Yesterday, in  IS THE ECONOMY NEAR TAKE-OFF? SOME SIGNS SAY YES, I brought to you some of the key metrics that reveal the nine-year economic depression of the U.S. economy has come to an end at long last.

Today, I show you another confirming chart — Commercial Clearings of the Federal Reserve's automated clearing system. Back on Friday, November 7, 2014, I revealed to the world the key correlation between commercial transactions and GDP in THE SECRETS OF AUTOMATED CLEARINGS, GDP AND THE ECONOMY. RECOVERY? WHEN?

As you can see, the decline has come to an end for in commercial clearings as measured in True Dollars™. True Dollars are the only true, invariant standard by which to measure dollar-denominated measures under a fiduciary monetary system.

As you can see, when measured in True Dollars, commercial clearings reveal much about the state of the economy.

If only the executives at the Federal Reserve Automated Clearing House would speed up their release of their data to at least monthly, then all could know within a month, the true state of the economy as measured in True Dollars.

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