OK, so it has been a week since Trump put the beat down, New Yorker style, on Hillary Clinton. A week ago, I decided to let every dummy spew silliness on TV and on the Internet as to why Hillary lost (the leftist rabble and traitor to the party biased view) or why Trump won (the moderate and independent view).

"Sorry to keep you waiting...complicated business."

On election night and since, dummies like Van Jones, Rachel Madow and others blamed Clinton for the loss. YouTube has countless videos mocking those morons.

Invariably, the Hillary lost camp dummies either confuse effects for causes or merely make superstitious excuses driven by their mediocre intellects. Here are examples:

  • Mid-westerners are stupid. 
  • Hillary Clinton was unable to get the minority vote to turn out for her. 
  • Hillary was a terrible candidate. 
  • White women who voted for Trump betrayed all women. 
  • Trump was able to pull in former Obama voters.  
  • The FBI re-opening its investigation into Hillary's emails helped Trump. 
  • The public no longer has any faith in the media. 
  • He won because of Facebook and its inability or unwillingness to crack down on fake news. 
  • He won because of because of low voter turnout. 
  • He won because the Democratic Party establishment didn't push Bernie Sanders. 

The equally mindless from the those on the right as well as libertarians have spewed gems like these:
  • He won because the left and coastal elites shamed Trump supporters.
  • Trump promised to destroy political correctness.
  • The more Clinton Inc. talked about the Latino vote, the black vote, the gay vote, the woman vote, the more Americans tired of the same old identity politics pandering.
  • What really gave Trump his victory is one person: Barack Obama.  This election was nothing less than a complete and total repudiation of his presidency, his policies, his fundamental transformation of America that he promised and delivered.
Early on, I revealed the secret sauce of Trump. On Friday, October 9, 2015, I published a work titled A BRILLIANT LADY AND WHY DONALD TRUMP IS MOST POPULAR WITH AMERICANS. In the work I revealed Trump's appeal through a video of Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher talked about conviction vs consensus. That is what Trump has.

Importantly, Monday, November 30, 2015, I wrote this work, NO ORDINARY WHITE GUY COULD EVER HOPE TO WIN THE U.S. PRESIDENCY IN 2016 AND MAYBE NEVER AGAIN. THE GOP WILL BE OVER SOON ENOUGH. In the work, I revealed how Trump alone was the guy who could beat Hillary precisely by turning out the no college degree white vote. In that work, I wrote:

That candidate needs to get whites without college degrees to show up and vote. They don't usually.
If the GOP candidate can get 10% more turn out of whites without college to show up and if that GOP candidate can get 10% more of them to vote GOP, that GOP candidate will be the next president. And this holds true even if 10% more Hispanics vote, 10% more blacks vote and 10% more Asians vote.
No ordinary white guy can could do that. Trump can. Trump is likely the only candidate who appeals to whites without college. Thus, likely Trump is the only shot a male registered Republican has at winning the presidency.
Exit polling suggests that Trump won non-college-educated whites by 39 points. Trump even won college-educated whites though by a smaller margin than Romney won four years ago.


I encourage you to read all of my works on Trump. You shall see how I was far ahead of others in this race (see: Trump on True Dollar Journal).  You might find of much interest my work of Thursday, February 11, 2016, where I revealed why all of the national polls would be wrong (see: WHY EVERY PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION POLL FOR 2016 YOU SHALL SEE OR HEAR WILL BE WRONG). And of course, I was ahead everyone by having developed a data model that revealed Trump was winning the electoral college (see: CLINTON VS TRUMP. WHO IS WINNING THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE?)

And now I am going to reveal to the world how and why Trump won. 

Getting a vote is like making a sale. Like buying, voting is a voluntary act.

What decides a voter between yes and no? His own self-interests, either as he sees those or as the seller plays up those in this talk.

Self-interest is the strongest interest. A salesman must get the customer's viewpoint and strive to force upon the buyer the belief that his own interest is best served by buying what the salesman offers.

As cold argument seldom sells goods, so too does cold argument seldom get votes. In genius selling, the goal is agreement and not argument.

Any sale mostly gets made in the preparation. Trump began preparing for the campaign three years before announcing his candidacy. Few know this.

Trump secured all of the information he could regarding would-be voters and the conditions surrounding them. That let Trump make an intelligent approach.

Trump never lost sight that he was aiming at sales. Trump sized up the typical would-be voter. Trump hit upon the strongest emotion to leverage. 

Trump sold on quality. Hillary sold on price. 

