There is a big dopey faction of the alt right who believe individualism is an evil. Likely, those who profess such idiocy are twenty-dumbthings or thirty-something dopes.

Today, I came across a work by Brett Stevens, Finding A Way Forward Past The Corpse Of The West, in which Stevens claims, "The accelerating idea of the past thousand years, individualism, has fallen." In his About section, Stevens spews this gem of foolery,

"Western Civilization is dying. This death began thousands of years ago when individualism, or the idea that individual choices and desires are more important than reality, became socially acceptable."
Individualism is not from one thousand years. Individualism arose from individualistic Protestants after Martin Luther and John Calvin came to be. Both Luther and Calvin were mere Roman Catholic Church reformists who revered Medieval Civilization, which was Church Civilization.

It is Protestant individualism that alone gave rise to the modern civilization. Without Protestants, mankind would not have modern civilization.

The proponents of socialism have been fighting against Protestant individualism since 1848. Socialists espouse an atheistic/panthestic religious civilization, which places the Church of Academia as the new church of a new church civilization.

Back on Friday, May 30, 2014, in THE FACTS OF EVERYTHING MANKIND. REALITY. TRUTH. LIFE., I gave you a crib-sheet version of progress.

All progress, which is the moving away from bare subsistence, which is another way of saying poverty, has come from shifting away from the tribe and toward the individual and specifically through property, which is the right of ownership and never the thing owned.
The entire progress of people from the savage state of tribalism to clans and from clans to feudalism and from feudalism to burghers / bourgeois and thus individualism has been the advent of property (right of ownership) moving from all to the individual. And once property of the individual has been established, the furtherance of progress has arisen solely from the diminution and mitigation of uncertainty in the face of risk. 
Competitive commercialism has raised all of mankind through all time above bare subsistence.
True progress comes from enlightened self-interest.

Many of the alt-right are merely neo-Nazis re-branded. They are collectivists of a particular stripe. They favor retrogression as do the socialists, a godless, tribalism.