Many jokers have claimed the U.S. economy entered a period of recovery in 2009. For years, I have proven in the pages of the True Dollar Journal that such claims have been lies.

There has been no bigger liar over such matters than former president of the United States Barack Obama. It is so disheartening that politicians lie. And somehow it seems far worse when the supposed leader of the free world does it as Obama did, repeatedly.

Yet, it should surprise few as Obama, though popular likely because of the color of his skin, was among the most inept presidents, perhaps ever.

The word recovery entered English in the mid-1300s from the Anglo-French meaning return to health.  And while it appears as if Americans have gained their footing, we are far from a robust economy. We're even farther from from the peak prosperity of 2006-2007.

That said, I can say an advance has begun. It is likely the Greenspan-Bernanke Greatest Depression which began in 2008 ended in 2016.

When sleuthing the economy, I look at what others never see, and when I look, I look through the lenses of context and True Dollars™. These are some of the better indicators:

  • Employed to Unemployed Ratio
  • Worker Demand Ratio
  • Prime Age To New Residential Units Sold
  • Prime Age To New Cars and Light Trucks Units Sold
  • Copper Price in True Dollars
  • Nickel Price in True Dollars
  • Commercial Clearings of the Federal Reserve ACH in True Dollars
  • Loans and Leases of Commercial Banks in True Dollars
  • Pipeline Petroleum Movement Ratio
  • Rail Freight Ton Miles Of Carloads
  • Refinery Shipment Sales
  • Wholesale Inventory To Sales Ratios
  • Electricity Net Generation Ratio

And now the True Dollar Journal presents another good indicator — Gasoline Retail Sales by Refineries in relation to the prime working age population, you know, the Americans who get paychecks and pay for gasoline.

As you can see, sales have grown last month to now, from two months ago to now and from three months ago to now.

After hitting a bottom at the end of November, 2013, the number has advanced though it stalled between 2014 and 2016.