white nationalists, Hitler or Nazis. They are trying to cleave apart Americans into those who fear being labeled a Jew-hater from supporting anyone who might upset the status quo of power.

Recently, Jonathan Greenblatt, a pro-Jew racist Jew, and leader of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) vehemently attacked president-elect Trump's selection of his chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon. Jonathan Greenblatt literally works to promote the Jewish race at the expense of all other individuals other races.

The ADL is a racist, über pro-Jew group. It has been from its inception in 1913. Unlike the silly ones in the neutered, feckless KKK, the ADL is a politically powerful racist struggle group.

The public opinion puppeteers of the Lefty Bias Media (LBM) came out to enforce Greenblatt's unfounded and moronic claims against Stephen K. Bannon.

For decades, public opinion forming talk has been "He an anti-Semite,"  or "He is anti-Semitic," or "He is a racist against blacks." Yet, never, have you heard or read anyone say "That Jew is a pro-Jew racist. He is jealous of Protestants," or "That black hates whites because he feels inferior that his slave ancestors weren't smart enough not to be enslaved by whites."

Here is a news flash for those not versed in the Arts of Persuasion:

  • The NAACP = racist, pro-black group. It is right in their name.
  • The ADL = racist, pro-Jew group. Jews are sneakier and hide it from their name.
  • La Raza = racist, pro-Mestizo group. It is right in their name.
As well, there are these pseudo-tribe racists:

  • NOW = "racist", pro-feminist group.  It is right in their name.
  • Act Up! = "racist", pro-homo group. Like the ADL Jews, Homos are sneakier and hide it from their name.

Most fail to notice, but Americans live by the doctrine of corporatism. Back in 2013, in WALK LEFT SIDE, SAFE. WALK RIGHT SIDE, SAFE. WALK MIDDLE, SOONER OR LATER GET SQUISH JUST LIKE GRAPE, I shared with all of my loyal readers what corporatism means. 

In the USA, the backbone of the political spectrum is corporatism, which means living by organizing into groups on the basis of allied interests and seeking codified (legalized) status and privilege for being a member of that group. Most often organization arises around these: academic, agricultural, industrial, ethnic, race, labor and military.

Under corporatism, you, the individual do not count. You get forced to join a group. Otherwise, you don't get any privileges such as welfare or subsidies.

Many are prejudice. Being prejudice is natural.

However, to be racist means something else entirely.

To be racist, it would need to be a means to stop "blacks" or Mexicans or Poles or any race but your own from obtaining work or entering into contracts. That is the only way to talk of racism. All other ways to talk of racism is done the racists themselves to mask their own agendas.

Right-minded:  I prefer other music to Rap. Rap seems soulless.
Prejudice:  That damn thumping of those jiggaboos I hate rap.
Racist:  I've signed this bill into law to restrict the sale of  Rap music to only in neighborhoods that have a majority of blacks.

A racist act would be organized blacks pushing to get an easing of SAT scores to gain admission into law school. A racist act would be forcing persons to pay taxes and earmarking those taxes to subsidize the hiring of women after an organized group of women have lobbied successfully for such legislation.

Racism requires the use of law to inhibit or advance any group that organizes itself along biological lines. Racism means living by preventing another from trading property for property through law or through collusion because of another's race — being one of people of common descent.

Contemporary racism has moved beyond people of common descent to people with common bonds. Today's true racism is the doctrine of those who organize into a group based on an arbitrary characteristic such as skin color (blacks), other-than English language spoken (Hispanics/Latinos), sexual preferences (gays) or sex (feminists) and then seek superior rights. Racists have groups like the NAACP, La Raza, Act Up! and NOW.

The biggest racists in America today are those organized groups such as the NAACP, NOW, Act Up!, and La Raza, each pushing for privileged spoils from income taxation, privileges like quotas and subsidies.

The biggest promoters of racism are politicians. Racism is a political-legal doctrine of control.

Prejudice is an anthropological phenomenon. Everyone has their preferences and prejudices.