So I came across this ridiculous Wikipedia entry titled Libertarian socialism. Mankind has become intellectually degenerate if people can believe a false belief mired in contradiction as libertarian socialism.

Socialism means living by a council of bureaucrats who tell others who gets what and often who must do what. Socialism is a means of control over individuals. Socialism isn't a feel-good doctrine that helps any woman or any man who is a subject of those bureaucrats.

Property means right of ownership, a bundle of rights — Jus Possidendi (right for possession), Jus Utendi (right for using), Jus Abutendi (right for destroying, alienating), Jus Vindicandi (right for recovery when found in the wrongful possession of another. Property isn't a thing.

Property is oneself being right in the pursuit of pleasure to possess a thing, destroy a thing or recover a thing stolen by another who treads over one's rights.

It's impossible to have government lording over people and defining that government as libertarian and socialist simultaneously.

All rights arise from the inherent self, regardless of the presence of anyone else, much less a government.

  • Anyone is right to want to live.
  • Anyone is right to want to live without an overlord.
  • Anyone is right to want to pursue that which gives that one pleasure.

Those are rights. You have them because you're alive, not because some humans gang up, call themselves government and grant such to you.

Saying "private property" is redundant. Owning that which you create is property. Property means right of ownership. Exchanging that which you own for something else owned by another is economics. It's a private matter between two parties. 

Creating something, which is what you own, is private production. Selling your property in something, which becomes wealth in a purchase and sale, to gain property in for something else, which also becomes wealth, is trade, also said as commerce. It is authentic economics.