Many have claimed the current Civil War in the Ukraine, which I called back on March 1, 2014, in 21st CENTURY CRIMEAN WAR. OH, AND SARAH PALIN IS WRONG STILL isn't a civil war at all, but rather a "proxy war" between "East" and "West" also said between the USA and Russia. In short, they argue that because outside backers exist, there can't be a civil war.

There is a strong history of outside backers in the civil wars of others (see list below). Straight away, the Korean War (1950 – 1953) and the Vietnam War come to mind. 

Today's Ukrainian Civil war is quite reminiscent of one fought in the 1600s.  Back between 1648 and 1657 a Cossack uprising in the Ukraine turned into a liberation war from Poles and Lithuanians. Zaporozhian Cossacks turned to Crimean Tatars for help in their fight against Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth armies and paramilitary forces, which today would be known as Polish tourists and Lithuanian tourists.

The uprising resulted in eastern Ukraine becoming incorporated into the Tsardom of Muscovy. Also known as the Tsardom of Russia, the Tsardom was the centralized Russian state from Ivan IV's assumption of the title of Tsar in 1547 until Peter the Great's foundation of the Russian Empire in 1721.


American Revolutionary War (1775 to 1783)  

British nationals in America fight against British Army and Navy. British colonials get weapons and support from the French.

Portuguese Civil War (1828 to 1834) 

Parties included the Kingdom of Portugal, Portuguese rebels, the United Kingdom, France, the Church of Rome, and Spain.

New Zealand Wars (1845 to 1872)  

British troops backed New Zealand government against the Māori 

Mexican Revolution (1910 to 1920)

The German empire backed the counter revolutionary federalists while Americans and British backed the revolutionary forces.

Finnish Civil War (1918)

In this one, Soviet Russians backed Red Finnish while Germans backed the White Finnish. 

Korean War (1950 – 1953)

In the Korean War, Koreans of the north fought Koreans of the south. Americans, Brits and the United Nations itself backed the southern Koreans. The Chinese and the Soviet Russians backed the northern Koreans.

Laotian Civil War (1953 to 1975) 

this was an Americans vs the Chinese and Soviet Russians that also had republic Vietnamese fighting against the communist Vietnamese, as well as the Thais.

Vietnam War (1956 to 1975)

In the Vietnam War, northern Vietnamese fought against southern Vietnamese. Backing the northerners were communist Cambodians, Chinese, Soviet Russians, Cubans, Czechs and Bulgarians.  Backing the southerners were Americans, South Koreans, Australians, Thais, New Zealanders, republican Cambodians, Filipinos, Taiwanese and Spanish.

Rhodesian Bush War (1964 to 1975)

South Africans, Portuguese, Chinese, Libyans, Tanzanians, Soviet Russians, Zambians, Cubans and East Germans all supported various factions.

Nicaraguan Revolution (1970s to 1990s) 

In yet another showdown between West and East, Americans, Arabians, Hondurans, Iranians, Spanish, Israeli and Argentinians backed the losers while the Soviet Russians, Cubans, Bulgarians, Greeks, Mexicans and Swedes backed the communist winners.

Salvadoran Civil War (1979–1992)

And here we have yet another East vs West driven Civil War. This time, Americans Israelis and Taiwanese backed a military government against communists favored by Soviet Russians, Cubans, Nicaraguans, the Chinese and Bulgarians.