Today, Breitbart published Blue State Blues: Barack Obama, the God That Failed, a work by Joel B. Pollak, in which Pollack describes Obama as the god of the Democrats who "had a mandate to “fundamentally transform” America, and they believed once that transformation had happened, it would be institutionally irreversible, as well as wildly popular, and guaranteed by demographic changes that immigration reformers were doing their best to hurry along."

Obama failed at everything. Obama is the first flunky president of the United States. Obama managed to preside over an eight-year economic depression, which he exacerbated at every chance.

And yes, it is true, Obama is a many-faced false god. 

✘ To feminists, Obama is Moloch to whom feminists have been sacrificing their babies in abortion.

✘ To Mohammadans, Obama is Allah to whom Mohammadans have engaged in jihad in Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando.

✘ To blacks, Obama is Mandella to whom blacks have gotten uppity with with their Black Lives Matter while the colored ghetto streets of Chicago resemble Johannesburg, South Africa.

✘ To queers, Obama is Hadrian to whom homos have engaged in their bacchanal meth-fueled queered orgies.

✘ To the anti-capitalists, Obama is Lenin to whom socialists, commies and other layabouts praised for their food stamps and Obamacare.

To browns, Obama is Huitzilopochtli to whom browns have engaged in their illegal alien invasion war against Americans.

But most of all, Obama is his own Narcissus. For eight years, Obama worshiped his own reflection. Obama fell in love with the magic negro Obama myth.

Unable to break free of his reflection, Obama stared at his reflection until everything crumbled around himself.