Dopey John Kasich, one of the many failed presidential candidates of 2016 has come out to claim that Donald Trump won the presidency because Americans are suffering a spiritual decline.

Dopey Kasich might be right, but not in the way he believes. That Hillary could get any votes reveals the spiritual decline of Americans.

Also, Kasich also revealed his belief, "I happen to believe that you can’t guide an entire society without a shared religious foundation." Though Kasich misuses the word society and thus reveals he does not understand what it means — a free association — once again dopey Kasich might be right.

When the USA was comprised by thoroughly Protestant Christian people, a people whose individualistic Protestant Christian ethics guided them in their work ethic and honesty in trade, the USA was ascendant. Once Catholics and then East European / Russian Jews began flooding the USA (1870s to 1920s), the USA began its long decline. Once Hollywood began defining the cultural mores (since the 1960s), the decline of the USA sped up.

Because of dopey Kasich, I became inspired to put together a quick beats of history synopsis for the story of Americans, America and the USA.

1607 to 1870: British Colonial America, USA. 

✓ Peak Protestant Christian population as percent of total population
✓ Peak British ancestry population
✓ Individualism
✓ Free markets
✓ Hard work
✓ Authentic competition
✓ Authentic capitalism

1870 through 1920s: Massive Immigration 

✘ Flood of Catholics — Irish, German, Polish, southern Italian 
✘ Flood of Eastern European/Russian Jews
✘ Introduction of Socialism and Socialistic Labor Agitation

1930s through early 1950s: Age of Turmoil 

✘ FDR's introduction of massive welfare and subsidy causes a correction depression to become the Great Depression
✘ Socialism takes hold in the minds of many
✘ World War 2
✘ Korean War

1950s: Age of Calm

✓ Post wars real growth through manufacturing production and consumerism
✓ Zenith of Middle Class (51% of income from labor and who are free-and-clear title owners to an improved parcel).
✓ Birth and growth of commercial television

1960s through 1970s: First Age of Progressive Turmoil 

✘ Leftist reformed and atheist Jewish thinkers step to the fore.
✘ Cultural mores destroyed
✘ Sexual Revolution
✘ Nadir of American life
✘ Cities become ghettos
✘ Interventionism Regulation favoring Oligopolists grinds down economy
✘ Christianity is crushed
✘ Sitcoms as social propaganda vehicles of change and attack on Protestant Christian Americans (M*A*S*H, All in the Family)
✘ Legalized abortion

1980s: First Attempt at Restoration 

✓ Religious right
✓ Reaganism
✓ Morning in America
✓ Fall of Communism

1990s through 2007: Greenspan Bernanke Great Inflation; Second Age of Massive Immigration 

✘ Biggest credit bubble in the history of mankind
✘ Americans become credit rich through flipping houses, HELOCs
✘ Internet mainstreams porn to adults, teens and pre-teens
✘ Because of being credit rich, Americans ignore massive immigration, legal and illegal
✘ Massive decline of manufacturing through offshoring
✘ Regime change wars in the Mohammadan World
✘ Protestants and thus Protestant ethics erased from the US Supreme Court
✘ Jews, Atheists and Mohammadans gain prominence in American life
✘ The displacement of white America speeds up through immigration, abortion, the end of marriage

2008 through 2016: Second Age of Progressive Turmoil

✘ Burst of the Greenspan Bernanke Great Inflation great credit bubble
✘ Progressive (socialist) Obama ascends to power under flowery post-racism rhetoric
✘ Obama works to weaken the USA to point of no recovery
✘ USA nears tipping point of multiculturalism 

2017 through ?: Pause of Turmoil or Restoration?

✓ President Trump takes over as the restorationist.
✓ Progressives (socialists) push back hard.

The big question facing Americans is this — Is it too late for us? Is the USA over in spite of the efforts of President Trump to make America great again?