Tens of thousands of Americans suffering from mind disorder gathered to parade in Manhattan, New York City, on Sunday, September 21, to agitate for political action against non-existent man-made global warming. Many have been so mentally disturbed by the specter of believed man-made global warming that they believe the earth shall be destroyed within one generation if politicians don't step in right now.

Leading the charge were human gasbags, Bill de Blasio, reigning mayor of New York City, Al Gore, the 2007 Nobel Prize winning non-scientist and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., one of the many privileged sons of the political dynasty.

View image on TwitterAlso helping to fuel the thousands suffering from mind disorder was actor jet-setting actor and environmentalist preacher Leonardo DiCaprio, who is known for his carbon-laden jaunts like his private jet trip to catch the opening match of the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil as well as his party up time aboard the 470-foot yacht Topaz, the fifth-biggest yacht on earth, owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates with a personal net worth estimated to be over $30 billion earned from you guessed it, oil.

Even that paragon of virtue, long-in-a-career-slump, Gordon from Newcastle, aka Sting, the King of Pain and rainforests, could be seen strolling along the streets of Manhattan along with thousands of climate crazies. Likely, Sting generates more pollution from one concert tour than 1,000 every day men and women do during their lifetimes. Someone should ask Sting how he likes flying among his houses in London and New York as well as his olive groves in Italy.

Back in 2013, results from the North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling (NEEM) project, managed by Denmark's Centre for Ice and Climate, showed that during the Eemian inter-glacial period, the climate in North Greenland was about 8°C (14°F) warmer than today. The Eemian inter-glacial period began about 130,000 years ago and ended about 115,000 years ago.

For the last few million years, ice age cycles have dominated climate of the earth. It is likely that planetary-scale and solar-system scale forces are at work driving those glacial ice age cycles as well as the inter-glacial periods of warming. Thus, it is likely such forces are causal in sea level rises and observed mean surface temps irrespective of the existence of humans.

In the last inter-glacial period, there might have been 70,000 humans alive versus the seven billion humans (7,064,345,235) alive today. Yet, evidence now says that seas were 13 to 26 feet higher than today and temperatures were much higher as well (7.8°C / 14°F).

So what remains is the thorny problem of explaining how pre-industrial mankind of much fewer in head count — billions upon billions fewer — caused much higher sea levels and much higher temperatures, that is, if man-made global warming as a theory is to be believed.

70,000 is 0.001% of a billion.

Today, the phrase climate change is politically-loaded. Many who say it mean this: CO2, a constituent component of air, an organic compound needed for life, should now legally get deemed as a pollutant and thus enable politicians to better control behavior of individuals, by force if necessary, and backed by the rhetoric of having a law.

No one ever doubts that pollution is a bad thing. Yet, those who label CO2 as pollution need their heads examined.

One of the biggest lies told in my lifetime is that CO2 is a pollutant. CO2 exists in your body. It's not a pollutant. CO2 is a constituent part of air. Without CO2, humans would die.

Certainly, CO2 isn't a pollutant. CO2 is what mammals breathe out -- you, me, your pet dog, your pet cat, the farmer's cows, cute fuzzy koalas in Australia, all of them. Persons confuse CO2 with CO, carbon monoxide, the pollutant that spews from automobile exhaust.

Everywhere you go, right now, air has the exact proportion of N, O and CO2 as it always does. Obviously, if the proportion of CO2 were to rise relative to N or O, humans would have hard times breathing. Evermore, the weight of evidence shows a strong disconnect between CO2 and extra heat. Something causes mean surface heat to rise and fall on the earth through time, but it isn't CO2.

Thus the belief that puny humans can somehow conjure more energy and put it forth around the earth and do so with greater effect than the sun seems all rather silly.

Global warming and global cooling are real. Who denies this? Yet, the earth is in a 4.6 BILLION year cooling trend. It was so hot 4.6 billion years ago that no life existed on earth.

Sol, our sun is sole source of energy for the earth, both directly from radiation and indirectly by causing the earth to move. All planet-scale heat on earth arises solely because of the sun.

As the sun is the sole driver of energy for the earth, scientists better need to learn how energy cycling of our sun has already caused global warming and what is the significance of what looks to be a 36-year oscillation of advancing and declining temperatures.

Those who claim mankind cause planet-scale heat do not get astrophysics at all nor do they get earth science including climate.

CO2 should get dismissed as causality for the source of heat on the earth because it's junk science. It's flat out wrong. Anyone who believes it has been duped, suckered.

The beef is that CO2 causes global warming — it doesn't — and that mankind are dumping extra amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere — that's irrelevant.

Mean surface heat as measured by temp has been falling for awhile. In March 2013, in most of the USA as well as all of Europe, mankind living there felt no correlation between CO2 and temperatures. Europeans experienced their coldest temps in 50 years on record CO2 output.

Year-to-year temperatures actually fell in the face of rising CO2. Thus, it is impossible, logically, for rising CO2 to be the cause, the driver for temperatures.

If big parts of the earth are cooling, even if other parts remain the same or rising, well, uniform rising isn't happening and thus nothing can get called rightly as global. Every year, we're seeing record CO2 output, but of late, we're seeing falling temps.

Is there any truth to the phrase climate change? The earth undergoes climate cycles — long stretches of glacial periods punctuated with inter-glacial warming. Yet to say that what is cyclical is change is little more than a stretch of truth.

If men mean, we're going to use a rhetorical story of man-made global warming to change people's beliefs in effort to control them through politics and bureaucracy then there might be truth to the phrase climate change.

If there is property involved, especially property taken from some so the property of others becomes worth more, if there are persuasion-in-propaganda campaigns to justify those takings — everyone should question it.  We're talking about mankind after all. We're not talking about cats and dogs and other animals that do not spend inordinate amounts of time deceiving in order to gain more buying power without honest exchange. Only those of mankind do that.

The most widespread system to classify climates the earth over is the  Köppen Climate Classification System devised by Wladimir Köppen, a German climatologist who divided climates based upon a general temperature profile related to latitude. In Köppen's system, there are six major climate regions — Tropical Moist, Dry, Moist Mid-latitude Mild Winters, Moist Mid-Latitude Cold Winters, Polar and Highland. Each major climate region has two or more subregions.

The climate of not one place on earth classified by the Köppen system has seen a change its classification. All places falling within polar five years ago, or 50 or 500 remain as regions with polar climates today. In short, there is no such thing as climate change.

If climate change is true, supporters of climate change must show where there a region has transformed from one climate to another. And then they would need to show how mankind is responsible for such a change, if such a change existed.

Pollution is a problem, always. Pollution reveals inefficiency in capital structures, inefficient capital structures protected by politicians and their laws.

More so, pollution damages property — right of ownership — of others. Thus, all should be ever vigilant against polluters and politicians who support polluters, politicians with their deceptive legislation, law and regulation.

If only mankind-hating, agenda-pushing environ / mental / ists would get out of the way as well as many who masquerade as academicians with Ph.D.s, perhaps we could get closer to truth about global warming and global cooling — so-called climate change.

Watch Robert F. Kennedy Jr. get interviewed by Michelle Fields of PJTV. The one-time heroin user who once was arrested for possessing 182 milligrams of heroin, and the nephew of former U.S. President John Kennedy rants about leftists' favorite bogey men, the Koch Brothers.

Here is Michelle Fields trying to get DiCaprio to answer to his critics over his giant carbon-footprint lifestyle.

Even Sting's doctors claimed he suffered from delusions. Ah Shadows in the Rain ...