The graphic is typical of most atheists. Ironically, it is typical of most religionists of all stripes. It's quite preachy and reflects those with minds geared toward incessant meddling.

I've met many church members in my days, from the never-miss-a-Sunday types to the how-do-I-get-out-of-going-to-mass types. Never have I been a member of church and never have I accepted into my mind any religion. 

Most so-called religious believers never think much about God, even when a man stands before them in a purpose-built room talking about God. For these kinds, God crosses their minds when they find themselves in trouble and in need of a quick fix or outside intervention. It is then in their self-talk they say, "Dear God, please, please, please fix this for me. I promise never to do it again."

Quite likely, atheism arises from mind disorder. For unlike the in-dire-need theist, many atheists are consumed by God, from the time they awaken to the time they sleep. They obsess on all things God. And yet, somehow they try to convince themselves and the world that God doesn't exist.

More so, that atheists obsess on all things God clearly instantiates God. For no one can conceive of non-existence. That is a mental impossibility, decidedly so. For even if there were not to be an all-knowing, supreme being, the name that has no name that is the back of all existence created, that several billion believe so manifests at least a God principle on earth among all of these ones.

The prudent man or woman at once in the absence of experience takes no stance. Declaring that God does not exist merely because one lacks experience is insufficient. Thus, those suffering from less mind disorder must choose either the negative view and become agnostic or the positive view and become the possibilian. 

Yet, the atheist is little more than a member of an ad hoc church who has had the religion of atheism inculcated into his mind or into her mind. For religion means to have the mind bound. That is all it means. Far too many commit an attribution error and misuse the word religion when they mean cult or church.