One of the stupider expressions the mindless parrot goes something like this, "The government shouldn't spend millions of taxpayer money on ...".

First, no one has money. Money is coined metal by weight and fineness. Money hasn't existed for decades upon decades. Money, if it were to exist, could exist without banks and legislators.

What everyone has is cash and bank credits. Those who have bank credits can transfer such with negotiable instruments other than cash. Cash itself is nothing more than bank credits circulating in perpetuity.

Cash can exist only with banking. Cash decreed legal tender can only exist with legislators and their agents.

Second, taxpayers don't have property (right of ownership) in anything designated as taxes. In short, it's Congress' cash and bank credit.

Where there is law, there must be duty and right. There can be no duty without right and no right without duty. Without both, there is no law.

The absence of law in the presence of legislators with agency is known as freedom and also known as liberty. Where there is an absence of law and an absence of legislators with agency, which is what most name as government, there is anarchy.

In America, Congress gave itself the right to tax income of Americans. It imposed the duty upon some Americans to pay taxes.

At first, Congress imposed strict limitation in the way in which it could levy taxes.  However, with the 16th Amendment, Congress lifted all restriction it had with respect to taxing income. Now, Congress can impose any taxes without the need of apportionment according to population of the various states.

For those muttonheads who complain, rightly, they should say something like this:

No one should be forced to pay taxes so Congress can spend it on such a waste.

Until Americans awaken to reality and force politicians to pass amendment that limits the sum of taxes any American must pay each year, say a total of 12% to whatever legislators, whether Congress, any state or any county, nothing shall change. In short, there should be a known maximum sum any should be forced to surrender to all legislators. Let the states' legislators and Congresses fight it out from a highly restricted pool of potential taxes.

It makes it oh so easy for legislators because they have trained you to believe it's "your money." In so doing, legislators have conditioned you to pay gobs of taxes willingly while tricking you into believing you have a voice in how the collected taxes get spent.

You don't. You have no say precisely because you lack right in cash and credit taken from you in the form taxes.

You have no right in any cash or credit in which Congress has property unless Congress imposes duty upon itself and grants you right. That is what Congress does with welfare programs like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

Legislators have the rights to part of your income, which they call taxes. You have the duty to pay them in a manner in which they order you to do so.