Today, Breitbart published Associated Press story Part and Parcel: France Deploys 100,000 Soldiers and Police Officers for the Holidays. Owing to the influx of Mohammadans into France, the French government has become a totalitarian police state in effort to thwart any Mohammadan attack against French citizens as Mohammadans continue to push for the takeover of every country in which they invade as immigrants.

Though the French who can trace their ancestry to the French race have become increasingly secular atheist, the French still cling to Christian mores such as holding Christmas markets.

The question all should ask is this: How many of the 100,000 cops are disloyal to France?

How many are Mohammadans who would join an uprising to overthrow France if the timing were right? How many socialists and communists too would side with the new French revolutionaries?

The French began their decline 100 years ago after having lost their bravest in WW1. And their decline continued as more French stock males died in WW2.

Post war, the dopey De Gaulle invited the colonized Africans to "come to the mother country." The speed up of the decline began then.

As the French began to mix their race with lesser races and accept ever more immigrant thought, the French stopped being French. Sure, there was illusory push back as seen by government agency created to coin French words  mostly for things invented by foreigners (e.g,. ordinator for computer). Yet that should have revealed to the French their own sorry state of decline. The decline of French intellects owing to mixing with lesser races stopped the French from being an inventive race.

France will be conquered before long. The already declining French will be absorbed into a new mongrel race of low intellects held together by the overarching totalitarian doctrine of Mohammadism.

For when a race becomes fully mongrel, there can only be one of two states, anarchy or despotic dictatorship. It's over. There is no French race. The post-French are the inhabitants of France. The outcome of totalitarianism is inevitable.

And the same will be said of the Germans, the Dutch, the Austrians, the Italians, the Spaniards, and so on.