At the Vision Europe Summit held this week, incoming United Nations boss, António Guterres, said  “We must convince [Europeans] that migration is inevitable and that it is the multiethnic societies which are multicultural and multireligious who are building wealth.”

1) It has been scientifically proven that greater diversity among mankind living in proximity brings on greater distrust and thus destroys society — voluntary association.

2) The history of Europe has a rich record of wars fought because of competing religions — "multi-religious" people can not coexist (cf. the Middle East, especially Israel).

3) Culture is the nutrient medium of interaction. It arises from codified law and accepted codes of conduct. If multiculturalism were valid, American blacks living by blackism would be well-to-do instead of living in self-created ghettos filled with violence and black-market economies.

Either António Guterres is another evil politician or António Guterres is a quite hubris-filled stupid man.

Europeans continue to cede ground in retreat. The rout will come soon enough and with it, mass rape and pillaging.

Amazingly, Mohammadans are winning the War for Europe almost without firing any shots. Their secret weapon are self-loathing, mindless lefty socialist politicians who infest European parliaments.

European countries will be run Mohammadans before long unless Europeans rise up against their own politicians and then deport all Mohammadans. If not, the worst case scenario will be a Mohammadan superstate in Europe with the EU as a Mohammadan government.

So Europeans better consider shipping all of their great artworks to the USA before it is too late.