The Establishment's Congress have pulled their latest move to thwart President Trump and his effort to restore the United States of America. The Congress has announced they have come to a budget deal to fund their legal agencies through September.

Among their snubs is the absence of funds to build a wall at the border between Mexico and the United States.

Securing the border with the not neighborly country of Mexico is about as American as you can get. Mexicans have done nothing about securing their side of the border.

At this point, President Trump should do something far more powerful than merely build a wall. President Trump should scrap the wall and opt for this plan:
  1. a ban on all Mexican imports 
  2. a ban on bank remittances to Mexico
  3. a ban on Americans traveling to Mexico 
  4. a ban on Mexicans traveling to the USA

Make Mexicans build a wall to keep in their dopey citizens.

To add to the plan, the President should consider these acts:

  1. Deport every illegal alien whose American born child is under 5.
  2. Deport every illegal alien whose American born child is 18.
A loyal Congress would consider these acts:
  1. Require proof of citizenship or valid residency visa to enroll children in kindergarten.
  2. Make it a five year federal prison sentence for anyone caught not enrolling a child in kindergarten, suspended if an illegal alien who self-deports.
  3. Make English the official language of the USA. 
As well, the President could consider signing a bill into law that would grant a temporary resident visa for illegal alien whose child is under 18 and enrolled in school providing he were to get something in return from Congress.

Would the plan work? Mexicans with their puny economy can't fight a trade war with 25% of world GDP, the USA. What are the Mexicans going to do? Are they going to declare war on the USA? 

The Mexican government practically has declared war on the United States already. The Mexican government has done nothing to stop El Salvadorans, Guatemalans, Nicaraguans and Hondurans from traveling through Mexico and breaching the U.S.-Mexican border.

The Mexican government has allowed their worst citizens to sneak over the border into the USA. The Mexican government have done nothing to dam the flood. Mexicans owe us trillions for this. 

The thornier issue involves anchor babies, children born here who are 14th Amendment Citizens. Likely, Trump can not kick them out though he could kick out their parents.

If Mexicans refuse to pay for the wall and if Congress refuses to pay for a wall, it's time President Trump wins this war against Mexico. 

Mexicans have been ripping off Americans for the last 28 years, ever since the Neocons/Globalists — George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Obama — have allowed illegals to flood the USA.  Illegals aliens have cost Americans trillions in policing, incarceration, welfare spending. 

Americans have lost trillions in capital spending that would have happened with a smaller working-age population in the USA. And because of this lost cap spending, wages have fallen in true terms. 

Current Americans have lost out on living in a future-tech world far more advanced than we have now because that capital spending has been retarded owing to globalist policies of excessive immigration, both legal and illegal. Current Americans have lost out on better living standards because of Mexico and its politicians who willfully flooded the USA.

Mexicans should be made to pay. Think about it. These are their citizens sneaking into the USA. They should control their side of the border. 

Mexicans should pay for these international crimes against Americans. It is beyond time to march the losing army of illegal aliens across the border and back into Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador. 

Mexico is a country brimming with natural resources. The lands and seas of Mexico are superabundant with natural riches. Why is not Mexico the country of prosperity and opportunity?

Mexicans are still woefully poor. They are much poorer than even the poorest Americans in Mississippi or Puerto Rico. By any straight view, Mexicans should be among the richest on earth.

Illegal aliens need to go home and make Mexico great for the first time. It is time for illegal aliens with some job skills and American know-how to return home to Mexico. 

American kids must come first. Make America great again for American kids. Mexicans can make Mexico great for the first time for Mexican kids. 

DACA kids are future competitors for jobs with your kids. Think about it. 

You're paying taxes to Congress. Congress is giving the parents of DACA kids welfare including "earned income tax credits," Medicaid or ObamaCare subsidies, free school lunches, etc.

And later they will fight against your kids as adults for jobs pushing down wages. And they will vote Democrat until the USA becomes another Third World Mexico.

By the time the DACA grow up, Spanish could replace English. 

Let Mexican kids dream of a better life in Mexico because Mexicans get serious about making a better Mexico.

  1. Ban illegals from welfare, even for their kids unless they surrender their kids to foster care.
  2. Confiscate all business assets via asset forfeiture or asset seizure under an alike RICO law for any firm that knowingly hires illegals. 
  3. Offer to pay for transportation and give one-time payment of $1,000 for every illegal who surrenders to go back to his real country.
The goal should be to deport all illegals over 10 to 15 years, not instantaneously.

Deporting 800,000 illegal aliens a year until the job is done would deport 12 million illegals in 15 years. If Congress had to pay them $1,000 each, that would cost only $800 million. That is a rounding error on the budget for Congress. It without doubt is cheaper than all of the spending for welfare, infrastructure and crime caused by illegals.

President Trump and Congress need to put pressure where it truly belongs, the Mexican government. The new mantra should be this: 

Make Mexico control its border.