Obamacare is a crisis of their own making. 

All should be reminded of that every time the word Obamacare gets mentioned.

There were no problems in the private markets for medical bills paying insurance before Obamacare. The U.S. Congress then led by Pelosi and Reid along with Obama himself have created this crisis. 

It should be clear to all that Sebelius is in way too deep, way over her head, beyond her intellectual capacity to lead and to know how to get results. Easily, Sebelius is one of the most incompetent cabinet secretaries in the history of the United States, and perhaps the most incompetent.

The problem of healthcare expense (what Congress pays for Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans) remain. The outlays for these programs shall continue to grow because:

1) growth of immigration, legal or otherwise consists of people mostly lacking skills that would enable them to earn wages above qualifying for Medicaid

2) demographics of baby boomers that sees 10,000 additional Americans a day turn 65 and instantly qualify for Medicare

3) perpetual military adventurism resulting in ever more maimed soldiers