Watch Bill Gates expose his stupidity before the world in this quickie interview given to Bloomberg TV.

Gates commits the fallacy of assuming the point when he claims, falsely, that "everyone believes in ... progressive taxation."

Calling something progressive is a rhetorical trick designed to deceive. After all, who could be opposed to something that suggests advancing? It's an idea borne from the Progressive Era with its adherents believing in a neo-socialism.

Rightly, it should be called exponential rate taxation.

Gates blathers the canard of public education and public medicine as the saviors of those impoverished. Never in the history of mankind has either eliminated poverty.

If Medicaid (Congress pays the bills for the poor) eliminates poverty, then why are there more Americans in poverty by head count than in anytime in the history of the USA?

Almost every year, there is record true public spending on education. If education were key, why has poverty never been eliminated?

Gates might be a mega billionaire from selling second-rate software through shoddy business practices, but that doesn't mean Gates is smart about everything. Gates is so stupid on the subject of poverty that he doesn't know 63% of households in the poorest fifth of America do not work.

It should be clear that with work comes income. Relying on meager welfare as income isn't going to lift anyone from poverty.

If members of Congress were serious about reducing poverty, they would 1) restrict immigration; 2) eliminate income taxation; 3) tax sales of extant property (right of ownership) at much higher rates than the sales of new property, whether as capital or as wealth.

As I showed you in SOPHIE'S CHOICE OF CAPITAL OR LABOR. A FREE-MARKETS LIBERTARIAN BECOMES AN ANTI-CAPITALIST AND PERPETUATES AN ECONOMICS MYTH, 1) wages arise from capital, 2) when there is an abundance of labor, there is little need for capital and thus wages are low.

Heed my dictum. Labor makes property. Capital makes property efficiently. 

Entrepreneur-adventurers only can use capital under increasing returns.  The permanent use of capital arises only under increasing returns whereby application of capital yields a proportional increase in output.

Without capital, there is little reason to organize workers. Without capital, everyone lives at bare subsistence.

And yet, here is Bill Gates, a supposed genius, advocating for Americans to erode their property through progressive taxation. Had Gates only read CAPITALISM. BECAUSE WITHOUT IT, YOU WOULD BE LIVING AS A BARE SUBSISTENCE SAVAGE, Gates might learn something about poverty and capitalism.

Wrongly, Gates believes that vaccinating every African child will miraculously lift Africans from poverty. The fix for African poverty does not lie in vaccines. Africans need what has lifted everyone else from poverty during the history of mankind:
  • potable water and sewerage to inhibit most communicable diseases
  • a futures market for food stuffs to insure a steady supply of food
  • property, which is the individual's right of ownership
  • putting property to purpose as capital under efficiency to produce wanted surplus for trade in purchases and sales as wealth
Gates suffers from the disease of the meddler and the delusion of being right merely because he became rich through capitalism.  It seems as if Gates has not done any serious investigating and thinking about reality. Instead, merely by being rich, Gates wants to impose his false beliefs upon the rest of mankind.

Gates yields for us a perfect example of the source of suffering among mankind. To the marrow, the cause of suffering arises from these:
  • a desire for others to live to one's beliefs
  • doing something about it
It matters not the scale, whether politicians despising the leaders of another country and amassing armies to do something about it or the squabbling of a husband and wife because one insists the other live according to the way he or she demands.

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