Sunday, May 1, 2016


Cruz, like all other lawmakers is full-on retarded. Cruz does not understand capitalism at all.
Like all morons, Cruz advocates for the Capitalism Death Spiral.
  1. By increasing the ready supply of workers through immigration, wages fall. 
  2. When wages fall, prices must fall, otherwise workers can't buy anything. 
  3. When prices fall, the return to extant capital must fall as expected profits shrink. 
  4. As the return to extant capital falls, entrepreneurs call for less future capital.
  5. As investment in future capital falls, wages must fall precisely because capital is the source of wages. Where there is no capital, there can be no wages.
  6. On falling wages, workers do less, including investing in skills acquisition.
  7. With fewer skilled workers, dummies in Congress go back to step 1.