Before the special election to fill the House seat vacated by President Trump's HHS secretary, Tom Price, the establishment's media, which is the voice of the Democratic Party, claimed the election would be a referendum on President Trump. After the election, these same people claimed Handel won because District 6 is a deep red district.

Three counties comprise District 6 — DeKalb, Cobb and Fulton though only north of Fulton and northeast of Cobb. District 6 falls within metro Atlanta.

So how "deep red" is District 6 of Georgia anyway?  In 2012, Obama took Fulton decisively, 64.2% to 34.6% over lame candidate Mitt Romney. As well, Obama trounced Romney in DeKalb, 77.9% to 21.1%. Romney managed to score a solid win in Cobb, 55.5% vs 42.9%.

Likewise, in 2008, Obama scored slightly better results against even lamer John "Songbird" McCain. Obama took Fulton, 67.2% vs 33.2%. Obama trounced McCain in DeKalb, 79.0% vs 20.4%, Like Romney, McCain scored a win in Cobb, 54.2% vs 44.8%.

As well, in 2004, Kerry took both Fulton and DeKalb while George W. Bush took Cobb.

Yesterday, I shared with you the results of the 2016 election in THE ESTABLISHMENT'S MEDIA CALLED THE 2017 GEORGIA DISTRICT 6 REPLACEMENT ELECTION A REFERENDUM ON PRESIDENT TRUMP. REPUBLICAN HANDEL WON. WHY DOES ANYONE STILL TAKE SLANTED #FAKENEWS FROM CNN? In the 2016 presidential election, all three counties went for Hillary Clinton. Clinton won Cobb, 47.9% to 45.8%. In DeKalb and Fulton, Clinton destroyed President Trump. Clinton won Fulton, 67.7% vs 26.8%. Clinton won DeKalb by a lopsided 79.1% vs 16.2%.

It is laughable that anyone could call District 6 of Georgia, "deep red."