The panel on the right is what charitable individuals do. You know, people who don't join mafia gangs and give their gangs fancy names like government.

Liberals would have hobbled the taller ones to their knees, shackling them and forcing them to work. And the only ones watching the game from behind the fence would be swarthy-skinned ones, feminists, homosexuals and those claiming tribal ancestry bullshit.

The liberals themselves would be sitting in luxury boxes inside the stadium, not eating stadium food, but eating food catered to them, from firms owned by themselves, for which they overpay because of overbilling.

Conservatives would have created an anti-competitive, oligopolistic security firm with laws and regs insulating such a firm from competitors. Workers of the security firm would have used excessive force, tasering for sure, and maybe shooting some. The shooters would be cleared with rhetoric likejustified shooting and the officer feared for his safety.

 Later, the ones not murdered by the conservatives apparatus would be incarcerated in prisons owned by conservatives, wearing jail jumpsuits manufactured by the firms of those same conservatives, and eating slop produced by the firms of the conservatives.