A week or so back, an unknown, Rob Bliss, uploaded to YouTube, a video of a woman prowling the streets of New York, claiming to be proof that women everywhere on earth cannot walk anywhere without a barrage of sexual harassment.

As any documentary maker will tell you, cleverly crafted moving images, edited in the right way can sucker almost everyone. The work above stands as proof to the power of moving images designed to trick.

The video itself is a thinly-veiled advertisement to raise funds by a group of social justice warriors. This video seems to be part of a trend to use YouTube and Vimeo by politically-motivated, fringe groups whose members desperately want to control the behaviors of others.

Editors at The New York Daily News keep referring to the woman in the video, Shoshana Roberts, as an "actress." A check on IMDB reveals Shoshana Roberts never has worked as an actor where she has received acting credit.

Claiming Shoshana is an actress is like claiming everyone who uploads home videos to YouTube are actors.

As to the video itself, there is nothing scientific about it. There can be no true claims made by its makers about anyone living anywhere.

New York City always has been a big, bad place. A recent video of a fight on a New York City subway where a woman provokes and then attacks a reveals as much.

Another woman shot an alike video in Australia and no one bugged her. And there is even a guy walking NYC being hit on by women and men alike.

This video, more or less, debunks the SJW's video. In the video, you can see women wearing g-string styled costumes, exposing their buttocks in crowded New York City. No one hassles them.

And now there is a video of a woman strutting the streets of New York (likely the borough of Mahattan) wearing only a g-string and a sweater, yet no New Yorker notices, much less hassles her.

At least the video has spawned a few parodies. A few of the wackier ones have been a guy walking in Hollywood wearing a leopard-print banana hammock10 Hours of Walking in LA as a Drag Queen10 hours walking in Seattle as an Asian. And for the video gamers out there, 10 Hours of Walking in GTA 5 as a Men.

The best one so far has been a 10 Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC.