I grew up in the era when broadcast TV came to my TV free. If the rabbit ears style telescoping antenna that came with my TV couldn't pick up signals, then an antenna attached to the chimney would do the job.

Today, about two-thirds of Americans stupidly pay for television each month. These stupid Americans fail to see the true price they pay is much higher as every show watched excludes all other shows from being watched. The true price goes higher when one adds a personal video recorder into the mix.

Paying to watch advertising always seemed insane to me. I can not see paying $100 a month to watch commercials and miss 99.9% of what gets aired because time conflicts.

Now, there is a Barry Diller backed firm that could make Americans smarter again. It's called Aereo.

Aereo is too cool. You rent an antenna and rack space for your antenna from them. That antenna sits in a data center connected to the Internet. Then you control your antenna through your Internet connection.

The latest psy-opery pulled by jokers of mainstream media upon Americans is that Aereo is “a service that lets users record broadcast TV shows over the internet and stream the recording to their mobile devices.” Of course, that is a lie.

Aereo is a landlord that rents land (rack space) with installed antennas to tenants who want antennas erected on their rented land rather than upon their own houses, software to control their antennas and hard disk drive space to store data from free-by-law, over-the-air broadcast signals their antennas pick up.

If you prefer, Aereo is both a landlord — space rented for an antenna — and an equipment rental business, like U-Haul, United Rentals or Home Depot Rentals — the antennas. 

That is all Aereo is. To see it any other way is to reject reality.

Many if not most rented houses and apartment houses come with equipment, like stoves, refrigerators, heating systems, air cooling systems, plumbing systems and the like. No one would suggest selling property in rentals and equipped rentals should be banned.

Aereo shows what free-market competition in action should look like. Aereo is what is supposed to happen under competition. Firms with inefficient capital structures — cable TV and satellite TV — should go out of business.

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court robes heard oral arguments in a case against Aereo brought by anti-competitive, mainstream media deadbeats. In a sane America, Aereo should withstand any legal challenge, as federal regulation requires broadcast spectrum licensees to provide free-of-charge access to broadcasts.

All Aereo is doing is taking the High-def antenna off my roof and renting me space for it. That seems like a titanium legal lock.

However, idiot Chief Justice Roberts threw out many hundreds of years of Anglo-American jurisprudence as well as English by claiming a fine is tax for the now infamous ruling justifying abomination that is Obamacare.

Outside of the NFL Sunday Ticket and Super Rugby, TV broadcasters fail to provide content to a guy like me. The fifteen thousandth variation of hook-up reality TV, vote-him-off-the-island reality TV or make-over reality TV fails to appeal to me. 

Since 1993, I have gotten my news from the Internet. I stopped my trade journal subscriptions by 1999. 

Aereo might convince me to rent rack space and an antenna. 

Americans get made to be stupid by incessant indoctrination through public education, first through public schooling, which is the substrate and then through mainstream media, which reinforces beliefs the political establishment want everyone to accept.

To see how the equipment of Aereo works, check out:

All of this reminds of me of a Nilsson song from an animated feature titled The Point.