According to Libertad, Spanish politicians will legalize prostitution and drug trafficking for the purposes of statistics in an effort to boost GDP on paper. In so doing, with a higher GDP, Spanish politicians can run bigger fiscal year deficits and still remain within 18-country Eurozone banking mandates as outlined in the Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) mandated by European Union politicians for the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).

Under the SGP, EMU member countries cannot have a fiscal year deficit greater than 3% of GDP nor can the cumulative political debt exceed 60% of GDP. Current Spanish GDP tallies to US$1.358 trillion (€1.062 trillion). Adding US$44.7 billion (€35 billion) worth of otherwise illegal drugs sales and illegal prostitute hook ups instantly will add 3.3% to Spanish GDP.

Adding heroin and hookers to GDP statistics would let Spanish politicians run a US$42.1 billion (€32.9 billion) fiscal year deficit and still abide by the SGP. The legally-sanctioned illegal prostitution and illegal drug industry would let Spanish politicians up their FY deficit spending by US$1.36 billion (€1.06 billion) and stay within the SGP of the EMU.

Overnight, prostitution and drugging would become an industry equal in size to electrical power generation as well as education. Each of the 19,773,438 Spanish males age 15 and over spent US$2,262.59 (€1,769.91) last year to party it up with street walkers and drugs.

Politicians always seize the opportunity to spend more of what they don't have in their never-ending quest to maintain their tenuous grip on power. As always, the greedy extend their grubby hands awaiting to get more of that borrowed spending.

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There's whiskey, and bad cocaine. Poison get you just the same. 
And if that don't kill you soon. The women will down at the Spanish Moon.