Sex isn't immoral. Making babies out of licensed-wedlock isn't immoral.


Sex isn't immoral?  By whose standard? 
If it's your standard, then it's just your opinion. There needs to be a absolute standard!


What do you mean by whose standard?

Anyone who thinks by observation of the now can reason through what life was like before society, government and religion.

Regardless of all theories relative to creation of man and of later formation of society, religion and government, we can suppose of a man on earth formed before society, religion and government. We can suppose that once created, that man became conscious of his existence to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, to feel, to think, to act.

Thus, such a man created was (and still is an independent agent). As a free agent, a man would be right to exercise all or any of his powers or not as he willed. Such a man would have been right to live, to kill himself if wanted, to go wherever his powers could carry him, to use as much of the earth, to enjoy the full product of his work and the full experience of his living.

And what would be true of that man would be true of a woman also living in his time. And as free agents, being right to exercise all of their powers as willed, sex would be one of those powers.

The standard is the inherent design of each of us, as humans. The standard about sex doesn't come from the mind of any man who claims authority and to whom others grovel like spineless worms.

St. Thomas Aquinas and the other Scholastics would have said it to be of the lex æterna, the eternal law, that is, the law from God.

Yet no one need to appeal to medieval Scholastics to see that sex is not immoral. Sex is integral to what being means to the natural free agency of mankind.

To believe sex is immoral is to believe mankind is immoral. For what is moral versus immoral but good acts versus bad acts undertaken by anyone within the crucible of nature.

That guy couldn't be here without the good, moral act of sex undertaken by his mom and dad, likely more than once and enjoyed.