Shinzo Abe, prime minister of Japan, has announced plans to let more foreigners into Japan under the guise fulfilling a labor shortage in the build up for the 2020 Tokyo hosted Olympics, so reports the Japan Times. Buttressing his call for more immigrants as workers, the Japanese government reported yet another yearly decline of Japanese population in 2013 by 250,000, the fifth decline in five years.

Elsewhere, the Economist published a doomsayer work with the scare that "within a little more than three decades some 1,000 rural towns and villages will be largely empty of women of childbearing age." The big scare reported everywhere says the Japanese are in danger of de-populating to a low of 87 to 90 million or so by 2050 from today's 127 to 128 million unless ever meddling politicians do something about it.

Japanese politicians have made promises to all Japanese about the future, which they cannot keep. They made those promises so they could convince people of yesterday to give up cash and credit, which get named taxes.

Next, those Japanese politicians took that cash and and credit and spent frivolously, enriching the connected while conjuring the illusion of being enlightened, wizardly, and fully in control. All kinds of public spending has gone on over the many years since the start of the Lost Decades.

What would be the Japanese head count tally had they not undertaken foolish military expansionism fighting the Second Sino-Japanese War and then expanding that war into the War for the Pacific of World War 2? Democide expert, R.J. Rummel (Ph.D.) estimates 1.507 million men killed in war between the Second Sino-Japanese War and the end of World War 2 as well as 672,000 civilians killed. Who knows the effects of starvation resulting from warring had upon population formation.

Back in 1948, Japanese politicians believed they had a surplus population problem. They believed they had too many Japanese! So politicians passed the Eugenic Protection Law of 1948 effectively providing a way for Japanese women to hire abortionist hitmen. By 1996, Japanese politicians believed they had shortage population problem so they passed the Maternal Health Protection Law to curtail abortion. By then, it was too late for the Japanese.

The table below reveals total murders by abortion done by abortion hitmen on behalf of Japanese women since 1947 taken from Japanese abortion data compiled by William Robert Johnston. I gave two estimates for abortion by Japanese women for the years 2012 through 2014, one calculated from exponential method and another calculated from a linear, least squares method. The difference between the two is six-hundreds of one percent.

Almost everyone the earth over acknowledges the true evil of the holocaust perpetrated by nationalistic socialist Germans (NAZIs) during World War 2. NAZI Germans put to death 1.1 million children.

In Killers in America Work Seven Days a Week, I show how American women have hired politician-licensed abortion doctors to perform 42,537,798 contract killings since 1970.  Said another way, American women committed 39 times as many holocausts against as-yet-to-live children as the NAZI Germans killed during the one of the world's most acknowledged evils, ever.

Japanese women have committed 35 times as many holocausts against as-yet-to-live children as the NAZI Germans committed against children in World War 2!

During the Eugenics Protection Law era, Japanese women had murdered 4.3 children for every 10 Japanese children born alive. Since the Maternal Health Protection law era, Japanese women have killed 2.9 children for every 10 Japanese children born alive.

Back in the United States, since Roe v. Wade, American women have murdered about three children for every 10 born alive. During the 1980s American women hired legalized murderers to kill 3.5 children for every 10 born alive. Since the 2000s, American women have murdered slightly under two children for every 10 born alive.

All of these countries should have long run population decline. If you were to search Google for countries with declining population, likely, you would find a list of countries with long-standing legal abortion. Even with 1.3 billion, the Chinese face the demographic problem of an aging population precisely because of the politician-imposed one-child policy, which has led to decades of child murder by abortion.

Those at the Economist have published an interactive map showing countries the earth over and their demographics state. In every country depicted in teal having population below the estimated global replacement rate of 2.1 children for each woman of childbearing years, likely, politically-sanctioned murder through abortion has been reigning law.

And now in their infinite-wisdom, Japanese politicians want to pay women to have sex and make babies. Others clamor for Japanese politicians pay for publicly-run child care and institute changes to work culture.

Instead of these likely to fail plans, if politicians taxed less and spent less, men and women might find themselves doing what they like to best with each other — have sex. As well, men and women might find themselves doing what each like to do best without each other — for the males, hunt, gather and compete and for the females, nurture babies and children.

Of course feminists shall decry the foregoing as sexist. For them, equality means equal work and equal pay. Such a self-loathing policy leads to fewer babies and thus fewer people.

There is no way to escape the nine months needed to form a baby and the years of nurturing needed to raise up a happy individual. Unless women are willing to have sex, birth babies and raise babies, population shall dwindle until a people shall be no more.

Japanese women have been committing metaphorical Jigaki for the Japanese since the 1940s. Ironically, legalized abortion for the Japanese between 1948 and 1996 has imposed a death sentence for the Japanese. Metaphorical Jigaki has been the slow death of the Japanese race.

All that can be done now is for the Japanese to embrace immigrants and hope they can get those immigrants to adopt the Japanese culture of codified law and codes of conduct.