President Trump is acting like a Democrat about the repeal of ObamaCare. It's as plain as that.

Donald needs to smarten up. Letting the House pass a one-sentence bill — the PPACA is hereby repealed — and then letting the Senate Dems vote against it causing the bill to fail would give the GOP tremendous leverage in 2018 to win a super-majority in the Senate.

Trump and his inner circle are blowing a once-in-a-lifetime chance to dominate by being shrewd about politics.

The Freedom Caucus are heroes. They are the Swamp Drainers. Trump is a chump for attacking them. The FC is the fulcrum upon which Trump can use leverage to get the UniParty GOP to behave and drain the swamp.

As most know, late last month, the self-named Freedom Caucus of the House of Representatives were blamed for the launch failure of Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan's RyanCare, the bailout bill of ObamaCare that President Trump would like to have happened. After the launch failure, Trump took to Twitter and attacked the Freedom Caucus.

During his push for RyanCare, Trump boasted that Secretary Tom Price (HHS) could regulate away all kinds of stuff from ObamaCare. Yet, if that is so, why has not Price worked to kill off ObamaCare faster through regulatory power? For what is Price waiting?

Price himself said,

"As you all well know, the previous administration used regulations to a fare-thee-well. In fact, there were 192 specific rules that were put out as they relate to Obamacare, over 5,000 letters of guidance and the like. And we are going to go through every single one of those and make certain that they -- if they help patients, then we need to continue them. If they harm patients or -- or increase costs, then obviously they need to be addressed." 

RyanCare was corruption at its worst. It was a crap sandwich served up by the UniParty.  RyanCare was ObamaCare (mandates, essential benefits, free insurance to the lazy and worse, to illegal aliens) with a huge bailout for Big Insurers. 

RyanCare was not an effort to do good for Americans. RyanCare failed to repeal — it did not restore risk pools and thus did not restore insurance.

Trump's favored RyanCare did nothing about the ObamaCare mandate (see: OBAMACARE? CALL IT ROBERTSCARE. CHIEF PRIESTESS OF THE US SUPREME COURT DOES IT AGAIN!), in effect. Mandating that Americans must buy a product or pay a fine, wrongly called a tax, goes against the Constitution, goes against freedom, goes against goodness. Worse, it goes against 700 years of Anglo-American jurisprudence, the foundation of the USA.

For many, Congress pays for deductibles and co-payments to many thousands who qualify under PPACA. Congress forces some Americans to pay taxes. Congress borrows and goes further into debt. Congress then pays deductibles and co-pays for others, but not for you.

A U.S. district judge in Washington decreed that PPACA does not explicitly authorize such expenditures. Congress continues to ignore that court ruling. Trump asked Congress to ignore it and continue to fund others while shafting you.

ObamaCare does not need to be fixed. Repeal is the fix Americans need. Americans need a competitive market for insurance. How hard is it?

  1. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is hereby repealed.
  2. Insurers are free to compete across state lines.
  3. Risk pools based on sex, age, weight to height, blood pressure are hereby restored.
Congress needs to deal with its welfare problem — overspending on Medicaid and Medicare.  Americans should not be forced to pay a hidden tax (higher premiums and prohibitive deductibles) to cover Congress' unwillingness to tackle entitlements. 

Know this truth — Big Pharma, Big Drug Retail, Big Hospital, Big Med Equipment Maker, Big Med Supplies Makers, all would like there to be med bills insurance as well as expanded Medicaid, Medicare.

At one time, the whole of the Republican Party were a freedom caucus. They sent the country into war and freed the slaves. Now, most of the Republicans are merely one wing of the UniParty.

The UniParty Congress has been a disaster. Luckily for Americans, there is the Freedom Caucus in the House as well as principled senators like Rand Paul and Cotton in the Senate.

President Trump ran a masterful campaign and might have the right ideas about bad trade deals and the economy. However, President Trump is quite wrong about medical bills insurance industry, and Congress' healthcare (aka, Medicaid and Medicare).

President Trump might fix many things wrecked by Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama. That remains to be seen. 

Trump's vision for medical bills insurance is wrong for Americans and thus wrong for you. Trump's defense of ObamaCare under another name continues to wreck living for Americans. That is what Democrats do.

Right now, President Trump seems to be more like Dumb Donald.