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Back on April 14, 2015, I released the charts from the U.S. Census Bureau on Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services for March 2015 adjusted for inflation (see: ADVANCE RETAIL SALES SHOW EIGHT YEARS OF LIES. WHAT RECOVERY? DEPRESSIONS NEVER LASTED THIS LONG WHEN AMERICANS HAD MONEY.)

In chart after chart, you see the true picture of retail. There isn't a sector of retail that has not experienced a decline in sales from peaks happening between Q4 2007 and Q3 2008. Some sectors like grocery retailers and food and beverage retailers hit their respective peaks in Q4 2000.

Cars, other vehicles and parts sales for such hit a peak way back in Q4 2001. It should not surprise then why car makers begged for bailouts.

And everywhere else you can look from manufacturers' new orders and personal income to savings and investment, you see the same pattern of downward curves. In short, the economy has been shrinking for years in spite of the lies from Janet Yellen, her predecessor Ben Bernanke, President Obama and many TV blabber heads.

The Federal Reserve System and its workers have failed consistently at managing the economy. They cannot do it. 

What execs at the Federal Reserve System are successful at doing is colluding with successive U.S. Congresses to keep Americans from agitating for a return to money — coined metal by weight and fineness. Having legal tender bank notes and checkable deposits as the only means of debt settlement to U.S. Congress keeps banking going in spite of the needs of Americans.

First up is GDP. True GDP is down 2.1% from Q4 2014 to Q1 2015.

Here is the state of acquiring capital for production. If the economy were growing, this curve should be sloping upward to the right.

Here is what manufacturing looks like.

And all of those charts and many more that will be published with frequency and made available free to those who subscribe to various priced-products all show the same downward trend.

Spending by Americans constitutes more than 2/3's of the economy. Americans true disposable income keeps falling.

Therefore Americans can't spend.

And enterprisers can't earn.

And few can save on falling true incomes.

And few can profit on falling incomes.

But U.S Congress' Obamacare is increasing Medicaid income. And that readers, is the crowning achievement of six years of Obama and his congresses.