Many have long forgotten about the rise of the Solidarity trade union in Poland, Lech Walesa, Mikhail Gorbachev, glasnost (openness) and perestroika (restructuring) and everything else that led to the downfall of the horrible totalitarian political doctrine of communism. Those born during those years, 1988 through 1990, without doubt could not understand the magnitude of the change given all of the years of Cold War rhetoric and fear mongering.

Few would recall that in spite of atheism imposed upon the people by totalitarian communism leaders, most Poles never turned their backs on Jesus. Likely, their faith pulled the Poles through tremendously troubling times and helped them vanquish the true evil that was communism.

And over these past few months, Europeans once against are witnessing significant change. Today though, Europeans are seeing the Great Exodus from the Middle East by a mass of indoctrinated totalitarians of another kind, Islamism worshipers, the worshipers of Mohammad, their Vladimir Lenin.

Middle Easterners are fleeing the effect of 1,378 years of totalitarian Islamism / Mohammadanism. Middle Easterners by the hundreds of thousands and perhaps the millions are seeking to experience the effect of 365 years of intellectual thought from the Age of Enlightenment combined with 498 years of morality and ways of living from the Protestant reformation overlayed upon 2,015 years of Jesus and his self-enlightenment through individualism.

Likely, pseudo-intellectual multiculturalists among their Ph.D. Brethren will fail to see the great exodus from the Middle East as a yet another failure of totalitarianism. Instead, they will lie to themselves as well as to others. They will find excuses like ISIS or Bashar al-Assad or even fracking for oil in the USA.

How many of those Middle Easterners fleeing for refuge in a Christianity-built Europe of pious individualism will reject their totalitarian indoctrination once settling among Europeans remains to be seen. As it is, for the last 175 years, Europeans have been living through a long retrogression back toward tribalism as they have engaged in mass scale deadly experiments of socialism and fascism. And save a few years of punctuated progress from the leadership of a shopkeeper's daughter in England, most contemporary Europeans have long turned their backs to what once had Europeans experiencing true progress — enlightened individualism and unassailable property.

All are wrong to describe the Great Exodus of Middle Easterners as the European Refugee Crisis. None of these Islamic totalitarians are Europeans.

It seems so unlikely that a supreme being, a creator of the universe would create mankind and then egg on some of mankind to murder many others of mankind merely because the others decided to believe something else or live in another way. However, a devil, an evil, a Satan might be such a trickster to convince enough of mankind of weak intellects that it is their destiny to murder the infidels.

Progress for all comes from each one becoming ever more enlightened in the ways of freedom, self-control and respect for property.