The founders were radicals. They weren't conservatives. 

The founders overthrew the conservatives — the King and the British loyalists. They established a radical, new form of governance, one based on republicanism and a union of sovereign states, a kind of government never tried anywhere by any people before.

The aim of radicalism is to destroy. The aim of conservatism is to preserve. The aim of true liberalism is to improve.

Progress means going from tribalism to individualism. It is the move away from communism in women and property to individual ownership of self, in things and in agreement with other individuals, from feudal arrangements to individuals voluntarily organizing around the trade of property in pursuit of profit.

Most Americans are free-capitalism progressives. They support the general political movement that has been ongoing since the British Enlightenment of the supremacy of the individual over the group.

They support buying and selling of goods and their own labor. Thus, they support markets. They support earning wages and thus they support how they get wages, the profitable efficiency achieved from capital. They support profits and the profit principle (see: CAPITALISM. BECAUSE WITHOUT IT, YOU WOULD BE LIVING AS A BARE SUBSISTENCE SAVAGE).

They support the right to start your own business and compete fairly without the help of government. And they support the primacy of the individual through ardent defense of the individual and his property (see: COMMERCIAL REALITY. A CRASH-COURSE IN UNDERSTANDING HOW IT ALL WORKS and THE THEORY OF TRADING PROPERTY FOR PROFIT).

That is what being a progressive truly means. Real progressives champion the individual and his property. Being progressive does not mean being hip or being a libertine.

And most Americans are restorationists. They want to revert to full adherence to the Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution. Today's Americans are restorationists who want to enforce the Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution in pursuit of limited politicians, enforced competition, self-rule and entrepreneuralism.

Restorationists are not conservatives. No authentic Bill of Rights American who believes in free-enterprise and the Protestant work ethic ever should want to help the Conservatives.

True conservatism means to maintain power typically derived from land ownership or monopoly or oligopoly franchise owing to laws and regulations. Conservatives seek to prevent change for themselves by discouraging every bit of competition.

Conservatives oppose true competition and defense of the individual and his property. Conservatives who tend to be the super-rich of the establishment seek to use laws and regulation to form oligopoly in markets and keep down the Middle Class (see: KILLING THE MIDDLE CLASS AND THE "WE WANT YOU TO BELIEVE CAPITAL GAINS INCOME IS DIFFERENT" TRICK).Conservatives are the champions of crony politics (see: IT'S ALWAYS CRONY POLITICS, CRONY GOVERNANCE AND CRONY REGULATORY CAPTURE and TRY CRONY POLITICS, CRONY GOVERNANCE AND CRONY REGULATORY CAPTURE BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CRONY CAPITALISM.)

The propagandists of the Republican Party have been lying to Americans for decades. They have used hot button issues — gay marriage, abortion — to gain support of good Americans and in so doing, gain the political power needed to push a globalization internationalist agenda that runs opposed to the shop keepers, mechanics, subcontractors and restaurateurs of the USA, you know, middle-class, small-businessmen. Republicans have tricked Americans into getting their votes by saying they would argue against abortion and gay marriage. 

Notice, they never said they would stop these things. And they have not. Merely they have said they would argue against such things. 

Conservatives whether Blue Dog Democrats or Rockefeller Republicans have been defending open-borders internationalism globalization for 40 years and massive immigration for over 50 years. The internationalism agenda of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party of supporting massive immigration has been killing working-class Americans.

Conservatives fight to keep the existing state of affairs. The existing state of affairs is the ongoing subversion of the Constitution and the ongoing push for globalization. Republican conservatives are fighting to keep globalization going. 

Voting for conservatives rather than restorationists for the middle class is personal economic suicide for most Americans (see: AMERICANS ARE COMMITTING (ECONOMIC) SUICIDE DAILY WITH IPHONES AND IPADS).

Rockefeller Republicans and Bushian Republicans are True Conservatives. They stand opposed the American Middle Class and the Bill of Rights.

George Herbert Walker Bush and the GOP Establishment stopped The Reagan Revolution after Reagan's departure from the White House. GHW Bush was a Trojan Horse in the Reagan White House. GHW Bush turned control of the GOP back to the eastern establishment, center-left internationalists.

