While using G+, someone shared into my stream, a feminist blog share titled Love is Free (but the sex will cost you). Reading that blog share, I clicked through a link to read Charlie Glickman's pro-feminist article. Like most, Charlie doesn't get what due diligence means.

He conflates the word due, an adjective meaning what is owed with the word do, a verb meaning to carry forth, to perform action.

Due diligence is what a firm owes potential investors. It's a legal concept in which a firm seeking investors owes potential investors full description of the financial state and business state of the firm without hiding anything from those potential investors according to law. 

No one does diligence. It's not do diligence.

If anyone wants to capture the meaning of due diligence in sexual context, then it is opposite of what those like Charlie think it means. Someone who is going to give sex to another owes that other a case history of sexual activity and to the best of that one's ability, to attest being free of genital herpes, AIDS, hepatitis-C, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, chlamydia.

As most don't get English, legal concepts and business, most don't get human nature. 

The ideas of consent and enthusiastic consent are laughable. Those who posit such silliness must not have had much sex, if any at all.

Action speaks louder than words. You can be sure when two want to get busy when they suck face and grope each other's genitals, both want sex. When their postures move from vertical to horizontal, clearly, its game on. Both want it. 

As long as feminists continue to see themselves as the keepers of goodies, that sex is something they render in exchange to get something else, they shall suffer from their false beliefs. For a prime example of a feminist thinking, check out the link below.

Those not suffering from mind disorder experience living in a natural way. Natural sex arises out of mutual desire to pleasure the other and to be pleasured by the other.

It should be clear to any right-minded one, that feminists think of sex the way prostitutes do — a quid pro quo exchange contract, negotiated before goods get delivered, with payment made first.

Feminism is a disease of the mind owing to the acceptance of false beliefs likely spurred on by a phobia of opposite sex, sexual interaction. Like most doctrines, it is a doctrine propagated by some seeking to hold sway over many. As it involves establishing a kind of power relationship, those conniving others into feminism engage in metaphorical rape.