"But part of me looks at society as it is now and just thinks we’ve been infantilized by our own taste. Now we’re essentially all consuming very childish things – comic books, superheroes ... Adults are watching this stuff, and taking it seriously!" ~ Simon Pegg, actor.

Demographers label them Millennials. However, they should be called Generation N for Nerds.

So who is a nerd? A nerd is anyone living in a state of arrested development. In my day, the first inkling you had of a nerd was knowing about someone in junior high school who preferred playing with with G.I. Joe action figures dolls rather than pursuing girls to make-out with them.

Look, those in charge do not even call it junior high anymore. Now they call any junior high a "middle school."

In my junior high and high school days, nerds did not play sports nor did nerds work on cars or go hunting. Nerds stayed indoors, watched cartoons, played with dolls, built models, and played with Lego.  In only a few years after my high school days, nerds of that time began playing video games.

Today, video games manufacturing has become a major industry catering to the never-ending stream of nerds.

So from where did all of these nerds come? Nerds are the result of single mom, safe-space smother mothering. Nerds are what happen to a people when single moms are in charge. And smother-mothering has resulted from the popularizing of divorce. All can thank misguided feminist liberation movement for the explosion of nerds.

Movie execs have capitalized on the trend of the endless supply of single-mom made nerds. Today's nerds watch endless content produced by the premier firm for kiddie content, Disney. So it should surprise no one that Disney owns both Marvel Comics and Star Wars.

In yore times, one would expect to see kiddies, 12 and younger, watching something silly like a superhero movie. Today, "adults," a word that has lost meaning, adults, 18 and older, pay in advance for tickets to insure they have seats to watch premiers of movies suited for the childish mind.

Even television execs cater to the nerd. That is why you see "adult" males saddling up with females to watch nerdfest soap operas like Game of Thrones and Walking Dead.

One fascinating aspect of Generation N is how many females have joined with these so-called beta males to profess their love for all things loved by nerds, Marvel Comics, DC Comics or Star Wars. Females still tend to enjoy fantasy more so they tend to consumer Harry Potter and Hunger Games. It helps when the story leads are female.

The endless mantra pushed by smother-mothers that girls are just as good as boys, just as tough as boys, no doubt has led ever more adult females to take up nerddom. So yes, today, girls are as tough as most boys precisely because most boys are nerds.

Being called a nerd isn't a badge of honor. Nerd is merely another way of saying childish, a current failure in development. Those who are nerds are caricatures, far from the ideal of male and the ideal of female.

 The explosion of nerds is yet another sign of retrogression, decay, rot.