Today, Paulie Ryan, the Speaker of the House of the United States Congress took to a stage to reveal his stupidity to the world.

While on stage, Paulie blathered away about commerce as if he could know anything about the matter. Ryan's Wikipedia bio reveals that Paulie has not worked a true job a day in his adult life. Paulie never has failed as a business owner because Paulie never started a business.

Paulie earned a degree in academic foolery called economics, but he did so at a mediocre school. Well, I earned an economics degree from a highly selective university. The eggheads who shared their dogma with me earned their Ph.D.s from Harvard, Yale, Berkeley and so on.

Economics is bunk, hokum. I have shown you why before in works like these:

Now, let us dismantle what Paulie believes, oh so foolishly. If the USA were isolated, and some states had weak regulations and poor residents, industry would move toward the poorer states precisely because firms could set up shop, pay lower wages and incur lower costs.

As long as the start-up costs for moving could be recouped during the depreciation of new factories, firms would move.

Well guess what? When the USA economy was isolated, firms did that exactly during the 1960s and 1970s. Major auto firms from Detroit moved to the South. The people in the South earned a little bit more and the people in Detroit and the north became much poorer.

When long-time third world Mexico joined the USA in NAFTA, "free" trade deal, Mexico became a poor state of our South, in effect, but a state without the same regulation schemes whose residents are many times poorer than even the poorest Americans.

And guess what again? Once NAFTA passed, manufacturers from the USA moved operations to Mexico because they could pay lower wages and operate under fewer regulations.

Now, with globalization, the favorite policy of Paul Ryan, Americans no longer are isolated. Paul Ryan is in the open borders camp along with Hillary Clinton. Paulie wants to accelerate the NAFTA-process to all third would countries with the USA. That is what TPP is all about. Paulie would vote yes on TPP.

In effect, Paulie would have all of the much poorer third world countries join the USA in a "free" trade union. The effect be to add dozens of super poor states to the USA. And you know you can guess what will happen if Paulie gets his way.

What stupid Paulie doesn't get is this: when wages fall for Americans, prices must fall. When prices fall, the returns to extant capital must fall. When returns to capital fall, firms invest fewer in fewer new capital. When there is less capital, wages must fall.

In short, dummy Paulie Ryan is one of the biggest champions of the capitalism death whorl.

Paul Ryan is a moron, a guy of mediocre intellect. Internationalist puppet morons like Ryan have derailed American capitalism through "free" trade deals with third world nations.