Don't let anyone fool you. There isn't any Fukushima Daiichi "disaster"

Fukushima Daiichi is a man-made blunder of epic proportion. Perhaps only World War 2, World War 1 and the meddling in Southeast Asia supersede the man-made failure that is Fukushima Daiichi. 

The lame design of Fukushima Daiichi has led to what looks like a 300 to 600 year epic problem.

Everyone the world over ought to call for the ban on too dangerous, life-extinction threatening nuclear electric power plants. The risks as we can see from Fukushima Daiichi and Chernobyl before it far outweigh the rewards.

Americans need to get serious and demand an end to nuclear energy plants as sources of electrical power generation. We don't need those.

America has superabundance of coal. America has superabundance of geothermal energy out. America has superabundance of sunlight. America has a superabundance of natural gas.

Americans need to band together and overcome the maniacs of nuclear power lobby, men and women clearly who are mentally ill, suffering from god delusions.

The Japanese execs who run Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) have shamed themselves. And someone needs to tell these execs and foolish japanese politicians like prime minister Shinzō Abe that so sorry fails to cut it.

The Japanese have contaminated countless tons of water since the disaster. TheJapanese execs of TEPCO are getting away with misdeeds that are beyond criminal, and the entire Japanese political machinery are aiding and abetting.

Wait until contaminated groundwater leeches into the Pacific making its way into fishing waters of the American West Coast.  What happens then? 

For a more in-depth explanation on the seriousness of the ever growing disaster of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, watch Fukushima: Strontium Now in Ground Water

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