In the vid above, watch Obama touting as easy as shopping for "a plane ticket on Kayak"  or a "TV on Amazon".

In the vid above, watch Obama say, "I don't think I am stupid enough to go around saying this is gonna [SIC] be like shopping on Amazon or Travelocity."


The creators and supporters of Obamacare suffer from economic retardation. Obamacare is economic retrograde reflecting intellectual dysgenics.

While it is true that unionized government workers, unionized hospital workers, licensed doctors, medical bills paying insurers, med equipment makers, and university med school operators, have skewed the various markets for medicine, medical prices are set at what the U.S. Congress pays and not insurers, nor patients.

The U.S. Congress dominates the winning bids for medicine — $6.50 of every $10 spent on medicine in the USA — it is the U.S. Congress alone who set the prices. The other participants are price takers. 

Costs are outlays. Costs are not prices. Prices are rates of exchange.

Obamacare does not reduce the cost of healthcare, which is what pols claim it would do.

1. Healthcare means Medicare and Medicaid. It does not mean medicine. The word healthcarewas coined by a government worker in 1940. Duh.

2. Cost of healthcare means the outlay Congress renders every year to pay for Medicaid and Medicare.

3. Since the U.S. Congress is the number one winning bidder for medicine, spending $6.50 for every $10 spent on medicine, the U.S. Congress sets the price in the marketplace for all medicine seekers, even those whose bills get paid by private insurance .

Obamacare doesn't control costs. The outlays for Medicare and Medicaid continue to grow at an increasing rate. Medicare and Medicaid are what politicians mean when they say"healthcare".

Healthcare doesn't mean medicine. It means government outlays for medicine bought and given as welfare on behalf of Americans who qualify either by lack of means (Medicaid) or age (Medicare) as well as permanent disability (Medicare).

Obamacare will not reduce Congressional outlays for healthcare. The demographics are against anyone who believes otherwise. 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day. According to the CBO, "CBO anticipates that Medicare spending will rise rapidly over the next decade, spurred by the retirement of the baby boomers."

The prices for all kinds of medicine shall rise as the U.S. Congress continues to outbid others for medicine and  thus set the prices for which all must pay to gain the same medicine.

Many fail to understand what healthcare means, how markets work, how market interference works, how private insurance works and so forth. Worst of all, Obama doesn't know how all of this works.


If so-called universal coverage was the goal of Obama, the fix was painless:

[1] merge Medicaid and Medicare, making the whole thing means tested, based solely on income from any source

[2] levy another FICA-style tax to pay for monthly premiums for workers, only

[3] each year or whenever someone starts a new job, assign at random, any worker to a medical bills insurer operating within that worker's state.

There was no need to have a 4,500 page law, hire 100,000 IRS agents, spend $600 million for a failed web site, and so on.

The smart move would have been to end both Medicaid and Medicare. Prices would have collapsed. People could pay out-of-pocket for almost everything.

Charity would pick up the tab for the poor in need of major illness care.

Americans did quite well in the days of charity hospitals and lack of political involvement in medicine. After all, medicine is a category of products, like blue jeans, beer, oral sex from prostitutes, cars, baseball tickets, and so so.


The real debate that Americans ought to have is a moral debate.

Why should someone who wants to extend his or her life through medicine do so by sticking someone else with paying for it?

Medicare is a pernicious evil for those who pledge their fealty to power-seeking politicians in exchange for their bills to get paid. Politicians need that power to do the handiwork of other scumbags. Without power, politicians are useless humans.

End age-tested Medicare and you go far to ending the corrupted and corrupting distortion of medical economics.

If people want to live long and if they don't want to eat right, exercise, as well as eliminate known risks — getting drunk and driving, doing drugs, or merely driving any vehicle in general and the like, then they should either buy insurance or invest beginning at a young age and if investing, hope their investments pay off.

All those who support programs like Medicare and Medicaid are the same as Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot or any despot tyrant and differ only in magnitude but not kind. The repugnant idea of joining with others to use force against some, absconding their property so as to enhance their living standard or their lives is not the hallmark of an enlightened people. It is action of the feudal mind.


Who knows what kind of awesome Jetson-age medical products Americans would have today under a regime of price and efficiency if only we didn't have U.S. Congresses setting the price for medicine through Medicaid and Medicare, if only we didn't have U.S. Congresses piddling away billions on unproductive research grants and institutes like the NIH, if only we didn't have regulatory capture facilitated by the FDA, and if only we didn't have states legislatures micromanaging the production of medicine.

Why, I'd bet without the foregoing, you could walk into a booth, insert your limbs here and there, and a full diagnostic could be run on you in seconds, including a blood scan, with results yielding treatment protocol for the pharmacist to fulfill on the spot.


Obama suffers from hubris to a degree perhaps never before seen by Americans. Yet, the worst bit about Obama are those who work with him. Easily, these clueless wonders are among the stupidest people ever to be appointed to high offices.

Obama is a stupid man, quite stupid. Obama doesn't get economy and economics at all. Yet, who should be surprised? Neither Obama or nor his parents ever held real jobs nor did they own any businesses in their lives.

What Obama has learned is how to work as a politician. That is all he knows.