We have had 27 years of Bushism globalization and internationalism in the USA and that ideological stance has brought the USA to near ruins.

Republican conservatives are fighting to keep globalization going.  Forty-seven Republican conservatives voted yea for TPP/Fast track.  Many on the pro-TPP list also support illegal alien amnesty on the path to citizenship. They need to be voted out of office and replaced with Nationalists. 

Lisa Murkowski (AK), Dan Sullivan (AK), Jeff Flake (AZ), John McCain (AZ), John Boozman (AR), Tom Cotton (AR), Cory Gardner (CO), Marco Rubio (FL), John Isakson (GA), David Perdue (GA), Michael Crapo (ID), James Risch (ID), Mark Kirk (IL), Daniel Coats (IN), Joni Ernst (IA), Chuck Grassley (IA), Jerry Moran (KS), Pat Roberts (KS),  Mitch McConnell (KY), Bill Cassidy (LA), David Vitter (LA), Thad Cochran (MS), Roger Wicker (MS), Roy Blunt (MO), Steve Daines (MT), Deb Fischer (NE), Benjamin Sasse (NE), Dean Heller (NV), Kelly Ayotte (NH), Richard Burr (NC), Thom Tillis (NC), John Hoeven (ND), Rob Portman (OH), Jim Inhofe (OK), James Lankford (OK), Pat Toomey (PA), Lindsey Graham (SC), Tim Scott (SC), Mike Rounds (SD), John Thune (SD), Lamar Alexander (TN), John Cornyn (TX), Orrin Hatch (UT), Shelley Capito (WV), Ron Johnson (WI), John Barrasso (WY)

Here are the few Republican heroes who voted nay against TPP / Fast-track:

Jeff Sessions (AL), Richard Shelby (AL), Rand Paul (KY), Susan Collins (ME)

It's too bad that the natural-born Canadian immigrant Ted Cruz seems like a constitutionalist except when it becomes inconvenient. Cruz is running for the Republican Party nomination for the presidency, but is ineligible as he was naturalized eight years after his birth. For more, see:

What does it tell you when the majority of Democrats voted to deny their own man Obama TPP/ Fast Track?

John McCain claims to be a conservative. Marco Rubio does. They voted for TPP/Fast Track. These people support amnesty for illegals. 

Paul Ryan claims to be a conservative. Ryan gave Obama the farm to fund sanctuary cities and importation of Mohammadan immigrants from Syria.

Rupert Murdoch claims to be a conservative and he funds major open-border initiatives.

Look at all of the horrible conservative rulings by the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCUSA):
  • Kelo v. New London 
  • National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius 
  • American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. v. Aereo, Inc
  • King v. Burwell

Three of five SCUSA robes who ruled in the affirmative in Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005), were GOPher Party nominees — Justices John Paul Stevens (Ford appointee), Anthony Kennedy (Reagan appointee), David Souter (GHW Bush appointee), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Clinton appointee) and Stephen Breyer (Clinton appointee). And Clinton was a Blue Dog (conservative) Democrat, in practicality, a Rockefeller Republican.

Kelo v New London lets big businessmen swipe property in land from small owners under the guise of improving municipal tax receipts.

Look at all of the horrible conservative reciprocal trade agreements with non-industrial countries, which only leads to the destruction of our own industry owing to wage differentials:

  • Colombia
  • Panama
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Morocco
  • Jordan
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Dominican Republic
The Republican Party means center-left globalization party. They have not hid this fact since Goldwater lost to LBJ. They helped to pass LBJ's Great Society legislation. They helped to pass immigration reform in 1965, the law which has given us our current state of horrible affairs of too many immigrants.

Being tricked into getting your vote by claims of arguing against abortion and gay marriage doesn't make you a conservative. Unless you are get a paycheck from party headquarters, get an appointment to office or get laws passed to protect your business, you're not in the party. Merely you have been suckered into being a fan, a subscriber, like those fools with the Sierra Club and Greenpeace.

