Over the last few years, bullying has become yet another front of the Culture War. Fat tolerance, pro-homosexism, gender-bending — many adults who favor these for themselves have encouraged such in teens.

When the natural blowback of bullying arises, those adults who encourage teens to get their freaks on wail that we're living through a Bullying Crisis. Invariably, they demand rules get codified to classify behavior akin to hate crimes.

The answer to bullying isn't creating a political group, gaining power and bullying others through law to force everyone else to accept grotesque, distorted caricatures of ideal human nature. That would be mere hypocrisy. That amounts to little more than privilege-seeking and yet another move toward totalitarianism.

Yet, this is exactly what the "We're in a Bullying Crisis" want. They are fighting to define anew the culture and force all others to live by their vision of a future.
The concept of bullying itself is highly rhetorical. It is tied up in ethos, ethics, culture and human nature.

Culture is the nutrient medium from which humans interact and arises from the codified law and the codes of conduct. Ethics is the art of adhering to the ethos, the prevailing paradigm over what it means to be the ideal person among a people. Ethos reflects the interplay between culture and human nature, in short, how doe enforced laws amplify or distort the ways of being human.

Human nature is the way of being alive that arises naturally from design of the body and mind. The closer a man expresses himself in relation to the inherent design of being an idealized man as well as the closer a woman does to the idealized woman, the closer that man or woman is to being self-actualized.

So why do some allegedly bully others? Bullying seems to flow from the dark side of human nature. Yet, it is pervasive and happens among people of all ages, in all times, everywhere.

In short, outsiders as individuals get bullied because such individuals do not comport to a group ethos. Those who reveal themselves to be grotesque, distorted caricatures of ideal human nature get bullied. Sometimes though, those who seem exotic, foreigners from another land who live by another way get bullied.

Bullying is a way to engage group cohesion. Leaders and those seeking status from others within a group engage in bullying. It's one way people stick together in groups.

Parents become unrealistic when they encourage their children to get their freaks on and then expect other children to become accepting. Parents who demand that other kids accept their own and confer equal standing to their own kids within a group suffer from mind disorder and live by denying reality, the reality of human nature.

Stomping one's feet against human nature is a losing war. Status in groups gets earned. Yet, parents must come to see truth. If they decide on behalf of their children to raise their kids in such ways that go against the prevailing ethos and fail to instill strategies to overcome others, then their kids shall face tough sledding.

The answer to bullying is for each child to strengthen herself and himself. Parents ought to become better parents to lead their kids to become the action heroes of their own lives. Parents are the adults in relation to their kids and have the advantage of thinking with their pre-frontal cortexes.

The answer is for parents to become better parents and to become better individuals, to strive to self-actualize so that they can better lead their children. Parents must come to see reality and human nature. They need to adjust to reality as it is.