Putin. It's over.

The shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and the spin that ethnic Rus separatists in east Ukraine are the culprits has given political leaders of European countries and the United States the persuasion in propaganda fodder needed to sway public opinion worldwide against the separatists and Putin in favor of the European Union.

Those living in eastern Ukraine better learn to speak Ukrainian. Otherwise, they ought to emigrate to Russia.

As for Putin, he has a few cards in his hand. The first one he must play is ending any covert support for separatists. For the remaining cards, Putin shall need to wait until winter. Then, Putin can cut off all nat gas sales piped through Ukrainian pipes.

It could be a bitter cold and rather pricey winter in Europe upcoming. Good luck Czechs, Slovenes, Austrians, and Italians. As well, good luck to Latvians and Estonians and all those who had harsh rhetoric for Putin and his band of Ruskies.