The Republican Party always have been internationalists. Here is point 14 from their party platform going all the way back to 1860, that is, before the Civil War:

That the Republican party is opposed to any change in our naturalization laws or any state legislation by which the rights of citizens hitherto accorded to immigrants from foreign lands shall be abridged or impaired; and in favor of giving a full and efficient protection to the rights of all classes of citizens, whether native or naturalized, both at home and abroad.
Now, there will be some who will get triggered by cognitive dissonance and want to argue for themselves as conservatives. They will err with the fallacy of appeal to authority by citing a dictionary definition. 

A dictionary is mere collection of usages whether those usages are right or wrong. Ask any dictionary editor.  As well, various dictionaries get written for estimated reading levels. 

American Thinker's own Selwyn Duke would agree with me. See what he had to say on the subject in Is Trump the First ‘European-conservative’ American Presidential Candidate?:

A prerequisite for grasping this is first understanding the true natures of liberalism and conservatism...While many have their own definitions of the latter -- and will stubbornly insist they’re correct -- the truth is that both political terms are provisional, meaning different things in different times and places. The term “conservative” in the 1970s referred to a communist in the USSR and someone staunchly anti-communist in the US... Liberalism is the process of inexorably trying to change the status quo; conservatism is the process of trying to preserve the status quo. Thus, what the terms represent will vary depending on the status quo in question."
The Russian communists fighting against the fall of the Soviet Union were conservatives. Yet, when Russian communists originally overthrew Czar Nicholas II, they were radicals.

The word conservative entered English from the Middle French conservatif in the late 1300s. The use of the word in politics traces to French disciples of Edmund Burke's opposition to the French Revolution and his call for clerical and political restoration in 1790. They called him "Le Conservateur."

By 1830 or so in Britain, conservative replaced the pejorative Tory as Tory was the name of a British political party first composed of Yorkist Tories of 1680. Tories were Irish Catholics who were dispossessed of their land and hence the label Tory, which means outlaw.

When the Democrats who controlled the 63rd United States Congress and the presidency in Woodrow Wilson established the Federal Reserve, they were radicals. Today, those who defend the Federal Reserve monetary system of 100% bank credit are conservatives. 

The Republican Party started out as radicals. They overthrew the slavery system of the South and caused a civil war over it. They were radicals when they overthrew the monetary system based on money and went with one based on greenbacks.

The Republican Party have ended up as conservatives. They are trying to preserve their 40 years of globalization and internationalism.

Free-capitalist progressive restorationists are those who believe in a limited role for government and a strict adherence to the constitution. Conservatives do not believe in these things.

The existing state of affairs is the ongoing subversion of the Constitution. Obama is a radical. Bernie Sanders is a radical.

Bernie and Obama are tribalists. Marxist / Socialists are tribalists. Tribalism is not a kind of liberalism nor a kind of progressivism. To better understand Obama, check out BEATING THE DRUMS FOR OBAMA TRIBALISM.

Hillary Clinton is a conservative. She wants to preserve the status quo of the globalists as her husband was a globalist. Ted Cruz is a conservative. So too are Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich.

Either way, whether with Obama and Bernie, or Hillary, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Christie, or Kasich, any of those people will wreck the USA. Open-borders and international ruling boards that aren't elected by Americans will kill the USA.

To better understand what is happening, check out these:


We can have free trade deals with the Canadians, with the Australians and with the Kiwis, but we should never have free trade deals with low capital countries (see: SOPHIE'S CHOICE OF CAPITAL OR LABOR. A FREE-MARKETS LIBERTARIAN BECOMES AN ANTI-CAPITALIST AND PERPETUATES AN ECONOMICS MYTH). 

Americans must demand Congress to rescind all of the trade deals with countries not close to our own in terms of industrial development as measured by GDP per capita. In fact, tariffs should be levied high against such local capital countries. Free trade deals with countries like China and Mexico kill the return on capital in the USA and thus kill high-paying jobs in the USA. All wages come from capital. 

The big firms hate domestic competition. They love these trade deals with Third World countries. It kills domestic competitors.


You must read these works. You must read all of my works on Bizarro Theater. 

And for a general history of the Conservative Coalition, Wikipedia offers a write-up.