Hillary was the cheap product that everyone knew he or she could buy. Most everyone expected Hillary to win. Hillary said, "We're already great." Foolishly, Hillary tried convince with reason. 

Trump sold enough voters on the idea of building up to a standard, the standard of greatness. In effect, Trump, took an objection, switching to vote for him rather than the safe, expected vote for Hillary, and used that switch as a proof of quality.

Trump appealed through imagination.  

Consistently, in the minds of listeners, Trump called up in pictures of corruption, crookedness and cold indifference to the plight of the working-class.  Thanks to the power of association, Trump called up these mental images repeatedly.

Trump amplified doubt in the minds of would-be voters by saying "Crooked Hillary." Trump went further and identified Hillary's accomplices, the "Crooked Media."

The most potent appeal to imagination is one in which the seller makes the hearer see himself in certain situations or doing certain actions.  Time and again, Trump put would-be voters into the future with their imaginations doing things — "Lock her up" and "Drain the swamp."

Trump gave would-be voters both enthusiasm and ambition. Trump let would-be voters see themselves as vanquishing champions by voting for him as that would let them be the ones to drain the swamp and lock her up.

"Lock her up" was especially powerful. One can almost imagine the clanging of heavy steel doors slamming together with Hillary looking at us from behind bars.

Trump gave mental medicine to would-be voters. Trump gave them the medicine of hope.

Trump instilled confidence.

The power of a salesman comes from his skill to create in his would-be buyer, a confidence in the himself through the truth of his statements and the merits of his offer. Confidence is the catalyst that fuses together the elements of the sale. The crux of selling is establishing thorough confidence in the mind of the would-be buyer and keeping that confidence. Confidence is the foundation of all dealing. Gain someone's confidence and if that one has need for your goods, you will get the sale if he can pay for it.

Trump came into the game with points of monopoly, points to which Clinton could not lay claim and Trump hammered on those: "I have tremendously successful businesses. I have built a great company." By saying this repeatedly, Trump relied upon suggestion that his business successes should transfer to presidential successes.

Trump relied upon suggestion.

Trump repeatedly told everyone that with him they were going to win, win big and win often. Perhaps this was among Trump's greatest feats of suggestion. Leveraging the force of association, Trump programmed listeners to connect their winning by voting for him.

Suggestion is the art of getting someone to tell himself. Trump revealed himself to be a master of this art.

Trump kept the mainstream media on the defensive.

Starting with the primaries, Trump attacked the representatives of mainstream media, the debate questioners. In doing so, Trump personified all of the mainstream media. Trump gave millions of Americans enemies to loathe, faces to hate.

Trump kept mainstream media on the defensive the entire campaign. By doing so, Trump neutralized a foe and disarmed Hillary Clinton of an ally and a weapon.

Trump talked in future tense. Hillary talked in the now.

There are but three ways to frame anything with respect to time. One can talk of the past. One can talk of the now. One can talk of the future.

Past talk is forensic, judicial talk. It is the talk of blame. Now talk is demonstrative. It is the talk of morals. Thus it is the talk of bonding and cleaving. Future talk is deliberative. It is the talk of choice and payoff.

Stupidly, Hillary talked in the now. Everything about her campaign was in the now. Her updated slogan screamed of being in the now — I'm with her. Hillary cleaved millions of voters away from her by calling them deplorable for considering Trump. Hillary's clumsy rhetoric accused many of not having the right morality, her morality.

Stupidly, Hillary attacked the morality of anyone who dared to think the USA needs to become better by getting off the track politicians like her had the country running over the last eight years.

Trump talked in the future. Everything about Trump's campaign was in the future. Trump's slogan told anyone he or she had a choice to make America great again. Trump gave everyone the choice of much winning with him or no winning with her.

Trump appealed to positive emotions while Hillary appealed to fear.

No one can make a quality sale without appealing to one or more important emotions — love of self, love of family, love of friends. Consistently, Trump talked of love for wounded veterans, for the parents whose children were killed by illegals, for friends losing good paying jobs to Mexico and China.

Hillary only could speak to fear. Her sole emotional appeal was fear of Donald Trump. Hillary told blacks, browns, feminists and queers to fear Trump. Yet, all Americans need a better economy and safer neighborhoods.

Hillary lacked any appeal to love of country. Hillary signaled her love for foreigners rather than Americans.

Trump canvassed where he needed to do so.

As Trump's buildings were planned by planning experts such as himself, so too, Trump had a sales campaign planned by himself and other experts in planning.

