A barrage of foolery from many have labeled the people of Donetsk and Lugansk as insurgents. Insurgents?

The people of the former Ukraine living in the east aren't in rebellion. They're doing what is right, morally, for any and all the earth over. They are deciding upon by what rules they are willing to live together in peaceful society.

Right now, the only insurgents are those pretending to rule the former Ukraine, the so-called Euromaidan protesters, a junta who usurped power in a coup d'etat and who now are running a dictatorship without teeth. Right now, there isn't a legit government in the former Ukraine, a government elected by the people.

The people of Lugansk and Donetsk have held referendums to see if they would join the newly formed dictatorship in Kiev, the former capital of the former Ukraine. It appears the people of Lugansk and Donetsk have rejected doing so and have decided they shall have their own countries for now.

Of course, none of this would have happened if the geniuses of the EU and US political establishments had shown support for the legit government Ukrainians had Yanukovych as head of state. So why didn't the geniuses of the U.S. and the E.U. support Yanukovych? 

U.S. foreign policy ushered under Bush the First and carried on by Clinton, Bush the Second and Obama, has been abject failure. Americans have not been made safer from not toppling Saddam in the first Gulf War to toppling Saddam in the second, to failures in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. 

The policy of seeing enemies in Asia and trying to encircle Russia and China has been a huge mistake. 

Had the U.S. embraced Russia and the former communist bloc countries, plowing the same spending as they pissed away on the Gulf wars and Afghanistan, Eurasia would be stable all together and hundreds of millions would have been lifted from poverty in Russia, eastern Europe, in the rest of Europe and even in the USA.

Yet, that would have created competition in marketplaces for goods and services, likely pushing down prices and increasing what is on offer. Though that would have lifted the living standard for working people everywhere, that would have decreased the living standard of those who would lose in games of free-market competition.

Many want to live fantasy island, but reality shows changing borders in eastern Europe. Self-determination is beautiful. War-mongering indoctrinated ones and mouthpieces of propaganda might not embrace it, but all should must face it.

Secession by Crimeans and secession by Russian-speakers in Donetsk and Lugansk emboldens Basque secessionists, Brittney secessionists, Scottish secessionists, Flemish secessionists, South Tyrolian secessionists and so on. 

This is the biggest fear of politicians. Politicians hate losing people. Smaller population means fewer people to tax.

The world would be far safer with a 1,000 countries than 193 or so.  When there are more countries, each with its own cash system and banking, banking focuses on funding local commerce and commerce leads to peaceful trade and rising living standards.

The EU with its NATO muscle is the biggest threat to freedom-seeking people of Europe. The EU needs to break up. The Eurozone needs to break up. A failure by the EU in the former Ukraine is a victory for peace-loving people the earth over.

On a side note, Viktor Yanukovych appears to be a hero to humanity in hindsight for his immense restraint by not subjugating under jackboots, the Euromaidan protesters and those who engaged in the coup d'etat and this in spite of Yanukovych being a despicable looter of Ukrainian taxpayers. Yet, Yanukovych seems to be on par with Obama who has forced Americans to pay millions for his luxury golf outings since 2009.