The world is a mess. Confused men — men who believe they walk with the light, but who truly walk with darkness — have made a mess of things. It's inexcusable that men in all countries look for excuses to turn their backs on others of mankind. As well, it's inexcusable for those seeking help not to reject their old ways and to adopt the ways of those from whom they seek help.

The poster child for the 2015 European Refugee Crisis is Aylan Kurdi, a boy who drown because his father decided to lead Aylan on a stupid attempt to sail to Europe in who knows what kind of boat. It's sad indeed that boy is dead. Yet, he died at the poor leadership of his father and no one else.

That said, that anyone needs a passport to travel anywhere and that anyone needs a visa to live anywhere is shameful. Of course, the need for passports and visas has arisen because of all those self-proclaimed progressives, socialists, and liberals and their system of taxation and welfare. In their self-delusion of do-gooding, their foolish and immoral system of false do-gooding has led to the need of passports and visas. Without controlled growth of their needy, their actuarial calculations would fail.

Because of the 2015 refugee crisis being peddled by news media in their quest to secure ratings and thus higher advertising sales revenues, I decided to look into the whole mess created by the greedy and fearful.

The useless bureaucrats at the United Nations have an agency that supposedly tracks refugees. However, their website to report their findings doesn't even work. I tried it with two browsers — Chrome and Edge.

So I pulled together data from Wikipedia, which reveals the power of freedom over meddlesome bureaucracies and something called the World Justice Project (WJP), which exists to advance the rule of law among the world.  Wikipedia provides refugee counts. The WJP scores countries based on how civilized are its people (ruling by law).

From the WJP, I culled the relevant subscores (see the bottom of this work) into an average score for each country, which I could use to filter the data. I defined a host country whose adjusted WJP score meets or exceeds the average for full WJP scores that are over 50. That average score is 67.

Only 15.9% of the countries recognized by the U.N. of the world adhere to what should be said as ruling by laws rather than the stupidly said "rule of law." It is these 26 countries that could host refugees, letting refugees join civilized people.

Most don't know who are refugees. The only ones who are refugees are those who can't get fair hearings in courts of their respective countries or those who face prosecution for free speech or for their religious practices. As well those who are fleeing either a civil war or a war being fought by their political leaders to which they don't approve and where the enemy is bombing them are refugees.

Everyone else is not a refugee. Being unskilled and living in a country where no jobs exist doesn't make someone a refugee. Being shunned by many because others don't like that one for whatever reason doesn't make someone a refugee. That makes them marginalized and perhaps an outcast, but not a refugee.

Many have not thought about why "refugees" become so. Refugees are fleeing the messes made by those ruling by totalitarian doctrines. Islamism or Mohammadanism, if you prefer, is a totalitarian doctrine of population control that masquerades as religious doctrine. True religious doctrines exist to help anyone gain enlightenment.

Many in the host countries don't want refugees. It should be clear to all why this is so.

It is not because refugee refuseniks lack compassion for refugees and their plight. Instead, they have seen previous refugees and other immigrants who have come to their countries fail to abandon their totalitarian ways, such as living by Mohammadanism. Worse, once being accepted, refugees and immigrants become alike to invaders who insist on the host people to change their ways.

If only refugees and immigrants would reject totalitarianism doctrines like Mohammadanism and instead embrace at least secularism, if not various doctrines of Christianity, perhaps the civilized world would become more helpful.

Here is how the supposed 16,929,321 refugees of the world could be distributed either by percent of population of hosts or percent of GDP of hosts. Likely, most who live in these countries, even the liberals, progressives and socialists would reject any call for taking in refugees by the head counts shown in the table.

Incidentally, if your country isn't listed above, likely, you are living in a country with horrible, fearful political leaders, likely who are not smart enough to lead men and women from a position of moral strength. You might not like the reality of my indictment, but nonetheless, you cannot make reality go away.

Here are the worst countries led by the worst political leaders on earth:

To select the worst countries, I took the average of the WJP scores less than or equal to 50 and selected all those countries below the average. Does it surprise you that American per capita income in True Dollars™ is as many times higher than the per capita income of those living in the worst countries?

Relevant WJP Scoring Categories

  • 1.6 Transition of power is subject to the law
  • 3.1 Publicized laws and government data
  • 3.2 Right to information
  • 3.3 Civic participation
  • 4.1 Equal treatment and absence of discrimination
  • 4.2 The right to life and security of the person is effectively guaranteed
  • 4.3 Due process of law and rights of the accused
  • 4.4 Freedom of opinion and expression is effectively guaranteed
  • 4.5 Freedom of belief and religion is effectively guaranteed
  • 4.6 Freedom from arbitrary interference with privacy is effectively guaranteed
  • 4.7 Freedom of assembly and association is effectively guaranteed
  • 8.2 Criminal adjudication system is timely and effective
  • 8.4 Criminal system is impartial
  • 8.5 Criminal system is free of corruption
  • 8.6 Criminal system is free of improper government influence
  • 8.7 Due process of law and rights of the accused
  • 7.2 Civil justice is free of discrimination
  • 7.3 Civil justice is free of corruption
  • 7.4 Civil justice is free of improper government influence
  • 7.5 Civil justice is not subject to unreasonable delay
  • 7.6 Civil justice is effectively enforced