No great achievement can be done without a plan and this is so true of winning over an indifferent public.

Sales planning must consider what is being sold, who are the possible buyers and what are the general trade conditions. Two kinds of would-be buyers exist  — the dead-sures and the possibles.

The dead-sures will buy without being called upon. The possibles need attention and sales pitches. Trump went where the possibles were and pitched them with everything I wrote above.

Trump understood the general trade conditions. And from that, you will learn why Trump won.

But Why Did Trump Win?

Now that I have shown you how Trump won, which, by the way, no one else on earth has written this, I shall show you why Trump won.

To know why Trump won, you must have esoteric knowledge of deep psychology. Most lack this knowledge. You will not find this hidden knowledge in the hallowed halls of academia. However, I shall let you see these secrets.

You can view the state of anyone of mankind along a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum is self-preservation and at the other end is self-indulgence.

As you can see, this spectrum reveals much. It can be viewed as a way to gauge risk tolerance, effort or status.

Trump won because Trump understood that most Americans are closer to self-preservation that even self-promotion much less self-indulgence. Most Americans are quite far from even self-promotion. As I have shown with superior True Dollar™ analysis, Americans are now living in the ninth year of an economic depression (see: BARRY'S BOGUS ECONOMY. THE U.S. ECONOMY CONTINUES TO SHRINK IN 2016).

Trump put himself in the other man's shoes. Trump looked at life from the other man's viewpoint.  Trump stepped up to be the friend to help out Americans from their self-preservation troubles.

Trump offered common sense defense in support of self-preservation to every voting American regardless of race, sex or political party preference. Trump offered to keep out all who would endanger anyone's self-preservation  — illegal immigrants, ideological crazy Mohammadans, foreigners' exports.

By revealing the effects of Obama and Hillary's actions of protecting invading illegal aliens, importing crazed, heathen Mohammadans and foreign producers, Trump revealed to would-be voters their personal disadvantages arising from no fault of their own. Thus, Trump spoke to the self-preservation instinct of would-be voters.

Trump instilled confidence in would-be voters by leading them to see that buying him now would safeguard their own interests. Trump sold enough would-be voters that he would ensure that no longer would they be left behind because of reckless anti-American policies by done by Obama and offered again by Hillary.

Trump offered to help Americans get out of self-preservation and into self-promotion. In doing so, Trump offered to help Americans work their way into better status. Success from hard work is a deep-seated American belief.

Trump rekindled in enough would-be voters living in the right places the desire of having more than self-preservation — make America great again. Trump stimulated would-be voters to action to satisfy their desire.

Enough voters living in the right territories (electoral districts) bought what Trump was selling.

By contrast, Hillary only offered to progressive Americans pie-in-the-sky self-indulgence. Mrs. Clinton failed to see that most Americans are hunkered down in self-preservation mode nine years after the biggest credit bubble in the history of mankind, the Greenspan-Bernanke Great Inflation, burst.

Hillary talked up self-indulgent luxury after luxury that most anyone with common sense would reject. Hillary blathered about overpaying women under the guise of "equal pay" (see: THE GENDER GAP ISN'T BETWEEN THE LEGS, IT'S BETWEEN THE EARS. THE MYTH OF PAY INEQUALITY FOR WOMEN). Hillary sang the praises of globalization, which of course, is the thing that moved Americans from at least self-promotion and into self-preservation. Hillary pushed for everything that was not American — illegal immigrants, ideological crazy Mohammadans, foreigners' exports.

Enough voters refused to buy what Hillary was selling, a self-indulgent message that only a few could risk upon. Hillary was an order taker as only dead-sures in the wrong markets bought what Hillary had on offer.

Practically, confidence is the bedrock of all action. Daily, Americans buy advertised products while feeling assured that such products will have standards.

Trump made enough believe in him and his proposition — make America great again.  Trump won the confidence of enough voters in enough electoral districts.

While Hillary took the confidence of deep blue denziens, Hillary failed to gain confidence of others in the contested electoral districts. In spite of the excuses made on her behalf, Hillary failed to convince enough would-be voters that her proposition was worthwhile. During her campaigning, Hillary said something, which too many would-be voters did not believe.

It is simply counter-intuitive. Most talking heads would have claimed Trump to be the risky bet candidate while Hillary the safer bet candidate. Yet, in truth, Hillary with her self-indulgent offering was seen as the riskier candidate in enough markets (territories).

Risk tolerance is low among most Americans these days. To most Main Street Americans in enough states, the proven-success Trump seemed to be the safer play.