John the Beloved was quite clear about Jesus.

My little children, I write this to you, in order that you may not sin. And if any one should sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Christ the Righteous. And He is an offering for our sins; and not for ours alone, but also for all the world. ~ John in 1 John 2:1-2
And this:

For God so loved the world that He gave the only begotten Son, so that every one believing in Him should not be lost, but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son to the world that He might condemn the world; but that He might save the world through Him. The believer in Him will not be condemned; whoever does not trust however, is already convicted because he has not confided on the only begotten Son of God. And the indictment is this: that the Light came into the world and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, because their practices were wicked. ~ John in John 3:16-19
John has told all. Jesus has given a no-strings-attached pardon to everyone, heterosexual and homosexual alike. 

Believers in Jesus gain everlasting life. Even homosexuals who believe in Jesus get everlasting life. There are no exceptions. 

Some want to anoint themselves above Jesus and claim they can pick and choose who gets their sins cleared by Jesus, who gets everlasting life and who does not based on their own hang ups.

Such in-darkness Christians fail to see by their own reasoning they condemn themselves. For if any of them have committed one sin no matter how small from the day they learned about Jesus, by their own belief, they have wrecked it for themselves. Thus, by their own belief, they can not have everlasting life.

However, John told us that is not how it works. Jesus' beloved John told us this:

If we acknowledge our sins, He is faithful and just to expel our sins, and to purify us from all unrighteousness. If we deny that we have committed sin, we make Him false, and we are not imbued with His message. ~ John in 1 John 1:8-10
For you are no different than the homosexual who has learned of Jesus and continues to sin. There is exactly no difference between you and the Jesus loving homosexual. It is so unlikely that you are sinless. It is so unlikely that you will live your life sinless going forward.

If you doubt that Jesus died for the sins of all of mankind, even homosexuals, you doubt Jesus, his purpose and power. You have called Jesus a liar in so many words.

If you do not believe that Jesus died for the sins of homosexuals and that homosexuals who believe in Jesus do not get everlasting life, then you are a practical atheist. You are denying the exact purpose of Jesus. You are helping Satan laugh in the face of God and in the face of Jesus.

If you doubt that Jesus died for the sins of all of mankind, whether you are a believer or not, you are against Jesus. To be against Jesus is to be anti-Christ. It is that simple.

You must ask yourself tough questions:

  • Why do you keep denying that Jesus died for the sins of all of mankind including homosexuals?
  • Why do you keep denying that even homosexuals get everlasting life if they believe on Jesus the same as every other sinner?
  • Why are you so jealous that those sinning homosexuals even get everlasting life if they believe on Jesus the same as every other sinner?
  • Why are you so jealous that homosexuals can sin and have homosexual sex until the end of their earthly lives and have all of those sins wiped away by Jesus?
  • Why do you hate homosexuals as much as you do?
Jesus died for the sins of mankind. There are no exceptions. 

Too many do not seem to believe in Jesus and his power of removing the sins of mankind regardless of those sins.  Instead they see Jesus as a weakling who can only remove some sins, the sins that favor them but not the sins of others. By doing so, they help Satan to laugh at Jesus and at God because they miss seeing who Jesus is and what he has done.

Jesus in his infinite strength has taken care of the sins of everyone, not merely his believers but also heterosexuals, homosexuals, murderers, rapists, Jews, Mohammadans and atheists. And those who believe in Jesus and with Jesus not only have their debt of sins wiped clean but also get everlasting life. Even the "icky homosexuals" get everlasting provided they believe in Jesus. 

To deny the foregoing is to deny Jesus himself. If you deny that Jesus died for the sins of mankind, whatever those sins and whoever has done those sins, you deny why Jesus came to mankind. You deny Jesus' purpose. Either you must believe Jesus not to be all-powerful or you must believe Jesus lied.

While we do not know if Jesus ever spoke about homosexuality — the Gospels are not transcripts of his entire life but rather are true stories with attributed dialogue — we do know or should know what was Jesus' purpose.

Homosexuals can engage in homosexual sex until their earthly deaths. As long as they have loving belief that Jesus died for the sins of mankind, they too will have everlasting life. They will not be judged whatsoever.

The ones who will be judged are those in the grave before the arrival of Jesus as well as those who reject Jesus. 

Do not be surprised at this; because the time comes, in which all those in the graves shall hear His voice, and shall come out: those who have done good to a resurrection life; and those who have done evil to a resurrection of judgment. ~ Jesus in John 5:28-28

Jesus has cleansed us of our sins. Jesus has put away sin. Jesus died for the sins of mankind, all of mankind, even homosexuals, even murderous Mohammadans. It is the denial of Jesus having done so that strips away your everlasting life.

Ongoing belief in Jesus is what gets anyone everlasting life. It is not a rational thing like signing an insurance contract, paying a premium and then saying to yourself, "That is done. I paid the bill. I am insured."

While Jesus encouraged people to fly right. He did not expect them to do so. If Jesus expected people to fly right on his mere say-so, Jesus would not have needed to die for the sins of mankind.

Jesus has cleansed us of our sins. If we deny being sinners, in effect, we are denying Jesus as we are denying his purpose and thus his reason for existence. Thus, if we deny Jesus we can't live our lives as loving both God and those who also love God as Jesus taught.

We are all sinners. Even so, we are still good to go in God's mind. Anyone who awakens to this truth truly awakens. One is far less inclined to sin knowing that all of his past errors have been forgiven. It is those who see no way out that tend to deep sinning. 

All anyone must do is come to Jesus and believe fully in what he did and that one gets everlasting life. We are all sinners. Thank God for Jesus.