Ask anyone at random how many deaths happen in America each year and even what is the head count of Americans. Likely, you will fail to hear numbers that come close to the ballpark.

It's rare when a legal gun owner uses a legal firearm in the commission of a crime. It's so rare, that it isn't even worth mentioning statistically.

As well, murder by any kind of gun is so small relative to deaths in America that talking about guns and death isn't even worthy of discourse (6/10 of 1%)

Yet, 24% of all Americans who die each year die of cancer and another 24% die of heart disease. 30% die of heart disease or strokes.

It's safe to claim that about 32% of all deaths each year have habitual cigarette smoking, lack of exercise and poor diet as causal factors.

Using 2012 figures, with  313.9 million Americans producing a GDP of $15,680 BILLION, Americans spend $2,728.3 BILLION on medicine, of which politicians tax and spend $1,705.18 BILLION by force of law. With the number of deaths near 2,309,212 Americans, Americans spend $1,181,493 PER DISEASE DEATH!

This number alone shocks, considering that life expectancy improved a scant 4% over time in 22 years! What a waste of money.

It gets even worse when looking at spending on policing and justice relative to crime deaths. Using 2006 spending of $214.5 billion, a whopping $14,292,600 has been spent PER CRIME DEATH!

Killing rival drug dealers is competition by other means. It is owing to prohibition of recreational drug use that many murders happen each year in America. Simply, decriminalizing the sale of drugs would cut down an already insignificant number of crime deaths. Yet, many Americans working conjured jobs — cops, judges, jailers — would find themselves clueless as how to earn an honest, real living.

The most expensive medicine comes about because persons are trying to stave off the inevitable, their own deaths. Except, most expect taxpayers pay for their gluttonous, slothful sins by giving them a moral hazard bailout later in life, which all know as Medicare.

As well, Obamacare violates everything about insurance, turning insurance into a credit card for persons who fail to live healthy. Insurance exists to payout on losses. 

Real insurance works like car insurance, people who put themselves at greater risk of loss pay more than people who play at living safely. Mandating the young and fit pay high premiums for the obese, the chronically overweight, the lazy, those who habitually smoke cigarettes, well, that turns insurance into credit cards for people who want to live longer at the expense of everyone else.

Almost all lack valid beliefs about reality on every topic imaginable. For almost all, their beliefs are not their own. Their beliefs come from the idiot box, the boob tube, the great OZ of opinion making.