Braveheart -  NAEYesterday, the majority of voting Scots soundly rejected Scotland becoming an independent country. Had Scots said yes, the Scottish legislature would have gained control over regulating others and their property in North Sea oil.

A whopping 84.5% of the electorate turned up and voted. 55.3% of the 3,619,915 who voted checked the no box. 44.7% voted yes. Sadly, 3,429 Scots could not check either a yes box or a no box. So they had their ballots rejected.

Upon closer look, 28 of 32 voting councils voted to be British. Notably, the majority of those in Glasgow voted in favor of independence.

The Scottish National Party (SNP), currently the dominate party of the Scottish home parliament, pushed for an independent Scotland. The SNP is a leftist/socialist party, which pushes for punitive, progressive-era exponential rate taxation on incomes, free-to-everyone welfare that they claim would would erase poverty, magically, and free-to-students tertiary education.

Those of the SNP sought full reigns of legislative power while sticking with the British banking system and EU membership. As well, oddly, they wanted the Queen to be their head of state, which would have meant answering to a governor-general.

A SNP-run independent Scotland would not have increased freedom. A SNP-run Scotland would have lessened freedom for each Scot. A SNP-run independent Scotland would have eroded individuals' property. A SNP-run independent Scotland would have returned Scots to life before Margaret Thatcher, a life of socialist-produced poverty.

As it is, many Scots are still poor. Rather than run to failed socialism, Scots ought to embrace property and profit-seeking through capitalism, which lifts wages. As I showed in SOPHIE'S CHOICE OF CAPITAL OR LABOR. A FREE-MARKETS LIBERTARIAN BECOMES AN ANTI-CAPITALIST AND PERPETUATES AN ECONOMICS MYTH, a true, increasing return to capital is the only means by which true wages and thus true buying power rises for any wage earners.

Scots were right to reject the foolery of the SNP offered to them, a sort of Scottish Venezuela and SNP head Alex Salmond.

Scots have been British for 307 years. Being British is all the current Scots ever have known.