U.S. Citizens No Longer Understand What Comedy Is. The Destruction of Modern Civilization Marches Onward. English Speakers No Longer Understand Their Language.

So the other day, TV and newspaper reporters who cover the White House held their annual dinner, which is known as the White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD). Much controversy arose from this year's event as a not funny, joyless female, Michelle Wolf delivered a nearly 20 minute monotony-logue spoken in the most shrill voice perhaps known to mankind.

The WHCD has become yet another event of hashtag The Resistance — an in-public attack of President Trump  and by extension, both white males and the Anglo-Protestant culture upon which the United States was founded and upon which it rose to prominence.

Many commentators and many of the general public have decried her pitiful attempts at humor as being "bad comedy." Too many confuse joke-telling, aka stand-up routine, with comedy because both have humor. Neither joke-telling humor nor insult humor is not comedy.

Sadly, we have reached a stage in the downfall of Modern Civilization that few know what comedy means. Comedy is one of the three kinds of stories along with tragedy (fall from grace) and victory (overcoming evil).

Every comedy has a main agent who finds himself in successive predicaments and at the end, ends up where he started before the story action kicked-off. Good examples of comedy are Chaplin movies and the TV show Fraser.

Comedy is a kind of fictional story that is supposed to bring joy to the watcher who takes delight in the suffering of story agent of comedy.

Others have erred in another way and have claimed the WHCD was a roast gone wrong.  A roast could not be comedy as a roast is not a fictional story.

A roast is a party in someone's honor but instead of speeches of praise, the roast features humorous anecdotes told about the guest of honor. Said another way, it is a gathering of friends who engage in good natured ribbing of the guest of honor.

The WHCD should be a lighthearted affair whereby a spokesperson for the reporters, chosen from among the reporters, renders up good will through halfhearted apology to the White House press secretary after a year of grueling, grilling questions.

Margaret Talev, the White House Correspondents Association president who sanctioned the debacle, claimed that “comedy is meant to be provocative.” Talev's belief is false. Likely, Talev does not know what provocative means.

The word provocative entered English in the mid-1400s meaning eliciting. By the 1620s, speakers took the word to mean of sexual desire, alluring, like an aphrodisiac. Eliciting entered English in the 1640s from the Latin elicitus meaning to lure, to deceive.

Talev suffers from confusion because the word provocative has the same root as the word provoke, which means to call forth, to challenge.

The kind of stand-up produced by Wolf is titillation — arousing interest through sexual imagery. That has been the trend in stand-up since the onset of the decline of Anglo-Protestant ethics of the United States in favor of Ashkenazi Jewish ethics. Wolf engaged in tasteless, bawdy humor, which is humor low on the moral scale.

Sadly, it seems that U.S. citizens and other English speakers no longer understand the words of our language. Thus, no longer can English speakers describe reality.